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Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed

73 Reviews

Available in Small, Medium and Large / X-Large sizes.

A better bed for your four-legged friend. Our ultra-breathable, completely washable and supremely durable and comfortable pet bed features the same Wovenaire® technology as our award-winning mattress, and a soft, quilted removable cover.

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Frequently Bought Together

  • Ultra Breathable

    Superior breathability for temperature regulation and comfort — unlike most foam beds that trap heat.

  • Completely Washable

    A durable, scratch-resistant pet bed that’s completely washable from cover to core. Easily wash away accidents and allergens for a cleaner, hypoallergenic sleep.

  • Better Sleep

    The right level of comfort, air circulation and orthopedic support means your furry friend will sleep better on a Newton.


Your donation will help us provide diapers, safe sleep spaces, and more essential items to children living in poverty through the non-profit organization Baby2Baby.

Designed for superior comfort and real longevity. As in: dog (and cat) years. Excellent support for our older pets, too.

Temperature regulating to reduce the pant and avoid overheating — durable and scratch-proof, too.

90% air, 10% food-grade polymer helps ease joints, cushion pressure points and improve air circulation.

Easy care and maximum breathability for a cleaner, better sleep. Easily wash away shedding and dander from both cover and core.

Our pet bed is independently tested and certified for low chemical emissions, exceeding the highest industry emissions safety standards to help improve indoor air quality.

The Reviews Are In

We're providing peace of mind — for bedtime and beyond.


“If you need me, I’ll be in bed.”

New York, NY


“I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.”

Fort Lauderdale, FL


“Most comfortable bed around. Paws down.”

Spokane, WA


“Who needs fetch?”

Santa Fe, NM


“This bed is my happy place.”

Stratford, CT

Product Details



  • Ultra-breathable and washable Wovenaire core
  • Removable, machine washable, breathable cover is 100% polyester. Some assembly required.

Sizes available

Small: Great for Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, and Pugs

  • Full Bed: 21" x 25" x 6"
  • Inner Sleep Area: 15" x 20"

Medium: Great for Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, and Smaller Labs

  • Full Bed: 25" x 39" x 7"
  • Inner Sleep Area: 19" x 34"

Large / X-Large: Great for Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Great Danes

  • Full Bed: 30" x 55" x 8"
  • Inner Sleep Area: 22" x 47"

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Returns & Exchanges

  • 100-Night Trial - Risk-Free returns

Testing & Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certified: Conducted through the UL laboratories, this pet bed has undergone rigorous scientific testing for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs, receiving the highest standard of safety through GREENGUARD Gold certifications. Our pet beds contribute to cleaner indoor air, creating a healthier environment for your four-legged friend to sleep.


  1. Insert Wovenaire® core inside bottom of bed cover and zip closed.
  2. Carefully open to remove 4 bolsters from reusable vacuum pack bag.
  3. Toss bolsters in dryer for 15 minutes to help them expand. Hand fluff as needed.
  4. Insert one long bolster into back bolster sleeve by sliding it in one opening and pulling it from other sleeve end.
  5. Zip halfway around each side to form sleeves to tuck one short bolster into each side.
  6. Continue zipping each side around the front corners, then tuck last long bolster before zipping fully closed.

Care & Use

Cover & Bolsters

  • Unzip cover to remove bolsters and core
  • Bolsters can be washed separately if soiled
  • Zip cover closed before wash & dry
  • Machine wash cold with detergent
  • Tumble dry low

Core Only

  • Hand rinse cold (in shower or tub)
  • Use mild detergent
  • Shake then air or fan dry
  • Avoid heat or direct sun


Are the pet beds waterproof?

Our unique quilted spacer cover offers complete, unhindered airflow through the cover and core for your pet’s ultimate comfort. While it is not waterproof, it is water resistant, allowing most messes to stay on the cover. Plus, the cover can easily be removed and tossed into the washing machine, and the core can be hosed off or taken into the shower for a full clean.

Is the bed chew proof?

While made with strong, durable materials, the bed can be chewed, just like all other furniture. If your dog displays chewing behaviors, be sure to keep an eye on them to discourage chewing their new bed.

What size pet bed is right for my dog?

Consider your dog's size and sleeping style. While some dogs like to curl into a donut, some like to sprawl out. Your pet’s size is important when choosing, but just as important is their sleeping tendencies.

Can I wash the pet bed?

Absolutely! A fully removable cover and polyester-filled washable bolsters can be tossed into the washing machine, and the Wovenaire® core can be taken into the shower or hosed off outside.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

Our top tips for ensuring that your pet LOVES their new bed:

  1. Out With the Old - If this was a replacement for their old, tattered bed, make sure the old bed is gone completely. Make it a clean break to make the transition an easier one. If not, make sure the old bed is in a different room.
  2. Make it Smell Like Home - Add smells they trust and recognize to the bed by rubbing your hands (or old shirt) all over it. You can even leave an old shirt on the bed.
  3. Create Their Happy Place - Pets are just like us: they’re creatures of comfort. Help your dog warm up to the bed with toys, treats and tons of praise.
  4. Go Undercover - Some pets need an extra nudge to try out their new space. Try covering it with one of their blankets to add a familiar scent and feel.
  5. Just Be Patient - Every pet is different…so hang in there. Continue the praise and rewards and they’ll be sleeping in their (better) bed in no time

100-Night Free Trial

Try the Newton Pet Bed for 100 nights risk-free to decide if it’s right for you and your four-legged friend. If either of you aren’t happy, simply return at our expense for a full refund.



Top 3 Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed Questions

Washability is key when it comes to sleep accommodations for our furry friends. But just as important: superior comfort and durability. Our pet bed boasts all three and features our innovative Wovenaire® technology, making it the only pet bed with a true mattress at its core.

Our orthopedic pet bed is designed to ease joints and cushion pressure points for a better, more restful (and super comfortable) sleep.

Most pet beds only feature a washable cover, making it difficult to keep their sleep environment truly clean. A completely washable pet bed allows you to wash your pet’s bed from cover to core, easily washing away accidents and allergens for a cleaner, hypoallergenic sleep.