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Our mattress pad adds a breathable, cushion layer plus waterproof protection, will easily fit on ANY crib mattress.

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$ 129.99


Crib sheets designed to be just as breathable as our mattress and are 100% organic cotton.

$ 24.99

$ 24.99

$ 24.99

$ 24.99

$ 24.99


100% Breathable

Babies can breathe straight through our mattress! Plus no more sweaty backs!


100% Washable

The ONLY washable crib mattress from cover to core. Bye bye mold, bacteria and allergens!


100% Better Sleep

Babies sleep better on Newton because it is much more comfortable than traditional mattresses, which are rock hard and wrapped in plastic. We also don’t use foam, glue, latex or springs.

3-D Space cover
Soft breathe-thru cover

4" Low-Profile

Wovenaire® Core
90% air, 10% food-grade polymer and much more breathable than leading organic mattresses


Our baby sleeps through the night because of Newton!

We purchased the Newton crib mattress for our 3 month old after extensive research. She absolutely loves the mattress and sleeps comfortably during her naps and at night. The mattress is very well designed and so breathable that I never worry about her now that she can roll to her belly. I love everything about this product including the washable covers. The soft pink is perfectly delicate and adds just the right touch!

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I started recommending this mattress the morning after my baby slept on it for the first time—it was the first time she slept thru the night on her own! Great quality, easy to clean, baby obviously loves it so I love it too! 

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This mattress
gives me
a feeling of security!

This mattress is truly breathable. I love that it is easy to clean. Our reflux baby is finally sleeping well.

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Product Specs

  • Specs


    • Fully breathable, washable and recyclable
    • Wovenaire® core is made of safe, food grade polymer
    • Single layer 3D spacer cover is 100% polyester
    • Greenguard Gold certified
    • The firmness they need and the comfort they want
    • Tested to meet Australian Firmness Standard
    • Standard Dimensions: 52" x 28" x 4"
    • Standard Weight: 11 lbs.


    • Ships by FedEx
    • Generally arrives within 3-10 business days
  • Testing and Certification

    In a third-party CPSC accredited laboratory, tests showed that a baby gets 97% more air while breathing through a Newton Crib Mattress Pad than on a conventional waterproof crib mattress.

    Newton Baby products have been independently tested and certified by UL to meet Greenguard Gold standards for the lowest chemical emissions. The standards are among the most rigorous in the world to test for the lowest measurements of chemical emissions such as VOCs, and certifies that Newton products help to promote a healthier indoor air quality. With Newton, you can rest assured your baby is sleeping safely.

  • Care & Use
    • Cover zips off and goes right in the washing machine
    • Tumble dry on low heat. Dry thoroughly. DO NOT hang dry.
    • Mattress core can be washed in the shower with soap and water
    • Shake excess water out of core and stand-up to dry
    • Designed for a snug fit in all standard cribs
    • Newton is completely recyclable, contact us for assistance
Try our 100-night home trial

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Breathe to believe! Experience our Breathe-Thru Technology for yourself.

Once your Newton Crib Mattress arrives, you will have 100 nights to decide if it is right for you and your baby. If either of you aren't happy just return at our expense for a full refund.

Top 3 Crib Mattress Questions
Is your baby mattress organic?

While the Newton Crib Mattress is not organic, it is a safer crib mattress for baby. Most "organic" baby crib mattresses feature only one organic component, such as cotton fabric or stuffing, but they aren't fully organic. Newton offers a mattress that is not only completely breathable to reduce suffocation risk but also offers the only washable crib mattress, making it the most hygienic sleep surface for your baby. Our products are Greenguard Gold certified, proving that Newton offers only safe products for your family.

Why a breathable mattress for baby?

A breathable crib mattress not only helps to reduce the risk of suffocation but also helps regulate baby's body temperature (that's right, no more sweaty backs!) and reduces dust mites and allergens. This allows babies to sleep more comfortably and longer through the night.

What is the crib mattress size?

Standard crib mattress sizes are regulated to meet a minimum sizing of 27 1/4" x 51 5/8" and not thicker than 6 inches. Standard crib sizes, while also regulated, can vary a bit based on construction. If a crib is labeled as a standard crib, Newton Crib Mattresses will fit nice and snuggly inside.

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