What To Do If Your Baby Climbed Out Of Their Crib

baby in crib wanting to climb out

Has your baby started acting like Houdini and playing tricks on you, like climbing out of their crib? If so, you’re in good company! If your baby climbed out of their crib but you’re not ready to transition them to a toddler bed just yet, we’re here for you.

We have a few tricks of our own to help you when your baby (or toddler!) starts climbing out of their crib.

When Do Babies Start Climbing Out Of Their Crib?

baby  about to climb out of crib

The answer to this question is a tricky one because there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to babies climbing out of their crib.

Some babies start climbing out as early as 12 months old, some two years old, and some babies never climb out of their cribs.

We do know this: you want to keep your baby safe. If you’re wondering (and worrying!) about your baby’s newfound trick, the first order of business is their safety.

First, their sleep surface must be a safe one. Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress gives your little one a safe and comfortable place to lay their head at night. Plus, it’s breathable and washable! Your baby can breathe straight through our mattress while staying comfortable all night long.

(Expert tip: if your little climber is over one year old and potty training, you might want to consider adding our breathable Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad to make cleanups a breeze!)

Next, their environment must be safe because if they are climbing out in the middle of the night, you don’t want them to get into everything without your supervision.

(More on this later, in our tips section!)

Why Is Your Baby Climbing Out Of Their Crib?

baby climbing out of crib

To get to the root of why, all of a sudden, your baby is climbing out of their crib, it’s best to remember this newfound skill may simply come with the territory of growing up.

Your baby is rapidly developing before your eyes whether you realize it or not. We know this is a sad reality, but the fact is: it’s happening!

Just like when your baby learned other “tricks” — like rolling over, crawling, clapping, waving goodbye, and walking — climbing out of their crib is sometimes the name of the game. Go ahead and add this to their list of “tricks”!

Additionally, remember that babies are curious by nature. They’re going to see what they can get into, when they can get into it, and figure out how to execute their curiosity.

Little ones like to explore and discover new things, like climbing out of their crib, for instance.

And the development of their gross motor skills (movements of the large muscles in their arms, legs, and torso that allow them to do all the tricks) builds their muscles so they’re now able to achieve all these fun movements!

Tips To Prevent Your Baby From Climbing Out Of Their Crib

Empty crib because baby climbed out of crib

Turn The Crib Around

Sometimes you have to get creative and come up with a few tricks of your own to stop your baby from climbing out of their crib.

One thing you could try is to turn their crib around if one side is higher than the other.

For instance, the higher part of the crib is probably placed against the wall, with the lower part facing forward. If you have a crib like this, try turning it around so that the lower side is against the wall.

Situating your little one’s crib this way may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but your baby can’t possibly climb over the higher side of their crib. And if they tried climbing over the lower side, their attempt would be blocked by the wall.

Lower The Mattress

When your baby was a tiny newborn, their crib was probably raised to the highest setting.

This made it easier for you when you had to constantly get them in and out of their crib for feedings and the several naps they took per day.

Now it’s time to move their crib to the lowest setting. Each crib comes with adjustable springs. It does take a little time to move, but it will be worth it in the end for your peace of mind!

If your baby’s crib is already set on the lowest setting and they’re still climbing out of it, skip this one and check out our next tip.

Use A Doorknob Safety Cover

If your little trickster is constantly getting out of their crib, you might want to consider using a doorknob safety cover on the inside of their door so they’re not able to get out of their room and roam around in the middle of the night.

For an added safety barrier, put up a baby gate, too!

If your little Houdini has discovered how to take apart the doorknob cover, place a baby gate either in front of their door, in the hallway, or at the top of the stairs if you live in a two-story home.

The last thing you want to happen is your curious little one trekking through the house at night unsupervised!

babies about to climb out of crib

Try A Sleep Sack

To stop your baby’s little feet from maneuvering over the side of the crib, put them in a sleep sack at night.

You might be thinking that your little one is too old for a sleep sack, but it just may be the trick you need to help your baby stay in their crib!

Remove Everything From The Crib

After your little one turns one year old, it’s safe for them to have a swaddle blanket or lovey in their crib.

But sometimes your baby can use these items as a boost to stand on to help them climb over the side of their crib!

If you’ve found this to be true, remove everything from their crib and see if that helps stop their little adventure.

Give Clear Directions

As your baby grows and develops, they start to understand what you’re saying. They try to communicate with you in a specific way and know basic commands.

For instance, if you say it’s time to go outside, they might grab their shoes. Or if they want milk, they might stand in front of the fridge.

So when it comes to their sleeping habits, give them clear directions and repeat these directions each time you lay them down.

If you’re able to catch your baby climbing out of their crib, we recommend giving them a positive command like, “Stay in your crib,” instead of, “Don’t climb out of your crib.”

Keep All Eyes On Deck

Now is not the time to pass down that baby monitor to a friend or family member just yet.

Hang onto it for a little bit longer so you can keep a close eye on your baby while they’re pulling this stunt in their room.

This way, you can actually watch your little one climb out of their crib and discover how they’re doing it...and if they’re doing it gracefully or if they’re just falling on the floor.

It’s all eyes on deck!

What To Do If Your Baby Has Climbed Out Of Their Crib

mom with baby whose climbing out of crib

If your baby climbs out of their crib and comes into your room at night even after you’ve taken the precautions mentioned above, check their temperature, and then check their clothing and bed for any accidents.

Your baby might be trying to tell you something!

However, if your little one doesn’t have a fever and their bed and clothing are clean, give them some snuggles. But then be firm and direct with what you expect for a good night’s sleep and place them back in their crib.

(Every situation is different, so assess your child’s needs in that specific moment. If they’ve had a nightmare and are scared, for example, they may need the comfort of sleeping in your bed.)

Safety First

Parent put baby back in crib after baby climbed out of crib

Since stopping your baby from climbing out of their crib is not always preventable, make sure their room is as safe as possible, as we mentioned earlier. This involves more than just babyproofing.

It also includes making sure there are no sharp corners or objects next to the side of your little one’s crib. Additionally, check for loose cords on the blinds or anything your baby could pull down, and tether their furniture to the wall.

This way, if your baby does crawl out of the crib and wants to start a party in the middle of the night, they’ll be safe doing so!

Keeping Your Baby Safe And Sound While They Snooze

Baby sleeping in crib after baby climbed out of crib

We know how exhausting it can be having to get up in the middle of the night to put your baby back in their crib only to find them in the same situation 10 minutes later!

And stopping your baby from their little adventures isn’t always possible. This could mean that your growing little one is ready to transition to a toddler bed.

However, if your baby is still a bit too young for a toddler bed, try some of our tips and tricks above to prevent them from climbing out of their crib.

And remember to give your baby the best possible sleep with Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress. Hopefully, your little trickster will be too comfortable and sleeping too soundly on their Crib Mattress to even think about climbing out of their crib!

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