45 Useful Gifts For New Parents

New parents with baby and a gift

From the gender reveal party to baby shower and everything in-between, you’ve been there supporting the parents-to-be and their bun in the oven. Now that the little one has arrived, continue to show your love and care with special gifts for new parents.

In the exhausting trenches of new parenthood, mom and dad will appreciate a gift that’s fun and thoughtful but also helpful and practical. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of 45 useful gifts for new parents.

45 Gifts For New Parents

Parents with newborn in hospital

1) Loungewear Or Athleisure

Especially during the first couple of months, mom and dad will probably stay home a lot with their little one. But, even if they’re in the house all day, wearing cute, new clothes is a much-needed confidence boost.

New loungewear or athleisure will help them be both comfy and stylish while spending the days looking after their newborn.

2) His And Hers Plush Bathrobes

When evening comes, up the comfy quotient with his and hers plush bathrobes. An easy-to-throw-on topper in a cushy fabric may be just what they need after that well-deserved shower or soak in the tub, or when tag-teaming the long first nights with baby.

3) Well-Fitting Clothes For Mom

Maternity clothes are a common gift for a pregnant mom but don’t overlook the need for new clothes during the postpartum days as well! After the baby’s arrival, finding clothes that look good and fit well can be a challenge.

If you know the mom’s style and size, give her a couple of new outfits that will flatter her post-baby body and make her shine!

4) A Mommy And Me Or Daddy And Me Ensemble

It’s fun to go matchy-matchy every once in a while. There are lots of brands that make matching pieces for parents and their children, ranging from the sweet to the campy to the cool.

Pair matching prints or even retro band tees to double down on a style statement. You can also choose to go at it on your own, selecting complementary pieces for a more subtle effect.

5) Restaurant Gift Cards

Brand-new parents might not be ready to go out to eat at a restaurant, but they will be happy to pick up to-go food!

Check out which restaurants are near their house, and give a gift card so they can pick up or order out on the days when cooking dinner just doesn’t happen.

6) Meal Delivery Service

meal service as gifts for new parents

When their baby starts sitting up, walking, and playing, some parents find that they have even less time to prep food than they did when their baby was a newborn. The gift of food never gets old!

A subscription to a meal delivery service will bring all the necessities for lunch or dinner straight to their door. Talk about one of the most useful gifts for new parents!

7) Instant Pot

Want another great gift idea to make mealtime easier? Get them an Instant Pot. It’s a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, as an Instant Pot can take the place of lots of things in their kitchen, and best of all, it’s super easy to use.

Many even come with easy recipes for cooking meat, soups, beans, rice, poultry, yogurt, desserts, and more.

8) House Cleaning Services

If a one-step cooking solution or a ready-to-eat meal is a great gift for tired parents with no extra time, how much better is a clean house at the snap of their fingers?

Pay for a house cleaning service to give the new parents’ home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Be sure that the service knows there’s a newborn in the house and uses eco-friendly and baby-safe products while cleaning.

9) A Robot Vacuum

If providing house cleaning services doesn’t seem like the right gift, a robot vacuum might be just the thing.

This handy machine makes cleaning the floors 100% hands-free so mom and dad’s hands are available to hold, feed, and nurse their little one.

10) Baby Feeding Supplies

baby feeding supplies as gifts for new parents

To the parents of a tiny newborn, it might seem like baby spoons and adorable plastic plates are way in the future. But their little one will start tasting solid food for the first time in just a few months!

A set of baby spoons and a plate or bowl are cute, useful gifts for new parents. Plus, you can choose a plate that suits the tiny tot perfectly.

Between princess plates, construction zone plates, funny faces, animals, and more, you’ll find something that both the parents and the baby will love!

11) A Blender

Once their baby ventures into the world of solid food, mom and dad will need a blender to quickly whip up healthy baby food!

Make it easy for them by giving them a high-quality blender. It’ll be ready and waiting for when their baby is old enough for solid foods and, in the meantime, they can use it for smoothies and such.

12) A Shopping Cart Cover

With their little one sitting up and touching everything in sight, parents can’t be too careful when it comes to germs. Give the gift of peace of mind with a shopping cart cover!

For a complete gift, pair it with hand sanitizer for mom and dad and wipes for their baby’s hands.

13) Slip-On Sneakers

New parents may be in and out of the house more than they think going for walks, to the doctor’s office, or to the store. A pair of slip-on sneakers will make it easy to get up and go for all of life’s needs. Make sure they have extra cushioning in the soles.

14) Cushy Slippers

With all that in and out, parents of newborns can get extra worried about tracking germs into the house. This gets even more important when baby starts to crawl. Consider getting them a pair of slippers that sit at the entrance. A furry or sheepskin pair is extra cozy on tired feet.

15) Crib Sheets

Baby lying in a crib

Babies create a lot of dirty laundry and bed linens! Having a spare crib sheet or two means that midnight messes are no big deal — mom or dad can throw fresh sheets on their baby’s crib so everyone can go back to bed.

That’s why Newton Baby Breathable, Organic Cotton Sheets make great gifts for new parents. They’re made with pre-shrunk, organic muslin cotton that’s 100% breathable (hint: These sheets go great with a breathable Newton Baby Crib Mattress!).

And with four patterns to choose from, this gift is both practical and fun!

16) An Array Of Bedtime Books

Everyone’s over the moon for Goodnight Moon, one of the classic must-have bedtime stories for babies and toddlers. But there are lots of other great options, too.

Visit a local bookstore and choose a few with imaginative illustrations and rhymes that will have the baby drifting off to dreamland in no time. The new parents will thank you for the sweet sleep assistance!

17) A Secure Baby Monitor

Give them peace of mind at night with a secure baby monitor. Newton Baby’s Babysense HD 2-Camera Monitor + Night Light and Sound is hack-proof, requiring no Wi-Fi, internet, or apps to use it. It also features night vision, a dimmable night-light, two-way audio, and soothing lullabies.

With a secure baby monitor, parents can breathe a sigh of relief to see that their baby is, well, sleeping like a baby.

18) A Baby Bouncer Or Rocker

Babies don’t only sleep at night, they nap many times a day. A baby bouncer or rocker can help. Choose a baby rocker that has an automatic soothing setting so that the parents’ arms can get a little break once in a while.

Look for a chair that can rock, vibrate, and stay still, so the parents can take baby’s cue for what they’re in the mood for. Some rockers also have music.

19) A Baby Carrier

New parents might not have anticipated how much time they would spend holding, rocking, and bouncing their little one.

While that parent-child bonding time is precious, there are some tasks around the house that simply can’t wait!

A baby carrier is a good gift for new parents because it allows them to have the best of both worlds — they can keep their baby close but have their hands free to complete their to-do list.

20) Big-Ticket Baby Items

Parents who waited until the last minute to put the final touches on the nursery and buy the big-ticket baby items might have been caught off guard by a little one who decided to make an early appearance.

If that’s the case, ask the parents what big baby items they never got around to purchasing, or check their baby registry for a gift that will blow their socks off!

21) Baby Essentials

Another gift that is always welcome: baby essentials — especially the expendable stuff. Yep, we’re talking about diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby lotion, and the like.

Babies never stop dirtying diapers, and new parents will appreciate having plenty of the necessities!

22) A Multi-Purpose Swaddle

swaddle baby sleeping

Brainstorming gifts and thinking about a baby blanket, burp cloths, stroller cover, or nursing cover? Instead, opt for a multi-purpose swaddle that can be all of those things!

Look for ones that are soft and cozy, breathable, and machine washable for easy care. Keep your gift simple with this one baby item that can serve as a blanket, changing pad cover, or anything in-between!

23) Coffee Warmer

It’s no joke that new parents drink lots of coffee. And sometimes that warm cup of joe gets neglected when their baby needs attention.

The remedy: a coffee warmer that keeps their mug hot all morning (or all day; let’s be real). That way, their coffee stays hot and yummy for whenever they have a chance to sip on it.

24) Coffee Gift Basket

Kick the coffee gift idea up a notch by creating a coffee gift basket. Add coffee beans, “mom” and “dad” mugs, and snacks or chocolates for caffeine-loving parents.

 Mom reading one of her gifts for new parents

25) The Latest Bestseller

With a newborn in the house, it’s easy to fall out of the loop with the latest books that are topping the charts. If one of the new parents is an avid reader, hit the bookstore for ideas and pick up one that has everyone abuzz.

We recommend an action-packed thriller or fast-paced mystery that they can read in-between shifts or while baby naps.

26) An E-Reader

A heavy book can be hard to hold one-handed while also supporting a breastfeeding baby. A new mom who is a reader will appreciate a lightweight e-reader for all the time she’ll spend nursing.

27) A Bookstand

A bookstand is another gift that will help mom keep her hands free for breastfeeding and enjoy a book at the same time.

28) Netflix Subscription

If the new mom isn’t into books, giving her a Netflix subscription will allow her to enjoy all of her favorite shows while she’s sitting with her little one.

And, of course, it’s a gift for both mom and dad. For the first few weeks, date night might be Netflix on the couch after the baby is in bed!

29) Your Time

There’s nothing quite like the gift of your own time to show someone that you care!

Get creative with a hand-made gift card to let them know that you’re ready to give of your time and do some cleaning or cooking, take baby duty, or chauffeur the older kids around.

30) Movie Tickets

Perhaps offer your babysitting chops along with tickets to a movie or a show. They probably won’t want to go too far in the first months, but a few hours at a local theater will surely feel just right.

31) Framed Birth Announcement

With their baby here, mom and dad are up to their eyeballs in diapers and bottles and probably haven’t stopped to think about framing a custom birth announcement. Do it for them!

Personalize a birth announcement to include the family crest or match the nursery theme. Then, have it framed so it’s ready to hang.

32) A Calendar

Once those precious newborn baby photos are taken, get ahold of the files and turn them into a calendar! Who doesn’t want to see that sweet baby face on the fridge or in the office?

33) Milestone Blankets, Cards, Or Blocks

For the first few years, if not longer, the parents will constantly be whipping out their phones to capture something new: a first step, a bite of birthday cake, or the baby napping in the bouncer. There are so many moments and milestones to be had!

Enter: the milestone blanket, cards, and blocks. Whether memorializing a new month under the belt or a new skill, there are milestone sets that will allow them to capture the date, time, and any detail they want.

34) Photo Props

In addition to newborn milestone markers, photo props, like a plush crescent moon and stars scattered around baby, a bright throw, or some cute stuffed toys, will make documenting their baby’s growth fun and creative!

35) A Photo Album

Having a coffee-style type photo book on a table or shelf is a nice conversation starter or something to reminisce over.

You can either go old-school and send them a leather-bound book or get them a gift certificate from a company that will transform their iPhone pictures into an album in a jiff.

36) A Photography Session For A Family Photograph

Find a local photographer who specializes in family portraits. Whether it’s one for the wall or the holiday cards, they’ll definitely delight at the chance to memorialize a special moment.

37) Art By A Local Artist

The local neighborhood is the baby’s first home. A piece of art, whether a painting, drawing, sculpture, or handicraft, would be a nice memento to both support and remember their roots.

Visit a local gallery and ask about the surrounding art scene. Once you settle on an artist, learn their backstory so that you not only give a special piece of art from the area, but you also give them a story they can pass down.

38) Postnatal Massage

Sometimes, new parents spend so much time caring for the baby that they forget to care for themselves. Self-care is one of the best gifts for new parents.

It’s not uncommon that new parents’ muscles get sore those first months with all that bending and carrying. A 60-minute massage is a quick way to comfort and relax.

Pick a local spa that offers an array of massage styles. And this will be a nice splurge for an off-duty recharge.

39) Personal Trainer

Keeping fit and healthy is even more important now that baby has arrived. Yes, lifting and carrying a baby around the house tones the muscles, but it might not rise to the level of “workout.”

Booking some hours with a personal trainer would be a perfect way to help the new parents get back into their exercise routine.

If they belong to a gym, you can find a trainer through them. But even if they don’t belong to one currently, a gym is a good place for a word-of-mouth reference.

40) Yoga Classes

Another option is to get the new parents a yoga class. Yoga is a great way to keep flexible, practice mindfulness, and get a nice workout in. It’s also an easy way to meet others in the area who just might have children of their own.

You can even find a mommy-and-me or daddy-and-me class so they can bring baby along!

41) A Manicure

It’s not only exercise that can fall by the wayside. With a new baby in the house, parents often put a pause on their former beauty routines. Give them permission to indulge by gifting them a manicure.

Besides, a little filing and polishing for him and a fresh pop of color for her might put an extra spring in their step.

42) A Haircut Or Blowout

Another beauty routine to consider gifting has to do with the ‘do. Although new parents may feel lucky to even get a shower in with all of the feedings and changing they’re doing these days, they will surely appreciate an excuse to tame the mane.

Give mom the gift of a haircut or blowout at her favorite salon. And treat dad to a cut or shave at the local barber.

43) A Travel Stroller

It’s not too long before the new parents start planning a getaway to meet family or for vacation. Make their family getaway a bit easier with a lightweight travel stroller.

Choose something that can fold down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane, so it’s extra convenient. This means there are no worries about it getting lost or breaking, and whatever family fun is planned will go off without a hitch!

44) Pop-Up Beach Tent Or Cabana

And if that getaway involves some sand between their toes, consider picking out a pop-up beach tent. Getting vitamin D is fine, but baby’s skin is extra sensitive.

Many pop-up beach tents feature UV sun protection so everyone can have a shady spot to retreat after splashing in the waves.

45) Baby’s First Vacation Essentials

Lean into the vacation theme by giving more warm weather goodies, like a cute swimsuit, shades, and a floppy hat for baby. Of course, don’t forget some protective SPF for all.

Show Your Love With Gifts For New Parents

New mom with family and baby

There are so many different things you can get that will be useful to new parents, as now that they’re bringing up baby, it’s a whole new world for them.

Some parents will love to receive Breathable, Organic Cotton Sheets, and others will ooh and aah over an organic swaddle blanket or two. In the end, you know what they need and what will make them feel cared for.

The point of gifts for new parents is to express your love and support. Use the above list for ideas, and then let your imagination run wild!