How To Choose The Best Cooling Pet Bed For Your Dog Or Cat

Two dogs on a cooling pet bed

Your pet is part of your family, and you want them to be safe, healthy, and comfortable in your home and on the go. If your furry best friend is panting, hot, or becoming overheated while they sleep, they may need a cooling pet bed!

These beds are specially designed to give your pet the airflow they need throughout the night (or anytime they use it). We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand how cooling pet beds work and the key features to look for when buying one.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Cooling Pet Bed?

dog on a cooling pet bed

If your dog or cat gets overly warm while sleeping, they can become restless. That’s why a cooling mattress can come in handy!

Most pet beds are designed to keep our pets cozy and warm. This is ideal for colder months when everybody needs a little extra warmth. But the summer months are when cooling beds shine.

Instead of keeping your dog or cat warm, they counteract the heat and help your dog or cat cool down and sleep better.

Most cooling beds work by using a frame to suspend a flexible platform (think trampoline). This frame allows air circulation beneath the bed’s surface and gives your pet a comfier place to cool down than a hard tiled floor.

How Do They Work?

There are two main types of cooling pet beds. The first is filled with cold water (like a water bed). As soon as your pet lies on the mattress, the water absorbs heat from their body and cools them down.

The second has a unique, heat-absorbing gel instead of water. When your pet lies on the bed, the gel is activated and works to help cool them down. When they leave the bed, the heat that the gel absorbed flows out, which recharges it.

Benefits Of A Cooling Pet Bed

The main benefit of getting a cooling mattress for your pet is to prevent them from overheating or getting a heatstroke. But there are a few more advantages worth mentioning.

Added Support

When most pets get hot, they usually lie down on the cold, hard kitchen floor to cool down. But this isn’t the most comfortable spot, especially if you have older dogs or cats.

While they do manage to cool down this way, it can also mean aches and pains in their joints when they get up.

A cooling pet bed helps eliminate this problem. Your furry friend can get the cooling they need while also being much more comfortable and avoiding sore joints.

Improved Sleep

Dog on a cooling pet bed

You know how difficult it is to get a good night’s rest when it’s hot in your own bedroom. You may toss and turn the whole night, sweaty and uncomfortable. The same goes for our pets. They also struggle on warmer nights.

Getting a cooling pet bed can make them feel more comfortable. Whether they decide to snooze during the day or night, they’ll be more likely to get the proper shut-eye their little bodies need.


Most cooling pet beds are portable, making them easy to fold and take along with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re spending some time at the beach, the park, or visiting a loved one, your pet can stay cool and comfy while they rest, regardless of your location.

Now that you understand what a cooling pet mattress is and why it’s so essential for your furry friend, it’s important to note that not all cooling beds are equal. Let’s take a closer look at the key things to look for when buying one.

What To Look For In A Cooling Pet Bed

1) Cooling Ability

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the cooling technology is what makes this type of bed worth buying in the first place.

While there isn’t a straightforward method to help you measure the intensity of the cooling in the bed you choose, the best cooling pet beds are usually capable of maintaining a temperature of about 15 to 20 degrees below the area around them.

If its exact specifications aren’t mentioned on the label, be sure to speak to the manufacturer to find out if the bed you’re looking to buy has this ability.

2) Size

dog stretched out on a cooling pet bed

Cooling pads and mats come in different sizes, and it’s important to get the perfect size for your dog or cat. If it’s too big or small, it may not be as efficient or help your pet cool down enough.

Most beds come in at least three sizes — small, medium, and large. But some also include extra small or go all the way up to double extra large.

While you can refer to the product’s label to help guide you, you can also measure your pet’s height and weight before shopping.

Some cooling pet beds may also include information about which specific breeds they can accommodate. Take this into consideration when buying to ensure you get the perfect fit.

3) Durability

baby with dog on a cooling pet bed

Dogs love to chew on, bite, or scratch their new bed (or anything, really). That’s why getting a durable cooling pet bed is so important.

Choosing a bed with high-quality, safe materials means you won’t be buying a new bed every month! That’s a win for you and your dog.

It’s also important to consider where you plan to place the bed. For example, if you’re going to put it outside, it will have to withstand all of the elements.

4) Portability

As we mentioned briefly above, don’t forget to consider your lifestyle when buying a cooling pet bed. Whether you frequently travel to the beach, go camping, or opt for a family vacation, your furry pal is often right by our side.

So, be sure the cooling pet bed you choose fits into this lifestyle. As we shared, you'll often find two types: water-filled beds or ones with a heat-absorbing gel.

Water-filled beds can be heavy and challenging to move. While you can empty them before traveling, you'll need to refill the bed before every use. This can be very inconvenient. On the other hand, the gel-bed option is lightweight and easier to fold, store, and travel with.

Ultimately, choose the bed that makes the most sense for your pet and where you’ll be using it.

5) Maintenance

Hair, dirt, and dust are just some of the everyday things you will find on your pet's bed. Look for a cooling bed that is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

You don't have to get a fully machine-washable mattress. But find one with at least a machine-washable cover that's easy to remove and toss into the wash. This can save you a lot of time, and it's also a very hygienic option.

6) Safe Materials

The cooling pet bed you choose needs to be made from non-toxic materials, as you don't want your pet to breathe in any toxic chemicals while snoozing.

Pets can also chew on and accidentally ingest the fabric, so beds that are free from harmful chemicals are vital for their safety, regardless of whether or not they have cooling abilities.

In addition, try to avoid beds made with plastic, latex, or rubber. These materials tend to trap moisture and can be harmful to your pet.

7) Comfort

 Two dogs on a cooling pet bed

Even if your pet's bed has all the above-mentioned qualities, your furry friend will hardly use it if the mattress isn't comfortable.

Look for a mattress with padding and soft outer materials. This will encourage your dog or cat to use it more often and reap the benefits.

Newton Orthopedic Pet Beds

 happy dog on a cooling pet bed

If you’re looking for a pet mattress for your home, our Orthopedic Pet Beds are ideal cooling pet beds. They are made with our innovative breathe-thru technology, making them 100% breathable. This allows for continuous air circulation and cooling whenever they use it.

They are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means they are certified for low chemical emissions and safe for the whole family.

In addition, our orthopedic pet beds are fitted with a machine-washable cover. This means it’s easy to throw the cover in the wash when it gets dirty.

Keep Your Pet Cool And Comfy

 Dog lounging on cooling pet bed by the pool

A cooling pet bed helps your furry pal sleep comfortably, even during warm summer months. Whether they are using it to lounge around during the day, take naps, or sleep at night, it needs to be the right size, ease their joints, provide proper air circulation, and be easy to clean.

It’s challenging to find a bed for pets with all these qualities. But the good news is that our Orthopedic Pet Beds can also be used to help cool your dog or cat. They are made with the safest materials and no icky chemicals, allow for airflow, and are extra comfy.

Say “goodbye” to overheating and “hello” to relaxed puppy snoozing all year round!