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Holy Smokes Batman

Newton Baby's very own Customer Care Manager, Krystal is expecting her first little one this summer! Being a first-time mom comes with a range of emotions, everything from happiness to, "holy smokes, Batman"! This is no different for Krystal, who is surrounded by baby products and baby talk all day long. Krystal has been kind enough to track her journey as a first-time mom, some do's don'ts and some cool finds along the way. First up, her favorite pregnancy resources, which you can use once you convince yourself you may be spending a little too much time on Google!

“Congratulations, you are pregnant! “ My husband and I were so excited to hear those words. Seconds later, my mind was already racing with the thoughts of what this would mean for us, our families, our jobs, and the change of our everyday lives as we know it. I half heard what my OBGYN was saying as I ran through my own internal monologue: Should I have had that margarita a few weeks ago when I didn’t know I was pregnant? Should I still be going to the gym? What foods have I eaten that I shouldn’t have? When was the last time I took ibuprofen?  When my doctor asked, do you have any questions, I thought, of course, where do I start? But all I could really do was shake my head. I had already overwhelmed myself so much in that moment, that I didn’t know what to ask. And of course, the minute that we left the office, Google was my first stop on the question train.

While I did go back shortly after my initial visit and talk to my doctor about my questions, there are some resources that I find are super helpful along my journey, and encourage other preggos to find resources that help them along their process week by week.

  • Bundoo- Bundoo is the only physician-driven pregnancy and parenting site where expecting and new parents can interact directly with doctors and healthcare experts and get the actionable information they can trust. There are great week by week articles, and their network of doctors are there to answer your questions on articles and topics, and engage with you on your experience.
  • Ovia Pregancy App- Finding an app that works for you is a great way to track the growth and development of your little peanut( or whatever you choose to nickname your baby), as well as have a great community base of other parents-to-be experiencing similar things to you, posting in a community board, and is done all on your phone. If you are like me, and constantly on the go, this is a great way to track your own milestones as well, and get answers to questions from other community members who are going through similar things.
  • FIT Pregnancy- Staying healthy for both baby and myself is important to me. As my body changes, finding suggestions on new routines for staying active and healthy, as well as product suggestions, and even new recipes for my ever-changing taste buds is a great resource for a mom to be.


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