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The Only 100% Breathable & Washable Crib Mattress. Babies can breathe right through it!

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"Highly breathable."

The New York Times

"Highly breathable."

The New York Times

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  • Breathable


    Newton scored highest among its peers for breathability and lowest in suffocation risk according to independent lab test results. The Newton Crib Mattress is 100% breathable from cover to core.

  • Washable


    All Newton products are 100% washable. Our mattress covers are machine washable and the core can be easily rinsed in the shower!

  • Better Sleep

    Better Sleep

    Breathable products allow for better temperature regulation and a more comfortable sleep environment. No sweaty backs here!

  • Recyclable


    Wherever possible, Newton uses organic, sustainable materials. That’s why even our mattress core is recyclable.

2,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Modern Heroes

You, (Moms and Dads), are modern-day heroes keeping your babies safe day after day. We help you keep them safe when you say goodnight and turn out the light.

WithKendra Review

"Breathable, washable, AND recyclable! Talk about peace of mind!"

SweetToothTeaching Review

"This mattress is every parent’s dream. (Especially new, worried mommas like myself) It’s 100% breathable—meaning your baby can literally breathe right through it!"

ChadRichards Review

"Getting baby to sleep is already stressful enough as it is; I like that I can put him down and know that he’s safely resting, giving us all a little bit of much needed peace and quiet!"

TashaKlassen Review

"This mattress changed our lives! Our little one was a notoriously bad sleeper. She would scream for hours, it was impossible to get her to sleep in her crib until we found this mattress."

TashaKlassen Review

"A completely breathable and washable mattress. Perfect from the day they come home until switching to a big bed!"

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Breathe to believe!

Experience our breathe-thru technology for yourself! Try the Newton Crib Mattress for 100 nights risk-free to decide if it's right for you and your baby. If either of you aren't happy just return at our expense for a full refund.

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