Crib Mattress Pad

The Newton Crib Mattress Pad adds waterproof protection for your crib mattress and breathe-thru protection for your baby. With a 1/2" of air circulation on the surface of the mattress, your baby will sleep safer, cleaner and more comfortably. Hypo-allergenic and proven in independent testing to reduce the risk of suffocation.

Twin - $99.99


Dimensions: 28” x 52”
Dimensions: 39” x 75”

Fits in all standard size cribs

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Top 3 Crib Mattress Pad Questions

Are mattress pads safe for babies?

To be safe for baby, mattress pads should always fit securely around the mattress so there is no loose bedding in the crib. Our mattress pad provides a secure fit on any crib mattress, with the added benefit of a layer of airflow over any sleep surface for increased safety in the crib.

Do cribs need mattress pads?

Crib mattress pads allow for easy changing when accidents occur. Due to this, most parents choose to have two on hand. Our mattress pad allows you to add a layer of breathability and protection to any crib mattress, so it is perfect for traveling or daycare safety. It's a great addition to the nursery during toddler years to make bigger messes easier to handle.

Do your mattress pads protect against dust mites?

Yes. Our mattress pads help protect against dust mites. The breathable construction allows for maximum airflow, to help regulate baby's temperature and prevent overheating and sweating. Since dust mites breed in humid environments, our mattress pad eliminates their breeding grounds.