Babymoon: What It Is, Destination Ideas, and Planning Tips

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Baby’s set to arrive in a few months and your mind is swimming in baby gear, sleep schedules, bottles, diapers, and cute little booties. What if we told you this is the perfect time to get away on a little pre-baby vacation — also known as a babymoon?

In this article, we’ll tell you what a babymoon is and share some possible destinations for your getaway. We’ll also give you tips on planning your retreat — a respite before you embark on an even bigger adventure: your little one!

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What is a babymoon?

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A babymoon is kind of like a honeymoon. While honeymoons are traditionally taken after a big event (tying the knot), a babymoon comes before. It’s basically a pre-baby vacation meant for you to bond with your partner and relax before the chaos of parenthood.

You deserve a little time away. You’ve been working so hard getting everything in place — from your Greenguard Gold certified crib and breathable mattress to oodles of swaddles. After all of that prep for baby, it’s time to take a moment for you.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a babymoon. As long as you’re taking some time for yourself to celebrate your baby-to-be and this exciting moment in your life, you’re doing it right.

When should you take a babymoon?

There’s no one perfect time to take a babymoon, but it’s best to go when you have the time and you’re feeling good.

Generally, the first trimester is the hardest, as that’s when you’re more likely to be suffering from morning sickness and fatigue, so you may not want to travel then.

The second trimester tends to be the favored time to enjoy a babymoon because morning sickness is over, your energy is back, and your belly isn’t so big that it’s uncomfortable to travel.

This being said, you do you! If it’s your third trimester and you’re feeling great, then that’s what matters.

Babymoon destination ideas

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Now comes the fun part: thinking about all of the things you can do on your special vacation. Deciding where to go is a personal choice — some people would rather stay closer to home, while others are excited to “get outta Dodge.”

Here are some ideas to start daydreaming about your perfect pre-baby adventure.

Beach bum

You might want to consider a warm weather getaway — especially if you’ve spent your pregnancy thus far in a chilly climate. Finding a sunny destination where you can relax and read a good book by the sea might be just what the doctor ordered!

Mountain retreat

If you’re someone who likes hiking and outdoor activities, heading off to the mountains or a national park could be a fun option. Spend the vacation communing with nature and seeing the world for the wonder it is.

Lakeside hideaway 

babymoon at a lake

Another great option is to spend a few days on a lake. Rent a cabin and enjoy an afternoon of boating and swimming. Or just nestle inside and relish the quiet respite.

City escape

If you’re looking for excitement and culture, plan your babymoon in a city. Pick somewhere you’ve never been to and play tourist for a few days. See the sights, take in a show, and be sure to plan for some gastronomic feasts.

International adventure

If you’re feeling really adventurous, plan your babymoon in a foreign destination. Paris? London? Costa Rica? Bali? Yes, please!

If you do choose somewhere far-flung, check with your doctor about flying for that long and plan a good support system for once you’re there.

Spa vibes

If your idea of a relaxing vacation includes massages and facials, you may want to book a few days at a spa. Sign up for a morning yoga class, take a dip in the pool, and get pampered.


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A babymoon doesn’t have to involve faraway travel. You can spend it in your own town — even your own home. The idea is to make it special and do the things that fill your cup.

Planning tips for your babymoon

As we said, there are no rules for babymoons, but there are ways you can plan to make sure your adventure goes off without a hitch.

Make a budget.

Babies themselves are expensive — with all the swaddles and sleep sacks, diapers, and gear that they require. So when it comes to planning your babymoon, the first thing you should do is think about your budget. A babymoon doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) break the bank.

Think about safety.

As they say, safety first. This isn’t the time to jet off to a remote jungle without some serious planning (and maybe not even then). Here are some good things to do before you set all your plans in stone.

1) Check with your doctor.

Share your getaway plans with your doctor and see if they have any reservations. Make sure you take down their phone number and ask them to write you a note that permits you to fly.

You’ll also want a copy of your health records and a document that states your baby’s gestational age. The latter is particularly important if you are flying in your third trimester.

2) Review transportation rules.

The closer your babymoon is to your due date the more important it is to ensure that you’ll hit no snags when it comes to any rules about pregnancy set forth by the airline carrier, boat, train, or whatever mode of transportation you’re taking.

It’s a good idea to check the carrier’s guidelines before purchasing the ticket. Generally, commercial airlines allow pregnant passengers to fly up to 36 weeks of gestation.

3) Check your health insurance.

If you’re traveling out of state or out of the country, you’ll want to take a look at your health insurance coverage and see if there are any limitations. Also check if your insurance will cover your baby while you’re away, in case they are born prematurely.

4) Find the nearest hospital.

Wherever your destination, it’s smart to map out where the nearest hospital is, in case of emergency.

Pack a bag of necessities.

Once you’ve selected a destination, gathered your health documents, and double-checked any rules or restrictions that could apply, it’s time to get packing. There are a few things you want to be sure not to forget.

1) Medical information

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s good to underline it here. Pack your doctor’s note and contact number, as well as a copy of your medical records.

2) Medications and prenatal vitamins

Be sure to bring any doctor-approved medications and your prenatal vitamins on your trip.

3) Pregnancy pillow

You’ll also want to pack your pregnancy pillow on your babymoon so you can get a good night’s rest. The Newton Baby U-shaped pillow features a detachable extension for added versatility and an extra plush cover for comfort.

4) Compression socks

Compression socks are a must if you’re flying or taking a long car ride, as they will help keep your circulation flowing.

5) Comfy clothes and shoes

Whatever clothing and footwear you pack, be sure it’s comfortable. Think about dressing in layers, and opt for breathable fabrics when you can.

As for shoes, a supportive pair of sneakers is great for walking. If you’re sitting beachside, maybe a pair of flip-flops can come along, too, so you can slip into them and kick them off without bending down.

6) Water bottle

You should be drinking plenty of water while you travel — planes can make you extra dehydrated. Keep your water bottle filled up and by your side wherever you go.

7) Snacks

To avoid relying on the snack assortment in an unfamiliar place, it’s smart to pack some of your favorite snacks that you can have on hand if hunger strikes.

Make an itinerary (but be OK to adjust). 


Choose a few things that you want to do on your trip — and if that’s just sticking your feet in the pool and reading the latest thriller novel — that’s OK!

If it’s to see every sight in a whirlwind adventure around a foreign city, be prepared to cut it down. This is not the time to push yourself.

Keep it simple and know your limits.

Remember the point of this trip is to relax, refresh, bond, and connect as a family. Make sure your plans don’t cause you stress or anxiety and that they take into account that you’re walking, eating, and sleeping for two.

Capture the fun.

Have your camera and a journal on hand to capture your adventure. Someday when baby’s older you can tell them all about the trip that was taken in their honor.

Baby on board!

traveling for a babymoom

After reading all of this, you’re probably ready to start planning your babymoon. So talk to your doctor, pick a destination, and start booking the tickets.

When it comes time to pack, don’t forget your Newton Baby pregnancy pillow. The U-shaped pillow is made with a revolutionary memory foam, perfect for supporting your back, hips, legs, and belly.

Trust Newton Baby for your precious pregnancy sleep and dream of future getaways with your growing family!