Newton has collected 1,000,000+ lbs of ocean-bound plastic waste.

1.18M lbs

We asked you, our Newton community, about ways to give back. The issue of ocean-bound plastic was your most-requested cause. So we’re partnering with CleanHub and local communities in Indonesia to ensure its safe collection and recovery — and creating sustainable jobs in the process.

Cleaner oceans. Healthier communities. A better world.

Our Founder and his son Henry visiting one of the villages

A Note From Our Founder

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the snorkeling trips I would take with my father. Together we explored nearby reefs, and it was a magical opportunity to connect with nature and each other. Years later, I hoped to share the same with my three children. But as I brought them to the very spots I had explored, I was devastated. Reefs that had once been full of life and color were now dead. The ocean I had known was gone.

As a father, I feel a deep responsibility for the planet we will leave behind. As a founder, I’m committed to being a part of the solution. This commitment shows itself in our pledge to collect 1,000,000 lbs of plastic waste before it enters our oceans — and in our day-to-day approach to product development. We’re proud to lead with sustainability in an industry that has typically been anything but. And we’re dedicated to continuous innovation that will allow a better tomorrow for your children and our own.

Very sincerely,

Michael Rothbard
Founder, CEO and Dad to Henry, Tate, and Basia

A World of Difference

We pride ourselves on doing what’s best — for the planet and our communities.

Today and every day, we’re proud to offer you and your family mattresses that are 100% washable and recyclable.

  • Reduce

    Made with clean, sustainable and recyclable materials — no foam, glue, latex or springs.

  • Reuse

    Designed to last, none of our products were intended for single use. We often hear of Newton families using their mattress for a second or third child — and then paying forward to a friend.

  • Recycle

    Ready to recycle? Most local transfer stations can facilitate, or you can contact our Customer Care team for assistance.


Your donation will help us provide diapers, safe sleep spaces, and more essential items to children living in poverty through the non-profit organization Baby2Baby.