When Can Baby Sit Up, Plus 10 Ways To Help Them Reach This Milestone

Baby sitting up in crib

Your baby will master many milestones during their first year of life, including sitting up on their own. But many parents often wonder, “When can baby sit up?”

In this article, you’ll discover when your baby might be ready to sit up, the signs and stages of sitting up, and 10 ways to help your little one master this fun and important milestone!

When Can Baby Sit Up?

 Looking down at baby that is sitting up in a crib

Holding their head up, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking are all big milestones that will take place in your baby’s first year of life.

That said, each baby is uniquely made, so pinpointing an exact age when your baby will sit up is a little tricky.

On average, babies start trying to sit up around four to five months old. This is sitting up with some help. At this age, your baby should have strong neck support and be able to hold their head up well.

The six- or seven-month mark is the sweet spot for sitting up for most babies.

Signs Your Baby Is Ready To Sit Up

 Baby excited for figuring out how to sit up

Your baby will give you some clues to let you know when they’re ready to start trying to sit up.

First, they’ll show you that they have good head control. This means they’re able to hold their head up on their own (and they’re out of the “bobblehead” stage).

Next, your baby will start doing push-ups during tummy time, or at least that’s what it will look like. After a few tries, they might even push themselves into a seated position.

Lastly, another telltale sign that your baby is ready to sit up is when they’re able to roll from belly to back and then from back to belly.

Mastering all of these milestones builds up the muscles that are needed to support your little one when they finally sit up on their own.

The Two Stages Of Sitting Up

 baby doing a tripod sit and figuring out how to sit up

Tripod Sit

Your baby goes through different stages of sitting up before they master the skill.

The first stage is the tripod sit. During this time, your baby uses both of their arms to steady their body weight. Their arms and body mimic the kickstands on a tripod (and it’s adorable!).

In this position, your baby will rock and sway. Surround them with lots of pillows and blankets because they tend to topple over quite a bit in this position.

This stage may last for a few months, but that’s OK! It’s preparing them for the next one.

Unsupported Sit

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! This stage is when your baby is no longer rocking and swaying, but sitting up confidently without having to use their arms for support.

When your baby can sit up on their own, it opens new doors of opportunity. Your little one can now explore and discover their world from a whole different perspective.

When Can Baby Sit Up: 10 Ways To Help

 Baby showing her parents when can baby sit up

1) Strengthen Their Muscles

Help your baby sit up by strengthening and building their muscles.

To do this, lay your baby on their back and hold their hands. Gently pull them up into the sitting position. Repeat several times.

Be sure to make this fun and engaging for your baby. When you pull them up, make a silly face or give them a kiss!

2) Use An Infant Seat

An infant seat (like a Boppy chair) will help your baby sit up. It gives them the support they need while strengthening their muscles.

Place your baby in an infant seat for playtime a few times per day so their body can get familiar with this position.

3) Take A Stroll

For a change of scenery, take your baby for a stroll. Sit your baby up in their stroller and make sure they’re strapped in correctly.

Point out things you see as you walk so your baby will turn and lean their head. This prepares their muscles and helps their body adjust to the sitting-up position.

4) Sit With Your Baby

This is a simple but sweet activity of bonding with your baby. Prop your baby up in your lap in the sitting position. Use this time to sing some songs or read them a book.

5) Use A Pillow

Help your baby reach this milestone by using a pillow as a prop.

If your little one is sitting in the tripod position, they can easily topple over. The same can happen when they’re able to sit up unassisted for a few seconds.

Surround your baby with comfy pillows or blankets for a bit of extra support.

6) Play Ball

Roll a ball back and forth with your baby (you’ll need an extra pair of hands for this one!).

Have someone sit across from you while your baby sits propped up in your lap. Help your baby roll the ball to the other person.

Their muscles will get stronger as they lean forward to push the ball, which will come in handy once they get the hang of sitting up!

7) Allow Independent Play

As much as you want to always play with your baby, they need some supervised independent play. If they’re in the tripod position, place a toy in front of your baby and let them try reaching for it.

8) Take Advantage Of Tummy Time

 baby crawling looking up with pacifier

Tummy time is a great activity to strengthen your baby’s neck, back, and core muscles. Unfortunately, some babies are not fans of tummy time. But with practice, they’ll eventually get used to it.

Lay your baby on their belly on their comfortable Newton Baby Crib Mattress. While your little one is playing, place a couple of toys in front of them so they can practice reaching.

Your baby will be sitting up in the blink of an eye when they do this a couple of times per day!

9) Practice Makes Progress

Try not to give up or get frustrated if your baby is still not sitting up at six or seven months. Remember all babies are different!

Keep working with your little one by trying the activities above. Your baby may need a little more time to really build up their muscles.

10) Give Your Baby Time

We recommend giving your little one nine months to fully master this milestone. If at that time you have concerns about your baby’s development, reach out to your pediatrician.

Staying Safe When Sitting Up

 Baby looking at parent whose wondering when can baby sit up

Once your baby gets the whole sitting-up thing down pat, it might be time to adjust the crib height.

If your little one can sit up and the crib mattress is positioned too high, it could quickly become a dangerous situation. For example, they could pull themselves up and topple over the side of the crib.

Additionally, have your Extra Crib Mattress Covers handy since your baby will move around a lot more in their crib now!

Another idea is to keep the area around their crib or playing spot safe. Just because they’re able to sit stationary doesn’t mean they won’t move around.

Even though you put your baby down on a blanket to play in the living room or backyard, it doesn’t mean they’ll stay confined to the four corners of the blanket.

Now is a good time to start babyproofing if you haven’t done so already. This means covering outlets, making sure cords are out of the way, and keeping sharp objects covered or away.

Signs Of A Developmental Delay

While every baby develops and grows at their own pace, there are a few things to keep an eye on. If you notice any of the following signs, reach out to your baby’s doctor right away:

  • Stiff muscles
  • Doesn’t have strong head control
  • Can’t bring objects to their mouth
  • Only uses one hand

If you have any other concerns that raise a red flag in your mind, don’t hesitate to make a quick call to the pediatrician.

Sitting Up And Sleeping Well

 Baby excited that she's sitting up

All babies are uniquely made and hit milestones at different ages. The sweet spot for babies to start sitting up on their own is around six or seven months, but it could take up to nine months.

Try using our 10 ways to help your baby sit up on their own. Once your baby does sit up unassisted, keep the area around them safe. If you have any concerns about your baby’s development, reach out to their doctor right away.

When your baby masters certain milestones, their body will be exhausted by the end of the day. Your little one needs somewhere safe and comfortable to lay their head down at night.

Celebrate your baby hitting this milestone by giving them the gift of a good night’s sleep with our breathable Crib Mattress!