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The safest crib mattress.

dr sears

“A breathable crib mattress is one of the best ways to protect your baby against the risks of suffocation... Based on my research, Newton is clearly the safest one on the market.”

- Dr. Jim Sears

Nationally renowned pediatrician and co-host of The Doctors TV show

Newton protects your baby against...


Suffocation is the leading cause of injury-related death among children less than a year old. Conventional, waterproof mattresses are covered with an impermeable skin that prevents air circulation and increases the risk of suffocation.

The revolutionary design of the Newton crib mattress allows a baby to breathe right through it. An independent, blind, scientific study demonstrated Newton’s significantly lower suffocation risk as compared to other crib mattresses. In fact, the most popular organic mattress had a suffocation risk 17 times higher than the Newton.


The best crib mattress for temperature regulation – Pediatricians tell us that babies overheating at night is a real concern. The Newton Crib Mattress allows air to circulate freely and body heat to dissipate. This keeps your baby from overheating and eliminates sweaty backs.

Once again, Newton’s breathable design eliminates this risk by allowing air to circulate and body heat to dissipate. The result is a safer more comfortable sleeping environment for your littlest one.

Bacteria and Fungi

Bacteria and fungi on a typical crib mattress surface expose your little one to infections and create the potential for respiratory problems.

Newton is the only 100% washable crib mattress. Throw the cover in the washing machine and when necessary, clean its Wovenaire core in a bathtub or shower. Being able to wash the entire Newton crib mattress is the best possible way to eliminate bacteria build up. Additionally, Newton is Green Guard certified to be free of off gassing and toxic chemicals.

Doesn't your baby deserve a Newton?

Being a parent is stressful enough. So, rest easy knowing your little one is sleeping on a breathable sleep surface . The Newton Crib Mattress - bringing safer sleep to your baby and peace of mind to you!

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