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    Newton Crib Mattress - How It's Made

Crib Mattress

Every inch of the Newton Crib Mattress was designed with your baby’s health, safety, and comfort in mind. The innovative design features our patented Wovenaire® core which is zipped into a breathe-thru cover, allowing air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation. Our 2-stage Newton Crib Mattress' design gives it a unique longevity through toddler years.

Waterproof - $329.99





Dimensions: 28” x 52” x 5.5”
Dimensions: 24” x 38” x 5.5”

Fits in all standard size cribs

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Top 3 Crib Mattress Questions

Is your baby mattress organic?

While the Newton Crib Mattress is not organic, it is a safer crib mattress for baby. Most "organic" baby crib mattresses feature only one organic component, such as cotton fabric or stuffing, but they aren't fully organic. Newton offers a mattress that is not only completely breathable to reduce suffocation risk but also offers the only washable crib mattress, making it the most hygienic sleep surface for your baby. Our products are Greenguard Gold certified, proving that Newton offers only safe products for your family.

Why a breathable mattress for baby?

A breathable crib mattress not only helps to reduce the risk of suffocation but also helps regulate baby's body temperature (that's right, no more sweaty backs!) and reduces dust mites and allergens. This allows babies to sleep more comfortably and longer through the night.

What is the crib mattress size?

Standard crib mattress sizes are regulated to meet a minimum sizing of 27 1/4” x 51 5/8” and not thicker than 6 inches. Standard crib sizes, while also regulated, can vary a bit based on construction. If a crib is labeled as a standard crib, Newton Crib Mattresses will fit nice and snuggly inside.

100 Night Trial

Try 100 nights on us!

Breathe to believe! Experience our Breathe-Thru Technology for yourself.

Once your Newton Crib Mattress arrives, you will have 100 nights to decide if it is right for you and your baby. If either of you aren't happy just return at our expense for a full refund.

Free shipping, free returns.

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