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Creating your little ones first room can bring a lot of pressure. What color should you paint? What about decorations? Do you have the crib positioned correctly? Forget about if you want to do something gender neutral, it only gets harder! It is no easy feat, so we gathered up a few of our favorite bloggers nurseries for their little ones for some good, old-fashioned, nursery inspiration!


Much Most Darling


Lovely Lucky Life


Life With The Crust Cut Off


Life With Kymberly Janelle


Kailei Nicole

Any. Day. Now.


So, I am officially to the point in my pregnancy where daily someone says to me “Wow, you look like you're ready to pop!”, or “ Any day now, right?” or just stare at my belly first, because let’s face it, that is the first thing to enter the room.  Believe me, I am ready when she is! Any. Day. Now. After my first round of nesting chaos, I realized just how much baby stuff I had. I mean, I think I could clothe the whole neighborhood for at least a year. But, in my cleaning and organizing frenzy, I realized there were a few things that I was missing. So here is what I forgot that I  realized I simply had to have before Baby P arrives.  

Nipples for bottles – can never have enough! You don’t realize how many pieces there are to the bottle until you start taking everything apart to clean, and of course, this takes up precious counter space. I love these boon products for drying, so smart and innovative. Gotta love an inexpensive space saver!

Never enough hampers, small baskets or drawer dividers! – organize everything, we will see how long that lasts!

Bibs and burp cloths – never enough bibs and burp cloths. Don’t underestimate how useful they are. They say babies are messy, right?

Shampoos and washes –  Okay now that you have cleaned every inch of your home and every bit of baby clothes. Make sure you have the right products to wash your baby! I love Honest Company personally, and they have a subscription service that automatically delivers. As a new mom in a walk-up apartment, this is a dream.

-Krystal, Newton Baby Customer Care Manager



Nesting. Now this is a term we always hear towards the end of pregnancy. Sure you get the crib set-up, pick the perfect rocking chair. But then you see it, the pile of gifts. It is time to wash, fold and organize. And what no one tells you is how long it will actually take you to sort and organize the different sizes of teeny tiny baby clothes.

While prepping for baby, I never really thought about the cleaning side of things. Sure, wipes and hand sanitizer were obvious purchases. But what about cleaning supplies? Could I use the same stuff I have been using for years? What really needs cleaning? Trust me, you’re going to clean the obvious things. But I bet you never saw yourself wiping down the wooden spokes of the crib (what if she chews on them!? Where have they been?) How many times will you mop the floor? Every time you walk across it?  So, I did some research, got some free samples offered through local baby retailers,  and found some of my now favorite baby safe cleaning supplies.

Natural is best : Trade in Lysol wipes for a spray bottle with 1 part white vinegar and 3 part water and a cleaning cloth, works just as well as a natural disinfectant. I never thought about wiping down the baseboards in my apartment until I thought of my little one crawling on the floor. Vinegar definitely comes in handy!

Newton Crib Mattress – Okay yes, I work for Newton Baby. But, now becoming a Mom I cannot express enough the ease of cleaning the mattress. You can zip the cover right off and throw it in the washing machine, and you can even rinse the core in the shower! Because I don’t have a machine in my apartment, having a back up cover on hand for quick changes seems like the only way to go. I always believe in one on the bed one in the wash motto anyways.

Dreft – there are many options in baby laundry detergent on the market, but I chose to go with the classic Dreft detergent for baby laundry. Look through our options and find the one that is best suited to you and what you think is best for your little one.

-Krystal, Newton Baby Customer Care Manager

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