What To Do When Your Baby Cries: 8 Expert Tips

baby sleeping after a baby cry

Hearing your precious baby cry is just about the worst sound in the world. And we know it only gets harder when you and your infant are both running on very little sleep!

So, how do you help a baby who can’t stop crying when you’re not sure what’s getting them so worked up? Our experts at Newton Baby are here with some tried-and-true tips for soothing your little one!

Tips For When You Hear Your Baby Cry

1) Try Swaddling

When your little one keeps wailing, it might be because they don’t feel “safe” enough in their new world.

Swaddling — wrapping your baby in a cloth or blanket — is believed to emulate some of the cozy, warm feelings your baby experienced in your womb. Many parents cite swaddling as one of the best ways to get their little one to sleep faster and longer.

Swaddles can be adjusted to whatever your baby needs. Do they clutch a lovey or suck on a pacifier as they sleep? Do they play with their own hair (if they have any)?

If any of those are true of your little one, then they may want to sleep with their arms out of the swaddle. You can accommodate this by swaddling them at the armpit rather than over their shoulders.

 sleeping baby swaddled

If you’re looking for options, our

Newton Baby Organic Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% breathable and washable cotton. They’re sewn from organic muslin cloth, the perfect gentle material to keep your child warm without overheating.

They’re so cozy that your baby will love snuggling up against their soft, new swaddle! Plus, they double as changing pads, nursing covers, burp cloths, or a stroller pad.

Our organic swaddle blankets are made with you and your busy lifestyle in mind!

2) Keep Your Baby in Motion

Some parents have found that the trick to keeping their little one babbling and happy is keeping them moving. This can range from bouncing to a gentle rocking.

Obviously, when your baby is young, they aren’t in control of their arms and legs quite yet. It can be hard to pinpoint that a lack of movement might be why they’re crying.

If you suspect your infant is restless and desperate to move, pick them up and gently jiggle them up and down in your arms. Aligning your “jiggles” with the rhythm of walking will help you set a good pace.

This motion is meant to mimic the feeling of you walking around while your little one was inside your womb. But if your baby is only soothed by this method, it can be exhausting to keep them bouncing all the time!

We suggest using a yoga ball so you can still bounce your baby while having a chance to sit down. And if your baby is old enough, try a jumping toy that suspends them and allows them to bounce themselves!

3) Turn On A Calming Sound

 twin babies sleeping in crib

A mother’s womb is theorized to be quite loud or at least filled with plenty of white noise from whatever Mommy is up to during the day.

Introducing an element of noise into your baby’s routine may be just the comfort they need to settle down from crying. Keep in mind that different babies have different needs. This means they’ll be responsive to different sounds, too.

Try running water, croaking frogs, rain, a rumbling heartbeat, or even a vacuum! You’ll be amazed at the variation of sounds that bring your little one the solace they need to soothe their little (but powerful) baby cry.

Investing in a white noise machine with a variety of sounds is the easiest way to explore what makes your child feel the most soothed and comfortable.

Your own voice may work, too! Some parents find that humming or singing to their fussy baby is the most comforting noise their little one could ask for — you know, if they could talk.

4) Bathe Your Baby

Some babies are especially mellowed out by bath time. Something about the warm water and pleasant aromas may help them feel more relaxed.

If you find that your little one is happiest when they’re in the water, make bath time a consistent part of your routine.

Even if you’re just climbing into the warm water with your baby every time to soothe them (they may already be squeaky clean!), helping your baby feel safe and sound is the key to calming and preventing their cries.

5) Give Your Little One A Gentle Massage

 happy baby not doing a baby cry

What is the best way to follow up a bathtime session? A massage, of course!

Making gentle circles over your baby’s tummy and chest may help them become comfortable. And gently pressing their arms and legs between your hands (think of rolling out a ball of dough) can help relax them and get their blood flowing.

Lastly, using your thumb to massage the palm of their hand or the bottom of their feet can also be a great option.

6) Get Some Fresh Air

 parents have siblings outside to prevent baby cry

This tip speaks for itself. Sometimes what your baby needs most is a little bit of vitamin D. Never underestimate the power of fresh air!

Taking your baby outside for a quick stroll — while sun-protected, of course; we don’t want your little one to burn! — can be just the thing they need to soothe their crying.

We promise the hardest part of going on a walk is getting out the door. When your baby is fussy and crying to begin with, it may seem impossible to get them out of the house. But you’ll be surprised how much their mood improves once outside!

Going outside improves your mood, too. Raising a new baby can be demanding on your schedule and mental health.

Taking time to feel the fresh air, the sunshine, and the smells and sounds of the world will help you both get back on track.

7) Front-Carry Your Baby

Wearing your baby in front of them is a technique some parents swear by. Their baby’s cries are wiped away the minute they are snuggled up against their chest.

Your little one wants nothing more than to be held close to you. Front-carrying your baby gives them the perfect opportunity to stay safe and feel safe!

The best part? Front-carrying is one of the best things for you, too! It leaves both of your hands free to multitask while your little one dozes off or watches you calmly go about the day.

It may take some adjusting for your little one to get used to life inside of a sling or front carrier. But we promise they will get used to it and maybe even come to love it!

8) Soothe Your Baby’s Tummy

 sleeping baby on stomach to prevent baby cry

Reflux is a common reason for a baby to cry. How can you help to ensure your baby isn’t upset because of how their food is settling on their stomach?

Reflux usually dissipates on its own, but there are some things you can do to help:

  • Feed your baby frequent, smaller meals (aim for every three hours)
  • Interrupt feedings to burp your baby
  • Hold your baby upright, against your shoulder, to help relieve some of the pressure on their tummy
  • If you’re bottle-feeding, consider swapping the size of the nipple on the bottle. If the nipple is too small or large, it can lead your baby to swallow excess of air while feeding
  • If your baby doesn’t like to be held against your chest, try laying them on their back after feeding and pushing their knees toward their chest for increments of 10 seconds to help cycle the gas out of their system.

9) Check The Crib Mattress

 baby laying on back in crib

If you find that these soothing tips aren’t enough and that your baby is particularly fussy when you’re trying to put them to sleep, their mattress might be to blame!

Our Newton Baby Crib Mattresses are breathable, washable, and guarantee a better sleep for your baby. They are free of glue, latex, springs, foam, and all the other nasty chemicals you don’t want near your precious bundle of joy!

Instead, our mattress is one they can breathe through with no risk of inhaling harmful allergens. Ninety percent air and 10% food-grade polymer means a mattress that helps your baby sleep through the night, safely and soundly (and comfortably!).

 newton baby crib mattress

Hearing Your Baby Cry? You’ve Got This!

All babies are different. Whether this is your first or third child, it will take some adjusting to figure out how to soothe your baby exactly the way they like.

For now, it may feel like there is no rhyme or reason to it when you hear your baby cry. But we promise you will get the hang of it soon.

Until then, keep these tips in mind and try our swaddle blankets for a bit of relief. A calm, happy baby is only one swaddle away!

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