The 55 Best Thoughtful Gifts For Pregnant Women

gifts for pregnant women

Need some gift-giving inspiration for the mommy-to-be? Check out these sweet and thoughtful gifts for pregnant women and watch the smiles spread.

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Essential Gifts For Pregnant Women

gifts for pregnant women - pregnancy pillow

1) Pregnancy Pillow

Want a gift the mommy-to-be can use now and after the baby arrives? A pregnancy pillow is the perfect option.

Chances are, she’ll wonder how she ever slept without it!

2) Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are one of a handful of items that are on every list of gifts for pregnant women. Moms need to carry a lot of stuff to keep their little one happy and healthy. The diaper bag is the perfect way to do it.

3) Baby Bathing Supplies

Baby bathing supplies — soaps, shampoos, soft towels, and bathing mats, just to name a few — can make bath time more enjoyable for everyone involved.

4) Daily Planner

Gifts don’t always have to be about relaxation. Some of the best ideas — like a daily planner or calendar — help them keep everything organized as their due date approaches.

5) Baby Sling

Baby slings are the perfect solution for keeping a newborn comfy and cozy while still allowing mom to move about and have use of both her hands.

6) Baby Wipes

Most moms won’t go anywhere without a pack or two of baby wipes in their diaper bag or purse. That’s why they make such great gifts for pregnant women.

7) Baby First Aid Kit

Keep mommy and newborn safe and healthy with the gift of a baby first aid kit that includes such things as baby nail clippers, bulb syringe, and infant thermometer.

8) Babyproofing Gear

As their baby grows and starts to move around on their own, babyproofing gear becomes more and more important.

9) Diapers

Babies need lots of diapers. Include a box or two in different sizes for the mom-to-be so she has what she needs on hand.

10) Sleep Sacks For Baby

baby wearing a sleep sack

A sleep sack is a gift that keeps on giving. Our Sleep Sack For Babies is crafted of super-soft and breathable organic cotton and bamboo fabric that is perfect for babies nine pounds to two years old.

11) Diaper Changing Supplies

Like wipes and burp cloths, new moms can never be without too many diaper-changing supplies.

12) Baby Bedding

baby being put into crib

Crib-size mattresses, covers, and sheets make great gifts for pregnant women.

Baby’s going to need a comfy place to sleep and that starts with a foundation like the Newton Baby 100% breathable and washable Crib Mattress that comes in a variety of thicknesses.

13) Hospital Go Bag

Every mom needs to be prepared for the trip to the hospital when baby arrives. Having a go bag packed and ready can help relieve a lot of the stress of getting and out the door.

14) Baby Blankets

Equip your favorite new mom with plenty of baby blankets so she can keep her newborn comfy and cozy wherever they go.

15) Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are like the Swiss Army Knife of baby supplies — they can be used in so many different ways.

Relaxing Gifts For Pregnant Women

Relaxing Gifts For Pregnant Women

16) Mommy Bath Supplies

Put together a basket of bath supplies — including bath bombs, salts, scented soaps, candles, and a neck pillow — so your favorite mommy-to-be can relax after a hard day on her feet.

17) New Bathrobe

Few things are as easy to put on and take off as a bathrobe. That becomes more important as mom approaches her due date and then has to contend with late-night feedings and early-morning fussiness.

A comfy robe makes for a gift that mom can appreciate now and for years to come.

18) High-Quality Coffee Machine

After a long night nursing a fussy baby back to sleep, every new mom appreciates a good cup of coffee. Give the gift of energy by putting a high-quality coffee machine on her counter.

19) Lightweight E-Reader

Holding a book or magazine with one hand while holding a newborn can be a tricky challenge. Make this task easier by gifting mom a lightweight e-reader she can use with two hands or one.

20) Magazine Subscription

Magazines are great for those late nights and early mornings when baby wants to be fed but mom doesn’t feel like reading anything heavy or watching TV.

21) Mommy Pajamas

There may be days when the new mom in your life spends the whole day in her pajamas — and that’s OK! Keep her comfy with a new pair of plush pajamas.

22) Slippers

Keep your mom-to-be’s feet warm with a pair of fuzzy slippers — bunny ears optional.

23) Neck And Back Massager Pillow

Give the gift of pain relief with a neck and back massager pillow just for her.

24) Spa Day

Spa Day - Gifts For Pregnant Women

Give the gift of relaxation before or after baby arrives with a spa day for mommy.

25) Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to lighten the mood or brighten up a room.

26) “Fell Asleep Here” Bookmark

This magnetic bookmark marks both the page and the line so mom can pick right back up where she left off.

27) Stretch Marks Serum

A stretch marks serum can help relieve the itchiness that comes with new mom’s growing waistline.

28) Sound Machine

Sound machines are great gifts for pregnant women because they help drown out the loud noises that can keep mommy and baby from getting a good night’s sleep.

29) Streaming Service Subscription

Raising a baby comes with many sleepless nights. What better way to relax while struggling with insomnia or feeding their little one than by watching her favorite shows?

30) Pregnancy Compression Socks

Comfort is key when mom is pregnant. Compression socks can help relieve tired, aching feet and legs.

Helpful Gifts For Pregnant Women

Helpful Gifts For Pregnant Women

31) Polaroid Camera

Few things are as enjoyable for new parents as taking pictures of their baby. A Polaroid camera makes this easy and fun.

32) Meal Delivery Service

Mom isn’t up to cooking? No problem! With the gift of a meal delivery service, dinner is just a phone call away.

33) Multipurpose Cover

Multipurpose covers fit over everything from car seats to shopping cart seats and help keep baby warm, safe, and protected from the elements.

34) Baby Swing

A baby swing is the perfect way to keep a baby happy and occupied while giving mom a bit of time to get some things done.

35) Baby Bouncer

Not every baby likes to swing, but they may like to bounce. This is another great gift option that moms and babies will enjoy using every day.

36) Restaurant Gift Cards

pregnant woman holding belly

After a hard day growing a tiny human, what better reward is there than heading out to a favorite restaurant (or having the food delivered) for a night off in the kitchen?

37) Beverage Tumbler

Busy moms need plenty of fluids to keep them going. An insulated beverage tumbler will keep her hot drinks hot and her cold drinks cold all day long.

38) Booster Seat

Once baby can sit up on their own, a booster seat is essential for keeping them safe during feeding time.

39) Insulated Coffee Mug

Every new mom will get sidetracked during the day and leave her morning coffee sitting on the counter or end table.

An insulated coffee mug will keep that cup of joe hot until she can get back to it.

40) Pressure Cooker

With just a few minutes of prep, busy parents can cook everything from rice to a whole chicken without all the muss and fuss of the stove or oven.

41) Grocery Delivery

Getting out of the house to pick up food is a major undertaking when baby arrives. Grocery delivery can keep mommy and newborn well-fed while relieving the stress of going to the market.

42) Housekeeping Service

The gift of a housekeeping service can be enjoyed whether mom is a few weeks pregnant or a few years past her due date.

43) Maternity Coat

If mom will be pregnant during the winter, a maternity coat makes a great addition to her wardrobe.

44) Robot Vacuum

Just because mom is pregnant doesn’t mean that everything else stops. Help reduce the workload some by choosing a robot vacuum from this list of gifts for pregnant women.

45) Travel Crib

Make getting out of the house easier by gifting mom a travel crib before the baby’s born.

46) Bedside Sleeper

If mom likes to keep her newborn close at night, a bedside sleeper may be the perfect solution.

47) Video Monitor

Every mom will appreciate a video monitor that can help them keep track of their little one while they’re sleeping.

Gifts For Pregnant Women at a baby shower

48) Stroller Accessories

Stroller accessories come in all shapes and sizes these days and can make an outing with the little one more enjoyable than ever.

49) Knee Mat For Bath Time

Keep mom comfy while baby is frolicking in the tub with a handy knee mat that provides padding between her joints and the hard floor.

50) Seasonal Hats For Baby

Wrap up a pack of soft winter hats for the cold months or thin beanies for the hot months so mom can keep baby comfortable and safe when they go outside.

51) Seasonal Hats For Mommy

Moms need protection from the elements, too! Soft winter hats or floppy summer hats make great gifts for pregnant women.

52) Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings give pregnant moms a versatile and comfortable dress option that will expand as their baby bump continues to grow.

53) Maternity Overalls

We love overalls in general, but maternity overalls are some of the most useful — and comfortable — gifts for pregnant women that you can give.

54) Mom-To-Be Gift Box

Keep the gifts going all year long with a mom-to-be gift box subscription from your favorite company.

55) Maternity Belt

As mommy’s belly grows, a maternity belt can help relieve back pain and make her more comfortable throughout the day.

Gifts For Pregnant Women Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Gifts For Pregnant Women Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Gifts for pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes — from the Newton Baby large-as-life Pregnancy Pillow to our baby-size Sleep Sack.

Put some thought into your search and, with a bit of creativity and effort, you’re sure to find a present that every mommy-to-be will love!