Buying newborn gifts can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. We know you want to make sure you choose just the right one, kind of like Goldilocks.

To keep you from making buying a newborn gift more stressful than it has to be, we’re here to help you find the right one with our list of the 35 best newborn gifts for expecting parents! 

Whether you’re adopting or pregnant, you’re probably already counting down the days until your little one is in your arms! Preparing to welcome a new baby into your family is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming — there’s a lot to do before your baby comes. 

Between stocking up on diapers, choosing a doctor, getting your home ready, and making financial preparations, you have many things to think about! If you’re wondering how to prepare for a baby, the Newton Baby experts are here to help with seven essential tips.

With delivery day getting closer, you’re busy putting the final touches on the nursery and preparing to meet your little one! One of the things you’ll want to do toward the end of your third trimester is get your hospital bag ready to go. A hospital bag checklist can help!

Here at Newton Baby, we’ve created an extensive list to give you an idea of the things you’ll need. It includes the must-have as well as a few items that might not have occurred to you but will make your hospital stay more comfortable for everyone involved.

Original Story by Arden Cartrette Trigger Warning: Miscarriage October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. While these topics aren’t easy to talk about, they are so important. Every mama that has lost a baby has a story to tell and we’re here to listen. This year, we’re choosing to share Arden’s story. Arden Cartrette is a blogger based out of Pittsboro, North Carolina. She started blogging and sharing her fertility journey through social media in 2018 after struggling to get pregnant in her early 20s. After over two and a half years of trying to conceive and suffering two...

With the morning sickness and exhaustion of your first trimester on their way out, you might be doing a little happy dance as you enter your second trimester!

In general, most women feel better during their second trimester. But, of course, there are still changes that will happen in your body as your baby belly continues to grow.

In this article, the experts at Newton Baby tell you when this trimester is, how your baby is growing, what you can expect, and how to care for yourself during these three months. Plus, we’ll give you a list of things to get done before your third trimester hits!
Regardless of how easy or difficult your pregnancy has been, by the third trimester you’re itching to meet your little one! But don’t wish them into this world too soon — they (and you!) still have some growing to do.

In this article, the Newton Baby experts tell you about some of the changes to expect during your third trimester and what you can do about them. We’ll also give you a third-trimester checklist so you can be sure that you’re ready for your baby to make their appearance!
Carrying a little one inside your belly can change your life in many ways! One of the big questions pregnant women ask is this: “What about traveling while I’m pregnant?”

For the most part, you won’t have to put your travel plans on hold — you’ll just need to make a few adjustments! If you’re planning a trip and wondering when it’s safe to travel and how you should go about it with your pregnant self, our Newton Baby experts have the answers.
Sleep is essential for everyone’s health and well-being, no matter what stage of life they’re in. But how many hours should a pregnant woman sleep? The answer might surprise you!

In this article, the sleep experts at Newton Baby explain why it’s important to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep while you’re pregnant. Then we’ll break down sleep patterns by trimester so you know what to expect as your belly and your baby grow over the next nine months.

We’ll also give you tips to help relieve some of the most common sleep problems you’ll face over the course of your pregnancy.
While you’ll notice a change in your breasts, the urge to start nesting, and maybe even pregnancy brain, to everyone else, the clearest sign that you’re expecting a little one is your pregnant belly!

Since you’re tuned in to all things baby right now, you’ve no doubt noticed the size and shape of your pregnant friends’ bellies and wondered about your own.

Just like our bodies, pregnant tummies come in all shapes and sizes, but you probably still have questions.

Whether you just found out you’re pregnant or your due date is any day now, a pregnancy pillow is a great addition to your nighttime routine.

You can even use a pregnancy pillow after your little one arrives to support your body as it recovers and help with breastfeeding and other postpartum activities.

Which pregnancy pillow is right for you? We can help with that!

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