How To Choose The Right Dog Beds For Medium Dogs

dog beds for medium dogs

Every member of your family needs a place to sleep soundly — and that includes the furry, four-legged ones, too! As you shop for a bed for your faithful companion, there are a few factors to consider since dog beds for medium dogs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this article. From size and sleep position to indoor air quality and materials, here are several factors to consider when choosing a dog bed for your medium-sized dog.

Dog Beds For Medium Dogs: Factors To Consider


First things first, you’ll need to choose the right size. For your medium-sized furry friend, a medium-sized dog bed is probably the right fit, but you should double-check.

Our Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed has raised edges for extra coziness and comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large/extra-large.

The inner sleep area of this medium dog bed measures 19 by 34 inches with the full bed (raised edges included) measuring 25 by 39 inches. It’s perfect for Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, and smaller Labs.

If that seems a bit too big or too small, keep in mind that the large dog bed fits Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Great Danes, measuring 29 by 54 inches. The small bed is 20 by 25 inches (ideal for Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, and Pugs).

To choose the right size dog bed, you’ll also need to take your dog’s sleep position into account.

Your Dog’s Sleep Position

Dog sleeping on dog beds for medium dogs

Dogs have preferred sleep positions just like humans! Yours might pose like a lion, sleep like superman, curl up in a ball, or sprawl on their side.

Observe your dog’s natural sleep position and take it into account when choosing both the size and shape of the dog bed. Don’t hesitate to use a measuring tape to ensure that it’s a good fit!

Comfort And Health Needs


Dog laying on dog bed

No matter whether you’re looking for dog beds for medium dogs, small dogs, or large dogs, comfort is high on the priority list! It should be cozy, soft, and supportive. But comfort is not the only important element.

Your dog’s health is another factor to consider, especially since a fluffy dog bed does not necessarily equal a supportive dog bed. Whether your pup is aging, recently had surgery, or has another specific health need, keep that in mind as you shop.

The particular features you look for will depend on your dog. For example, a heated dog bed is an option for pups with aches and pains. This type of bed plugs in like an electric blanket, so just remember that it will need to be near an outlet and the cord could be a safety hazard.

If you’re concerned about your dog staying warm, another option is a raised dog bed to keep them off of the cold floor.

However, a raised bed can be a problem for older pups or dogs that have recently had surgery since getting in and out of the bed requires more effort and maneuvering.

If your dog has joint problems, opt for a supportive, orthopedic dog bed that provides comfort and also takes the pressure off of their joints.


 Dog laying on a bed near a window

As you browse for a dog bed, consider where you’ll put it. Sometimes, the type of dog bed you want (such as a heated dog bed) will dictate the location. On the other hand, if you have a specific location in mind (by the pool, for example), that will dictate the type of dog bed you choose.

Just be sure to place your dog’s bed somewhere they are happy and comfortable snoozing.

Once you’ve decided where the bed will go, don’t hesitate to choose a style and color that matches the room decor!

Washing Instructions

Whether you have fur babies or human babies in your home, you know that washability is important! Check the washing instructions of the dog bed you’re considering to ensure that it’s easy to keep clean.

A dog bed that’s washable means shedding, everyday dust, and puppy pee-pee accidents won’t be as much of a problem. Our Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed is, as the name suggests, 100% washable — fabric cover, bolsters, and Wovenaire® core included.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! The cover is fully-removable and machine-washable and the dog bed core (what you might consider the mattress) can be rinsed with water. Here are the instructions.

Remove, Wash, And Dry The Cover

Unzip the fabric cover and remove the bolsters and the mattress core. Wash the cover in the washing machine with cold water and detergent. Then, dry it on low heat.

Wash And Dry The Bolsters

The bolsters can be cleaned in a separate load in the washing machine and dried on low heat. Remember that you won’t have to clean them very often since they won’t get as dirty as the cover.

Rinse The Core

The Wovenaire® core can be rinsed with cold water and mild detergent. We recommend doing this outside with a hose or inside in the shower or tub. Let it air dry after, avoiding heat and sun.

 washing dog beds for medium dogs

That’s it. Our dog bed really is that easy to clean from cover to core.

The core is also made with the same technology as our award-winning Crib Mattress. So that means both our Crib Mattress and Orthopedic Pet Bed are completely washable and breathable.

For your baby’s crib, we also offer a Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad (ideal for potty training!) that’s 100% breathable, perfect for adding clean breathability to any crib mattress.

High-Quality Material

The material used to make a dog bed varies from bed to bed.

Pillow dog beds can be made from materials such as cotton, polyester, and foam, and the firmness will depend on the material and design.

Memory foam dog beds are certainly comfy for your pup and may make it easy to get in and out of their bed. But, with a bit of chewing, a memory foam bed can be here today and gone tomorrow.

What’s the Newton Orthopedic Pet Bed Wovenaire® core made from? A unique material called polymer. It’s 90% air and 10% the same material as yogurt cups.

That means it’s a safe, food-grade material.

With superior air circulation, this dog bed doesn’t trap heat and provides better temperature regulation. And the orthopedic material cushions pressure points and eases achy joints.

Indoor Air Quality

 Medium dog laying in dog bed near pet owner

Last but not least, consider your indoor air quality when browsing dog beds for medium dogs.

Yes, you read that correctly. Your dog’s bed can affect the air quality in your home. How so? Off-gassing.

Off-gassing happens when manufactured products let off chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). And, long story short, those chemicals aren’t good for your health.

Off-gassing can happen with many items, not just dog beds. We’re talking about your carpet, mattress, couches, wall paint, insulation, and more.

Sometimes, you’ll notice off-gassing when you detect that “new” smell. But other times, products don’t release any odor when they off-gas.

Anything that goes in your home has the potential to affect air quality. But rest assured that there are ways to avoid or minimize the effects of off-gassing!

Click here to read 10 ways to reduce chemicals, VOCs, and off-gassing. For now, we’ll leave you with one important thing to look for: GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

Since many of the chemicals used to manufacture products can be harmful to your family’s health, GREENGUARD Certification exists to assure you that a product is safe to use in even the most sensitive environments, like schools, nurseries, and healthcare facilities.

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification means that the product in question meets the highest standard of safety after undergoing rigorous scientific testing for over 10,000 chemical emissions and VOCs. That’s what you want for your home.

And that’s why we made sure that our Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed meets that standard.

Home air quality is so important to us here at Newton that our Crib Mattress, Twin Mattress, Twin Waterproof Mattress Pad, and Convertible Cribs are all GREENGUARD Gold Certified, too.

The Best Medium Dog Bed For Your Furry Friend

 The Best Medium Dog Bed For Your Furry Friend

As you look for dog beds for medium dogs to accommodate your furry pal, take the factors mentioned above into consideration. Your dog is a part of your family, and their bed should be a cozy place to rest and snooze.

Start by accounting for your dog’s size and preferred sleeping position, then factor in their health needs, where you’ll put the dog bed, washability, the material, and whether or not the bed is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

No matter your dog’s age, stage, or temperament, we recommend the Washable & Orthopedic Pet Bed. It’s supportive, breathable, washable, and comfy so both you and your furry friend will be happy!

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