Baby Swing: The Complete Buying Guide For Parents

baby in baby swing

Baby swings have been used for years. Over time, all the extras you can think of have been added, making them one of the most sought after baby items among parents.

Here, you’ll discover what a baby swing is and how it’s different from a bouncer, reasons to use a baby swing, and the types of baby swings on the market.

Of course, we haven’t left out the must-have safety features to keep your baby as safe as possible while they’re in their swing. You’ll also find some optional features to give your little one added comfort!

Take a look at our complete baby swing buying guide before you head out to go shopping!

What Is A Baby Swing?

A baby swing is basically a seat that’s attached to a sturdy base. (Remember, a sturdy base is key!) The attached seat moves your baby in various swinging motions either with a motor or by hand.

It’s really that simple!

What’s The Difference Between A Baby Swing And A Bouncer?

 baby in baby bouncer

With so many baby items in the market today, the names of those items can get thrown around and often mixed up. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s what!

To put it simply, a baby swing is (mostly) stationary and plugged into the wall (though some are battery-operated or even manual). It moves your baby back and forth or side to side and creates a steady, soothing range of motion.

A bouncer, on the other hand, is usually powered by batteries (or not at all) and moves with your baby. This means your baby controls the range of motion rather than having a steady, controlled movement.

So when your baby is moving around and kicking those little legs, the bouncer will move with your them, creating a bouncing motion.

Reasons To Use A Baby Swing

 Happy baby in baby swing

We have a few reasons that we think you’ll like using a baby swing. The first being to help you — the parent.

Nothing compares to holding your sweet little one in your arms, especially when they’re wrapped up and so cuddly! But sometimes your arms need to rest.

Because babies love being rocked back and forth in your arms, they’ll probably enjoy a swing. It can create that same range of motion for your baby should your arms need a break.

Other times, you have things you have to do, like laundry, spending time with your older kids, reading a book, or anything else that you need your hands for. Using a baby swing allows you to do all the things while still keeping an eye on your sweet baby!

Another reason to use a baby swing is to help calm your baby down. If you’ve tried to get your baby to stop crying but nothing seems to work, letting them swing can sometimes be just the ticket.

Many baby swings come with pretty neat features, so choose your swing speed setting and add in some soothing music to help calm your little one when all else fails!

And, lastly, a baby swing can be used for playtime, too! Newborns have a very small window of time when they’re actually awake, and sometimes you want to switch up their routine a bit and give them new scenery.

Since most swings come with some sort of mobile, they’re a great option for engaging your little one’s senses during their alert time. Overall, a swing is a safe option for your baby to sit and play in!

Types Of Baby Swings

 baby laying in baby swing with toy

Full-Size Baby Swing

A full-size baby swing is just that...full in size! This means they’re pretty bulky and big. That can be both good and bad.

They have to be bulky to be sturdy when hosting all the additional features that baby swings have these days — you’ll find out more about this later on. However, they tend to take up a lot of space.

Most full-size baby swings plug into the wall rather than being powered by batteries. They also have a pretty big base, which serves a great purpose: to keep your baby safe!

Travel Or Portable Baby Swing

A travel or portable baby swing is a bit different than a full-size swing. First of all, these types of baby swings can easily fold up and be taken with when you’re on the go.

This type of swing is great to have if you’re staying overnight at a hotel or going to a friend’s house for a visit. As you learned earlier about the different reasons to use a baby swing, you’ll want to have one with you as you travel around!

A portable baby swing is simple and basic. Typically, they don’t come with all the extras, but they still come with a mobile and a small button or switch to give your baby the range of motion you’re looking for.

They are a great space-saving option and don’t have to be used just for traveling. So if you don’t have space for a full-size swing, a portable swing might be for you!

Must-Have Safety Features And Things To Consider

baby playing with toys in a baby swing

While using a baby swing — whether it’s full-sized or portable — your top priority is keeping your infant safe. Here are some things to consider in that regard: 

  • The swing is free of sharp edges
  • It’s assembled correctly
  • It won’t tip over easily
  • Double-check any hanging toys (Make sure your baby can’t pull them down and that the string isn’t long enough to wrap around your baby.)
  • Pay attention to the age and weight requirements in the manual
  • Check for a five-point harness system, or at least some sort of safety harness
  • Talk with older siblings about being careful around the swing
  • Look for a sturdy base
  • It’s machine-washable and has removable cushions (Should your baby spit-up or have a diaper leak, you’ll want to be able to remove and wash the seat cushion right away!)
  • It has a reclining option (Newborns should always stay in the reclined position since they’re not able to sit up.)

Optional Baby Swing Features

 smiling happy baby

While we don’t consider these features must-haves, they sure are nice and can make your baby’s swing experience top-notch!

Here are a few optional features to look for that can make the swing a bit more enjoyable for you and your baby:

  • Plug-in option (Batteries can drain quickly, so a plug-in swing can save you time and money in the long-run.)
  • Multiple swing directions (Back and forth, side to side, and circular are the options you have. There’s no right or wrong swing direction; it’s more about preference.)
  • Multiple swing speeds (From low to high, play around with it a bit and see what speed your baby prefers.)
  • Entertainment (Seriously, the sky’s the limit when it comes to baby swing entertainment! Trays, toys, hanging mobile, lights, and sounds are no stranger to the latest baby swing models! So take your pick!)

Safety Tips For Using A Baby Swing

 dad putting baby into a baby swing

Earlier you learned about must-have safety features, but you’ll also need to remember some safety rules when it comes to using a baby swing. When your baby is swinging:

  • Never leave your baby unattended
  • Follow weight, height, and age recommendations based on your swing’s manual
  • Always use safety straps
  • Place swing in a safe area that’s flat; don’t set it on an incline or a raised area, like a table or bed
  • Don’t let your baby sleep during the night in the swing; naps are okay (Swings are not a safe sleeping surface — that’s what Newton Baby Crib Mattresses are for! It’s OK to let your baby nap in a swing as long as you keep an eye on them the entire time. If you see your baby’s chin touching their chest, either pick them up or change their position.)
  • If your baby can escape or sit up, it’s time to pack up the swing

From Baby Swing To Baby Crib 

 baby laying in baby crib

Baby swings are a great option when your hands need to rest, your baby needs help calming down, or they need their senses stimulated. Choose from a full-size or a portable baby swing based on your needs, such as space and travel.

When buying a baby swing, don’t forget to keep our must-have safety features in mind! Your choices are endless when it comes to the optional features. Just choose what’s best for your baby.

And, lastly, follow our safety tips to keep your little one as safe as possible while they’re relaxing in their swing!

Your baby will go from playing during the day to sleeping at night. And when it comes to their sleep time, Newton Baby has just what they need and what you want.

From swaddles to sheets to the crib mattress itself, we have it all! Our crib mattresses are firm, washable, and breathable! When your baby goes from the swing to their crib, you’ll know they can sleep safe and sound!

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