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Whether you’re with the family on an adventure or on the move out of necessity, traveling with a baby can be a challenge, and flying with a baby even more so!

If you’re intimidated by the idea of taking your little one on a plane, first of all, know that you’re not alone. Flying with a baby presents some obstacles, but with the right preparation, it’s doable!

Newton Baby is here to fill you in on safety guidelines as well as give you some tips for making your trip as comfortable and easy as possible.

Overtired vs. Undertired

Mon, Aug 03, 2020

Everyone knows babies need a lot of sleep. What sometimes confounds parents is the question of how long infants should sleep at each stretch. And since babies can’t exactly tell you how they feel, how do you know if they are overtired vs. undertired?

Although it’s an imperfect science at best, you can actually discern if your baby is overtired and needs to be soothed and settled to sleep or if they’re undertired and will fight Mr. Sandman (and frustrate you).
You made it through all the ups and downs of three trimesters of pregnancy as well as the crazy, amazing experience of childbirth. If it seems like this postpartum stage is just an extension of the tiring, emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy, you’re not alone. Welcome to the 4th trimester.

These months after your baby’s birth can be a wild ride, with many changes and challenges. We at Newton Baby think it’s absolutely essential that moms take care of themselves during this time, and we want to help you figure out how to do just that!

We’ll explain what the 4th trimester is and give you a few tips to not only survive but thrive.
Tips for a successful road trip with babies and toddlers without ruining your baby's sleep schedule.
Whether you’re thinking about adding another little one to your family or you’ve already received the good news, congratulations! Anticipating baby number 2 is exciting.

However, growing your family can also feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about and prepare for!

In years past, parents raised their babies with only a few essentials. Baby “must-haves” on the market today weren’t even invented then, but parents and babies survived. Here you’ll discover what you really need for your minimalist baby. 

Remember, less is more! The experts at Newton Baby are here to help you minimize your baby items with these 21 must-have minimalist baby essentials.  

When you’re preparing to welcome a baby into your home, creating a baby registry is a must! But with so much on the baby market these days, it’s hard to know what the essential baby items are and what you can skip. 

If you’re a minimalist at heart or simply working with a small space, Newton Baby is here to help you create a minimalist baby registry checklist to cut down on clutter!

We’ll give you a few questions to help you decide what the baby necessities are for your family. After, we’ll include a list of what we think should go on every minimalist baby registry checklist.
Thinking about the day your little one makes their big entrance into the world can make you feel nervous, excited, anxious, overjoyed, and everything in-between! That’s completely understandable. 

To prepare for the big day, think ahead about what you want labor and delivery to be like and then communicate your ideas to the people who will be with you. Enter: your birth plan. 

In this article, the Newton Baby experts explain what a birth plan is and how to create one. We’ll also include a few tips for preparing to welcome your little one into your home, which is just as important as what happens in the delivery room!

  The Fourth Trimester: Dealing with Postpartum Feelings Some people—accurately—call the first several months of motherhood the “fourth trimester.” The reason that’s such an apt description of this tumultuous time is that you’re still stewing in a hormonal brew; you’re exhausted and possibly overwhelmed; and your body is still not even close to yours again. Here are common postpartum feelings, so you know you aren’t alone:   Exhaustion: Okay, being more tired than you ever thought possible before isn’t exactly an emotion, but the kind of bone-weariness common to new motherhood triggers other feelings. It’s hard to cope with the...

No need to fret, first-time fathers: Follow our list of eight ways to prep for impending fatherhood, and you'll rest easy in no time.
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