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Every member of your family needs a place to sleep soundly — and that includes the furry, four-legged ones, too! As you shop for a bed for your faithful companion, there are a few factors to consider since dog beds for medium dogs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this article. From size and sleep position to indoor air quality and materials, here are several factors to consider when choosing a dog bed for your medium-sized dog.

Everyone in your family deserves a comfy place to snooze — and that includes your furry friends, no matter how big or small! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect dog bed for your large pup but aren’t sure what to pick, keep reading.

In this article, we’ll discuss several factors to consider when choosing a large dog bed, from your dog’s preferred sleeping position and their health needs to your home air quality (yes, your dog’s bed can affect indoor air quality).

Your pet is part of your family, and you want them to be safe, healthy, and comfortable in your home and on the go. If your furry best friend is panting, hot, or becoming overheated while they sleep, they may need a cooling pet bed!

These beds are specially designed to give your pet the airflow they need throughout the night (or anytime they use it). We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand how cooling pet beds work and the key features to look for when buying one.

Your pet is a member of your family. So, when they’re not sleeping well at night, neither are you. If your pet is having trouble getting comfortable at bedtime, an orthopedic pet bed might help.

Watching your precious baby grow and reach developmental milestones is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. And seeing your little one flip from tummy-to-back or back-to-tummy is no exception!

But if you’re wondering exactly when babies roll over and when your little one will reach this milestone, the Newton Baby experts are here to answer your questions.

As you probably know, cats love to curl up in just about any nook, cranny, and corner. Once you learn your kitty’s preferences for when and how they like to sleep, you can feel confident about buying them a cat bed that they’ll love.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to help you pick the right one. And we’ll discuss the factors you’ll need to take into consideration before shopping as well as what to look for when choosing a cat bed.

Off-gassing sounds like something that might happen in a chemistry lab or maybe even at your local car mechanic, right? But it actually happens right under your nose in your own home!

If you’ve heard people talking about off-gassing (also known as out-gassing) and you’re wondering what the big deal is, we’re here to give you the low-down. Or maybe you already know something about off-gassing and want to reduce it. We’ll help you out there, too.

As a new parent, one of your main priorities is sleep — for your sake and your baby’s. But because the saying “sleep like a baby” isn’t always accurate, babies often need some help in this area. If this is the case for your little one, you may want to consider sleep training. 

In this article, the experts at Newton Baby provide a complete guide for sleep training your baby so that you and your little one can get the restful sleep you need.

Hearing your precious baby cry is just about the worst sound in the world. And we know it only gets harder when you and your infant are both running on very little sleep!

So, how do you help a baby who can’t stop crying when you’re not sure what’s getting them so worked up? Our experts at Newton Baby are here with some tried-and-true tips for soothing your little one!
As a parent, your baby’s safety, comfort, and happiness are always on your mind. During the day, you feed them, burp them, cuddle them, and change their diaper — just to name a few of your parenting responsibilities. And then there’s safe sleep.

What does it mean to look out for your little one’s well-being while they’re sleeping?

In this article, the experts at Newton Baby tell you how to create a safe sleep environment for your baby so both of you can rest easy and sleep well.