You’ll always remember the moment your friend tells you that she’s expecting. Whether it’s her first pregnancy or she already has one or two kids in tow, she’s probably feeling a mixture of emotions—from excited to stressed.

Either way, as a good friend, you’ll want to show your support! Choosing the right gift off of her baby registry will show your friend how happy you are for her, as well as convey the fact that you’ll be there for her every step of the way.

If it’s her first baby, she may need help putting together her registry so it includes everything you actually need when bringing home a baby.

If you’re stumped for ideas to suggest, here is some advice on what your expecting friend will really want and need after having her baby.
Babies learn everything they know by observing their surroundings. So as your little one grows a bit older, they may develop an attachment to a cozy blanket (they see you sleep with one every night!). But when can your baby sleep with a blanket safely?

We know how much you anticipate every milestone your little one accomplishes. Rolling over in their crib is no different!

However, we encourage you to keep in mind that all babies are different. This means the moment when they roll over in their crib for the first time may not be when you expect it!

With a baby in your home, there are lots of things on your mind! You’re asking yourself questions that had never occurred to you before. One of the things you might be wondering about: baby sleep temperature guidelines.

When your little one is distraught, it can be distressing to you as well. Not to mention that it’s often hard to know exactly why a fussy baby is upset! If you’re at a loss for how to calm your baby, we’d like to help.

While there’s no magic formula for soothing a fussy little one, we’ll give you our favorite tips. Calming your baby might simply be a matter of finding what works for them!

But first, let’s go over the basics of why your baby might be cranky.
Baby swings have been used for years. Over time, all the extras you can think of have been added, making them one of the most sought after baby items among parents.

Here, you’ll discover what a baby swing is and how it’s different from a bouncer, reasons to use a baby swing, and the types of baby swings on the market.

Of course, we haven’t left out the must-have safety features to keep your baby as safe as possible while they’re in their swing. You’ll also find some optional features to give your little one added comfort!

A calm, happy baby is priceless. And if you can catch a few hands-free minutes at some point in the day, even better! These are two of the reasons that many parents turn to baby rockers and the like.

But, as with all baby products, you need to know what you’re buying, how to use it safely, and what to take into account when making your choice. That’s what we’re here for.

In this article, we’ll go over the differences between baby rockers, baby bouncers, and baby swings. Then we’ll cover the most important topic: baby rocker safety.

As you prepare your baby’s nursery, their crib mattress is one of the most important investments you’ll make. It will grow with them for the next few years! And while you may think an organic mattress is always best, you might want to reconsider. 

In this article, the experts at Newton Baby show you what mattresses are made of, and you’ll see how our mattresses stack up against organic ones. We’ll also uncover the hidden drawbacks of organic so you can discover the Newton difference. 
The first few weeks with your brand-new baby are incredibly exciting but also tiring — especially when you realize that your little newborn sleeps all the time but somehow leaves no time for you to rest.

Newton Baby is here to help you understand newborn sleep patterns (or lack thereof!) and navigate the first few weeks. We’ll discuss newborn sleep safety, sleep patterns (and how to help them create a schedule!), and how to care for yourself during those happy but exhausting first few weeks.
When you’re pregnant, you’re so focused on preparing for your new baby that preparing for postpartum essentials may slip your mind! But it’s important not to forget to take care of yourself after your baby arrives.

In this article, our experts at Newton Baby provide a list of postpartum essentials for you and your baby so you both can have an easy recovery during this transition.
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