26 Fun And Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Onesie with ultrasound pregnancy announcement idea

 You just found out that you're expecting, and it's time to celebrate! What better way to reveal your big news than with a unique announcement? To give you a little inspiration, Newton Baby has put together a list of fun pregnancy announcement ideas. 

Whether you want a professional photo shoot, a simple at-home announcement, or to show off your sense of humor, these ideas will make the moment with friends and family one they (and you!) will remember forever.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your First Baby

pregnancy announcement ideas

1) Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Do you have a pet at home? Share the exciting news about your new baby with your fur baby lying next to your sonogram picture. The cat’s out of the bag with this announcement!

2) Eat Up, Everyone!

Surprise your friends and family with a box of donuts. When they open up the box, they’ll read your sweet surprise: “Eat Up, Everyone! Mom Can’t Be The Only One With A Belly!”

3) And Then There Were Three

Congratulations, you’re adding one more to your family! Make a onesie that says, “And Then There Were Three” and then hold it up for all to see.

Capture the moment and send it to friends and family who will be over the moon for your new addition!

4) Mom And Dad Mugs

Hire a photographer or have a friend take a picture of the two of you holding up your mom and dad mugs. And now you have a keepsake because you’ll use them for years to come!

5) Countdown To Baby

Share your exciting news with a countdown to the baby’s birth!

After you find out your due date, count down the days until your baby’s arrival. Sit next to your baby’s countdown and have someone snap a picture so you can share it with others.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Second Baby

Pregnant mom kissing her toddler in crib

6) To-Do List

Make your little one a to-do list on a chalkboard, and then take a picture of them by the board for your pregnancy announcement. It could look something like this:

Enter the world: Check
Steal Hearts: Check
Crawl: Check
Walk: Check
Become A Big Brother/Sister: Check

7) Beach Buddy

Do you have a beach vacation coming up? There’s no playing it cool with this reveal. A simple note in the sand saying, “Beach Buddy Coming Soon,” will heat up the discussion between friends and family!

8) Superhero Sidekick

Does your little one enjoy pretending to be a superhero? If so, they definitely need a sidekick!

Take a picture of your child in their favorite superhero costume next to this message on a chalkboard or letter board: “Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick.”

9) Big, Little

Before your photo shoot, make t-shirts for your oldest child and your baby. Your child can wear the shirt for the picture that says “Big Brother/Sister” while they hold a onesie for your baby that says “Little Brother/Sister.”

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Third Baby And Beyond

Couple finding out they are pregnant

10) Here We Grow Again!

You and your significant other are pros at this parenting thing by now! So why not add one more baby to your amazing family?

Send out a pregnancy reveal picture to your closest friends and family saying, “Here we grow again!”

11) Tie-Breaker Announcement

If you have a boy and a girl, of course you’ll want to try for baby number three for the tie-breaker. Level the playing field by putting “Girls: 1 Boys: 1. Tie-Breaker Coming Soon!” on a letterboard for your big reveal.

12) Sibling Training School

Some kids take being an older sibling pretty seriously. In fact, they’re so serious about it that they have a training course for their younger sibling!

Your oldest will enjoy making the announcement on their chalkboard with pointer in hand while their younger sibling takes a seat to learn the basics!

13) Outnumbered

Having two kids at home makes things even, but three? Now you and your significant other are outnumbered!

Make it interesting by having your two little ones tie mom and dad up. Capture the moment in a picture to send to all your friends and family.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Twins

Twin pregnancy announcement idea

14) Two Peas In A Pod

As if finding out you’re pregnant wasn’t amazing enough, you’re expecting twins! Surprise your family and friends by taking a picture as you literally hold two peas in a pod.

Hopefully it won’t take them too long to catch on to your news!

15) Guess What

Tell a photo story with this message that will leave your friends and family on their toes. If you have a little one at home already, write a message on a board and take a picture with each message.

You’ll end up with four pictures to sequence your big news:

  1. Guess What?
  2. I’m going to be a big brother/sister!
  3. Mom’s due with baby number two!
  4. And baby number three!

16) A Walk To Remember

For a simple yet effective way to spread your good news, go for a walk with your significant other. While the two of you hold hands, hold a balloon in the shape of the number two in the other hand.

Send out the picture for all your friends and family that will leave them running to the phone!

17) Matching Onesies

The possibilities are endless with making onesies for your twins. Display your onesies on a couch or bed with baby decor all around and snap a picture.

Here are some ideas for coordinating onesies to reveal you’re expecting twins:

  • I was planned/I was a surprise
  • Plot/Twist.
  • Copy/Paste
  • Double/Trouble
  • Twin 1/Twin 2
  • Two Peas/In A Pod
  • Better/Together
  • Best/Friends

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Holidays

Valentines Day pregnancy announcement ideas

18) New Year, New Baby

Maybe you didn’t have time to send out Christmas cards. Have you thought about New Year’s cards? Since you’re expecting, this is the perfect excuse for not getting those cards out in time!

The after-Christmas blues will fade away once your friends and family receive your exciting news. Capture a picture of your little bump while you hold a sign that says, “New Year, New Baby!”

19) More Love To Spread

Keep your pregnancy announcement simple for Valentine’s Day. Dress your bump in red and pink, and share with your friends and family that there’s more love to spread around with a new little one on the way.

20) Hatching This Year

At your family’s Easter egg hunt, fill one egg with a piece of paper to reveal your announcement: Baby Hatching This Year. How egg-citing!

21) We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch

With the changing leaves and weather that fall brings, you’re about to enter a new season of life yourself.

Get two regular-sized pumpkins and place a baby pumpkin next to them. Take a picture with the pumpkins in front of mom and dad holding a banner that says, “We’re Adding A Pumpkin To Our Patch!”

22) The Turkey Isn’t The Only Thing In The Oven

If Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you recently found out you’re pregnant, this is the perfect idea for your pregnancy announcement. 

Have a shirt made that says, “The Turkey Isn’t The Only Thing In The Oven” and wear it on Thanksgiving Day to surprise your family and friends.

23) Silent Night

And if Christmas is approaching, send out Christmas cards to reveal your pregnancy.

A fun way to make your announcement is to put “Our Silent Nights End” and then include your due date. Your friends and family will get a laugh out of this one!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Mom and dad white mugs

24) To The Last Drop (Coffee Mug)

Do you have coffee lovers in the family? Order coffee mugs with a simple message at the bottom of the mugs to reveal your big news: “You’re going to be a grandpa! You’re going to be a grandma!”.

25) For The Mom And Dad Who Have Everything

Create a card for the grandparents-to-be that says, “What do you get a mom and dad who already have everything? A grandbaby!”

26) To Grandmother’s House We Go

Surprise the grandparents-to-be with a fun little gift. Have a wooden sign made that says, “To Grandmother’s House We Go.” She’ll be happy to open her home up to her new little guest!

Newton Baby Cares

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From onesies and t-shirts to chalkboards and letter boards, there are plenty of pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from! And after you make your big announcement, let your crib search begin! 

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Enjoy this time and have fun making your exciting announcement, and then choose Newton Baby for all of your baby’s sleep necessities!