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As an expectant or new parent, you’re probably wondering, “How many crib sheets do I need?”. While sorting things out as you get ready to welcome a new little one into the world, it’s helpful to have an idea of where to begin. 

This is where Newton Baby steps in to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we’ll answer the question of how many crib sheets you really need. 

But before we get to that, we’ll cover general questions that parents may have in regard to their baby’s crib and crib sheets, so take a look! 

Why Do I Need A Crib Sheet?

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Your little bundle of joy will need baby items that are not so little, including a crib. In addition to your baby’s crib, you’ll invest in a mattress, like Newton Baby’s Basic Crib Mattress. And to cover, protect, and preserve your baby’s mattress, you’ll need a crib sheet.

(Unless you’re using a Newton Baby crib mattress, of course! Our mattresses come with a soft, breathable, washable cover. And unlike other mattresses, ours are made with a Wovenaire Core that’s much more breathable and more comfortable.) 

But if you don’t have a Newton Baby crib mattress or you simply want to add to your little one’s comfort, the right crib sheet can be just the ticket! 

Plus, with the variety of colors and patterns to choose from, crib sheets add to the aesthetics of your baby’s nursery

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Crib Sheets

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Crib sheets are just as important to your baby’s safety as crib mattresses. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of factors to think about when purchasing crib sheets. 

Below are the three main priorities to take into consideration for safe sleeping.  


Newborn babies lie on their backs for the majority of the day unless they’re being held. Their bodies easily get hot while lying in their crib, which causes them to sweat a lot. 

Look for sheets made with breathable materials to help keep your little one cool. 

Newton Baby not only offers breathable mattresses, but our sheets are also 100 percent breathable. Check out our Breathable, Organic Crib Sheets and give your baby a comfortable night’s sleep!


The fit of your baby’s crib sheet is an important part of sleep safety. The sheet should fit tightly around the mattress, and the mattress itself should fit tightly inside the crib. 

Babies tend to move around quite a bit in their cribs. Using a tight-fighting crib sheet leads to less chance of it bunching up and being moved around, which could be dangerous for your baby. 

Because your baby is not yet able to move away if something is pressed against their face, avoid placing any extra fabric in your baby’s crib because it could obstruct their breathing. This includes things like stuffed animals, bumper pads, extra blankets, and pillows. 


The term “hypoallergenic” is used to describe products — specifically cosmetics and fabrics — that contain fewer allergy-producing substances known as allergens. 

While it’s impossible to guarantee that these products will never cause an allergic reaction, they are known to minimize reactions. Because your baby will sleep on their crib sheet for several hours each day, it’s important to give them the most hypoallergenic materials possible. 

At Newton Baby, we only use hypoallergenic materials in our products. The breathability factor and breathe-thru technology keep humidity and moisture build-up away, eliminating an environment for dust mites to multiply. 

And all of our products can be washed easily, which helps keep dust and allergens at bay.

Newton Baby’s Breathable, Organic Cotton Sheets 

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Newton Baby’s Breathable, Organic Cotton Sheets are soft and safe to use with our mattress. The breathability factor in our sheets allows for superior airflow, which keeps your baby comfortable and promotes better sleep. 

The all-around elastic guarantees a safe, snug fit for any crib mattress. Made from organic muslin cotton, our sheets provide a soft and gentle sleep experience for your little one. 

Take a look at the many benefits of our crib sheets:

  • 100 percent breathable - Babies can breathe straight through our sheets!
  • 100 percent washable - The pre-shrunk, organic muslin cotton is machine washable for the most hygienic sleep surface. 
  • 100 percent comfortable - Our sheets are incredibly soft and cushy on a baby’s skin. They’re also hypoallergenic. 

Baby sleeping in crib on Newton Baby mattress

Additionally, we’ve found sweating to be one of the reasons that many babies wake up in the middle of the night. And most crib mattresses and sheets increase sweating rather than decreasing it. 

But with Newton Baby’s Crib Sheets, your little one can say goodbye to sweaty backs and hello to longer, more restful sleep! Our breathable crib sheets are ideal for keeping your little one cozy, comfortable, and safe overnight. 

Every Newton Baby crib sheet is just as breathable as our mattresses, providing a safe and gentle sleep experience and superior airflow for newborns and babies of all ages.

What Size Crib Sheet Do I Need?

There are two main categories when it comes to crib mattress size: standard and mini. Which size crib sheets you choose will depend on your little one’s crib. 

Take a look at the measurements for both mattress sizes below so that you can make an informed decision.

Standard Crib Sheet

A standard crib sheet measures 52 inches by 28 inches. Newton Baby’s standard crib sheet fits a crib mattress up to 8 inches thick. 

Our crib sheets are designed to fit securely over the Newton Baby Basic, Original, and Waterproof Crib Mattresses, but they also fit securely on other mattresses with similar dimensions. 

Mini Crib Sheet 

If you’ve opted for a mini crib, try the mini version of our crib sheets, which fits mattresses that are 24 inches by 38 inches in size. 

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Really Need?

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After taking all of the above information into consideration, it’s time to decide how many crib sheets you really need. You’ll want to evaluate your family’s needs and size to truly answer this question.

How Often Will I Change Crib Sheets? 

Just as you regularly change out your bedsheets, you’ll regularly change your baby’s crib sheets — but probably more often! 

As a parent, you’ll need to decide how often you want to change and wash your baby’s sheets to make an informed decision about how many crib sheets you’ll need. 

Babies tend to drool, spit-up, sweat, and have diaper leaks in their beds. When this happens, you’ll need an extra crib sheet available for a quick change to keep your baby’s crib clean. 

Remember to check your baby’s crib and sheets regularly for any overlooked spots that might be soiled!  

If you want to place fresh sheets in your baby’s crib once a week, plan for two or three crib sheets. But if you plan on changing your crib sheets out every day, we recommend having at least five to seven crib sheets. 

To stay on the safe side, take into account the amount of unpredictable messes. Having a few extra sheets on-hand would make dealing with accidents a little easier!  

Babies Get Sick 

The last thing you want is for your baby to get sick, but, unfortunately, it happens. It’s normal for your baby to get sick every now and then while they adjust to the world around them. 

If an infection or sickness is going around in your home, the germs will settle on your baby’s clothes, toys, and sheets. Sometimes there are even unfortunate sick days that call for a sheet change as often as a diaper change. 

This is why it’s not only important but necessary to change out your baby’s sheets frequently — possibly daily — during this time. Whether your baby is in a crib or bassinet, they need to sleep on clean sheets to stay healthy. 

In addition, remember to use proper handwashing techniques and keep those who are sick away from your baby to reduce the opportunity for sickness to spread in your home.

To sum up, the exact number of crib sheets you’ll need for your new little one is a personal choice that depends on your family’s unique situation. We recommend a minimum of two crib sheets and a maximum of seven. 

There’s no need to over-buy crib sheets, but you want to make sure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way.

Help Your Little One Sleep Safe And Sound 

Baby sleeping on a Newton Crib sheet and Mattress

No matter how many crib sheets you choose to purchase, make sleep safety your top priority when it comes to your baby’s crib, mattress, and sheets! 

Newton Baby wants what’s best for you and your little one, which is why we’ve designed our mattresses, mattress pads, and crib sheets to be 100 percent breathable and comfortable. 

Whether you’re using a standard-sized crib mattress or a mini crib mattress, Newton Baby has the crib sheet for you. Our products give your baby safer, healthier, and better sleep!  

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