My 3 Favorite Pregnancy Purchases

There's so much information to take in during this magical process, it has my brain on overload. I've been researching everything from best diapers to developmental stages and what I should be doing during different trimesters to help keep my peanut healthy and comfortably brewing away in her cozy habitat. I've learned the hard way that finding moments for myself are just as important as anything else I can be doing while getting ready for baby. And let's face it, those lazy, quiet, blissful mornings of coffee and the newspaper are about to be reshaped very soon into a whole new routine. So, while it is currently about these blissful moments, I've made a list of some great prego things that not only am I enjoying but in some cases, have changed my life:

1. Bump Boxes subscription. These are so fun, and are basically like Birchbox for soon to be moms! Bump Boxes has many different subscription options: everything from an individual box to send as a gift (hint, hint) to nine months of monthly boxes! The packages contain full-size products of goodies (both practical and indulgent) to get you through your pregnancy. They even have boxes for each trimester, which is perfect for a first-time mama like myself! It's also a great way to be introduced to new products and vendors that you might even continue to use after pregnancy.

2. Snoogle. Two words: game changer. I love my Snoogle. I actually can't live without it right now, as it is the only thing that helps me sleep. As a stomach sleeper, I started very early in pregnancy to train myself how to sleep on my side. It would've been miserable without this pillow. And let's face it, pregnancy sleep is going to be all over the place anyways, so when you can find a routine and products that help you to adjust to the constant changes with your body, hold on tight and snuggle in! 

3. Prenatal massage. This was the ultimate treat for some "me time". Don't forget you're quite literally growing a human inside of you, and you deserve to be pampered! (Or at least that's what I tell myself.) For me, my back and hips have bothered me in ways that I never thought possible. As the weeks tick on, there's always a new surprise as my body changes. I was nervous to get my first prenatal, as I wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing anything to harm the baby, but I was so uncomfortable I was ready for any form of relief. I did my research, checked with my doctor, found a very well known reputable spot in Brooklyn, and enjoyed every single second of it. That night, I had my best night's sleep in months.

—Krystal, Newton Baby Customer Care Manager

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