How To Have a Healthy Pregnancy: 10 Tips For Expecting Moms

Mom in nursery having a healthy pregnancy

This is such an exciting time in your life! As an expecting mom, you want to give the best care to your unborn baby. And the best gift you can give your baby is a healthy pregnancy, which is a great indicator of a healthy baby.

To find out how to have a healthy pregnancy, take a look at our 10 tips for expecting moms!

How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

 Happy mom holding belly during healthy pregnancy

1) Attend All Prenatal Appointments

Getting regular medical care makes a big difference in the health of your pregnancy. Women who stay on top of their health care maintenance tend to have healthier babies and fewer complications.

During your many prenatal appointments, your doctor will track your weight, measure the size of your baby, keep an eye on your blood pressure, and discuss any concerns.

This is why it’s important not to miss any appointments.

2) Take A Prenatal Vitamin Daily

With all the nutrients packed into your healthy diet (more on this in the next section), you might be wondering why you have to take a daily prenatal vitamin.

Well, during your pregnancy, your body requires a lot of nutrients. After all, you are growing a baby!

Even though you’re eating healthy foods, a prenatal vitamin will cover the nutritional basics that your foods aren’t giving you. They provide you with three key nutrients:

  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron

Folic acid is important in making sure your baby’s brain and spinal cord grow correctly. Calcium helps your baby’s bones grow strong. And iron helps your blood deliver oxygen to your baby.

But these vitamins aren’t just necessary for your baby. They’re also necessary for you!

Your baby will most likely get the key nutrients they need from your body’s stored nutrients no matter what. So when you don’t take prenatal vitamins, your body becomes depleted and you put your baby at risk.

Talk with your doctor about which vitamins to take because some can make you feel even more nauseous than you already are! You might have to try a few different ones before you find the one that’s just right.

But remember, vitamins are supplements. They can’t replace a healthy diet, which leads us to our next tip.

3) Choose Your Food Wisely

 Woman eating a salad for a healthy pregnancy

It takes a lot to make a healthy baby, but the great thing is your body is already amazing at doing the hard work! Eating healthy foods can help make that work go a little bit smoother.

Not only does eating well help your baby grow and develop as they should, but it also gives you a more comfortable and healthier pregnancy.

Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, whole grains, and foods that are rich in folic acid (any green vegetables) to give your body (and your baby!) fuel. Remember: whatever you put in your body is either fueling or extinguishing your energy.

A balanced and well-planned pregnancy diet benefits your baby by:

  • Improving brain development
  • Reducing risks for certain complications
  • Developing better eating habits for your baby down the road (one you’ll really be thankful for when it’s time to serve up Brussel sprouts!)

And, mom, we didn’t forget about your benefits from eating healthy:

  • Safer pregnancy (minimizes complications later on in your pregnancy)
  • More comfortable pregnancy
  • Less morning sickness
  • Less fatigue
  • Better mood
  • Quicker recovery after delivery

Eating well is one of the best gifts you can give your baby!

4) Stay Hydrated

You’ve heard the saying “eating for two,” but you’re also “drinking for two.”

The average human body is made up of 60% water, and the same is true for your baby. Your baby is also surrounded by amniotic fluid in your uterus, meaning your body has a high water demand right now.

You need to drink plenty of water every day — about two liters to be exact — to stay healthy and hydrated.

Check out some of the benefits of guzzling all that water:

  • Reduces swelling
  • Keeps you cooler
  • Increases energy
  • Decreases risk of health problems
  • Rids your body (and your baby’s body) of toxins
  • Calms Braxton Hicks contractions
  • Soothes headaches

5) Exercise Daily

Exercise is always a good idea and does wonders for your body, especially when you’re pregnant!

But before you start lifting weights, discuss an exercise plan with your doctor. They will assess your body and your baby before giving you the green light and recommending some pregnancy-safe exercises.

Since your body probably doesn’t move like it used to before you were pregnant, try prenatal yoga or swimming as alternatives to your traditional exercise routine.

Take a look at some of the benefits of exercising when you’re expecting:

  • Reduces stress
  • Controls your weight
  • Boosts your mood
  • Helps you sleep better at night
  • Eases back pain
  • Stretches and prepares your muscles for the big day
  • Stimulates your baby

6) Learn As Much As You Can

 Pregnant woman reading a book on healthy pregnancy

Learn as much as you can to have a healthy pregnancy (without overwhelming yourself, of course)!

Consider taking a prenatal, parenting, or breastfeeding class. Read some pregnancy and childbirth books, and talk with other expecting moms. Ask questions — lots of them.

A little knowledge can go a long way and make you more comfortable not only during your pregnancy but also in the delivery room.

Don’t forget to educate yourself and your partner about postpartum depression and even prenatal depression. This is a topic often overlooked during pregnancy, but knowing the warning signs ahead of time is your best defense.

7) Be Social

A healthy pregnancy is more than just having good physical health; it’s also having good mental health.

You need others during this time, so meet with friends regularly. Don’t isolate yourself (which is easy to do when you’re nauseous during your first trimester or uncomfortable during your third).

When you talk to your friends, be honest with them and let them know if you need anything. Chat with others and socialize frequently to boost your mood!

8) Protect Your Skin

It’s just as important to take care of the outside of your body as it is the inside. Protect your skin with sunscreen if you’re going outside, and use lotion daily.

Stretch marks are pretty common for expecting moms. This is why you want to take care of your skin with a safe and effective stretch marks cream that will nourish these areas of your body.

9) Know Your Limits

 Pregnant mother at desk working

Unfortunately, you can’t do it all...nor should you!

You can still work, do light cleaning, and tackle other things around the house — unless otherwise stated by your doctor. But as an expecting mother, know what you can handle and learn to say no.

That being said, keep in mind that pregnant women should not:

  • Lift heavy objects
  • Climb on ladders or step stools
  • Clean out the litter box
  • Use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Sit in a sauna or hot tub
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Drink caffeine (at least cut back on it)

10) Sleep Well

Unfortunately, between trips to the bathroom, leg cramps, and a growing belly, many pregnant women struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

So what’s an expecting mom to do when she needs to sleep well to have a healthy pregnancy?

We have a few tips to help make this dream a reality during the next several months:

  • Eliminate any distractions at night (shut off all electronics)
  • Set your environment to your liking (temperature, lighting, etc.)
  • Use a pregnancy pillow under your belly and between your knees
  • Get enough exercise during the day (move your body!)
  • Eat a bedtime snack
  • Limit your fluid intake about two hours before going to bed

Know what your body needs and when it needs rest. It’s OK to take a nap during the day if you need to.

Healthy Pregnancy And Healthy Baby

 Moms first born touch moms pregnant belly

You want to be able to enjoy this exciting time of being pregnant! That’s why it’s important to stay healthy.

To have a healthy pregnancy, stay on top of your health care maintenance, take a prenatal vitamin daily, and keep your body moving. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body, like your food and fluid intake.

Keep learning and talking to other expecting parents to stay in the know. And get out every now and then to spend time with friends and family. Know what you can and can’t do, and listen to your body. Rest as needed, and get a good night’s sleep.

A healthy pregnancy is a good indication of a healthy baby! And when your baby makes their grand appearance, give them a healthy life by choosing Newton Baby sleep products.

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