Baby’s set to arrive in a few months and your mind is swimming in baby gear, sleep schedules, bottles, diapers, and cute little booties. What if we told you this is the perfect time to get away on a little pre-baby vacation — also known as a babymoon?

A baby sprinkle is often the more low-key way to celebrate a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) pregnancy. But since sprinkles are a fairly new concept, lots of people still have questions about them.

For example, who gets to host it? What should you have on your registry? And can you have more than one? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we take you through what to know about these special events.

You hear all the buzz about not sleeping well (if at all!) when you have kids, but it may come as a shock to hear that the same can be true while they’re growing in your belly. Learning how to sleep when pregnant is a whole new ballgame!

Nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and growing pains are just a few reasons you may be lacking in the sleep department during your pregnancy.

Sleep is essential for everyone’s health and well-being, no matter what stage of life they’re in. But how many hours should a pregnant woman sleep? The answer might surprise you!

In this article, the sleep experts at Newton Baby explain why sleep is so important, especially when you’re pregnant. We’ll also talk about the stages of sleep and break down sleep patterns by trimester so you know what to expect as your belly and your baby grow over the next nine months.

Expecting a baby is exciting, overwhelming, and everything in-between! There’s so much to do before your little one makes their big debut. If you’re feeling the pressure, having a pregnancy checklist can help.

A month-by-month to-do list helps you think of things that might not have occurred to you before and ensures that you take care of the necessities. And we have just the thing!

Buying newborn gifts can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. We know you want to make sure you choose just the right one, kind of like Goldilocks.

To keep buying a newborn gift as stress-free as possible, we’re here to help you find the right one with our list of the 45 best newborn gifts for expecting parents!

Need some gift-giving inspiration for the mommy-to-be? Check out these sweet and thoughtful gifts for pregnant women and watch the smiles spread.

While you’ll notice a change in your breasts, the urge to start nesting, and maybe even pregnancy brain, to everyone else, the clearest sign that you’re expecting a little one is your pregnant belly!

Since you’re tuned in to all things baby right now, you’ve no doubt noticed the size and shape of your pregnant friends’ bellies and wondered about your own.

With delivery day getting closer, you’re busy putting the final touches on the nursery and preparing to meet your little one! One of the things you’ll want to do toward the end of your third trimester is get your hospital bag ready to go. A hospital bag checklist can help!

Here at Newton Baby, we’ve created an extensive list to give you an idea of the things you’ll need. It includes the must-haves as well as a few items that might not have occurred to you but will make your hospital stay more comfortable for everyone involved.

At 28 weeks pregnant, you’re within a few short weeks of meeting your baby. It’s an exciting time. How big is your little one right now? What’s happening in your body? And what can you expect in the next several weeks?

Those are the questions we’ll answer in this article. Plus, we’ll offer a couple of action steps for nesting so you can feel on top of things and ready to welcome your newborn.