Important Crib Safety Practices

Here at Newton, your baby’s safety is our top priority. As you start to put together your nursery and get ready to bring your little one home, we want to remind you of some important safe sleep practices.

1. Snug fit.

Your crib mattress should fit snuggly in your crib with or without a crib sheet on it. An easy way to know if there is a proper fit is to use the two finger test, making sure there is no gap larger than the width of two fingers between the ends of the crib and the mattress. Of course, make sure your little one is sleeping on a breathable crib mattress, like the Newton Wovenaire® Crib Mattress

2. Nothing but baby.

Remember to not  place any objects in the crib other than your baby. If you decide to use a crib sheet, please make sure it’s breathable by checking if you can effortlessly breathe through it before using it.

3. Tummy up.

Remember to always place your baby to sleep on their back, or as we like to say, “tummy up”.

4. No sleeping around.

When it’s sleepy time, the crib’s the place to be. For maximum safety, your baby should sleep in his/her own crib. We understand how wonderful it is to share a bed, but having baby sleep anywhere other than the crib can pose safety risks.

We hope that these important reminders will help keep your little one safe while sleeping soundly.