Mini Crib Buying Guide: When You Need One And What To Look For

Baby standing in a mini crib

As you prepare to welcome your little one, it’s hard to know exactly what essentials you should buy. To start with, you know a safe sleeping surface is a must, but you might be surprised to find out that a mini crib is one essential that can serve your family well.

Here, we’ll help you uncover a few reasons why using a mini crib might be a good option for your baby and what exactly you need to look for when choosing one.

What Is A Mini Crib?

Mom comforting crying baby in mini crib

Simply put, a mini crib is just a smaller version of the standard-sized crib. The dimensions of a mini crib are 24 inches wide by 38 inches long, whereas a standard-sized crib is about 28 inches wide by 52 inches long.

When you do the math, it’s about four inches smaller and 14 inches shorter. These dimensions play a huge role when you’re short on space and every square inch counts!

Reasons For Using A Mini Crib

 Baby leaning over a mini crib

Obviously, one of the main reasons for using a mini crib is if you’re short on space, but there are also other reasons for using one for your baby. Let’s take a look!

Easier To Move

A mini crib — sometimes referred to as a convertible crib ― is a lot easier to move than a traditional crib. Because it’s lighter, you can move it around the house if you need to.

Say goodbye to bulky furniture when you choose this option.

Great For Smaller Spaces

Before you set out to make a crib purchase, take measurements of the space your baby will sleep in.

If you have to set up your baby’s sleep space in a corner of your bedroom or office — or maybe there’s just not a lot of room in their nursery — a mini crib might be just what you need.

Mom standing in nursery near crib holding her belly

Ideal For Newborns

Your sweet little newborn won’t take up that much space, but all of their baby essentials will! Honestly, they really won’t need a big sleep surface at first, so that’s one thing you can keep small by using a mini crib.

Because your baby won’t roll around or sit up any time soon, using a smaller sleep surface, like a mini crib, is a perfectly safe option.

And sometimes a standard-sized crib can actually be too much space for your new bundle of joy and overwhelm them. A mini crib makes your baby feel nice and cozy, like they’re in the womb.

Stores Away Easily

Some mini cribs are portable and fold up. These are a good option when you’re traveling or having guests over. You can pack it in the car or easily store it away when you have company and your baby isn’t sleeping.


Mini cribs can also be a more affordable option than a traditional crib. So before you start your crib search, set your budget.

And when shopping for a mini crib, don’t forget to purchase a mini crib mattress that fits its dimensions. The Newton Baby Essential Mini Crib Mattress, for example, is available in mini size and completely breathable!

Sharing A Room

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies share a room with their parents for at least the first six months but ideally for the first year.

When you think about having a bed, dresser, and chair in your room and then adding a crib to that list of furniture, you might not be left with much space.

But remember, a mini crib is about 14 inches shorter than a traditional one, making it an appropriately sized (and safe) sleep surface for your baby.

Safe Sleep Option For Multiples

 two cribs for twins in a nursery

If you have any set of multiples — twins, triplets, you name it — mini cribs are a great option to use for your babies. Mini cribs are much-needed space savers when you have more than one baby in a room.

Think about it: If you’re saving 14 inches in length on one crib, that’s 28 inches of space for two cribs!

Visiting Family And Friends

If you find yourself visiting friends and family frequently, especially if they live out of town, keep a mini crib stored at their house. It’ll be great for the many naps your newborn will take during the day!

Consider having a mini crib and mattress sent to friends’ and families’ homes when you travel so you don’t have to take up space in the car with it. That makes traveling a lot easier.

If you find yourself visiting certain friends or family often (think: grandparents), especially if they live out of town, keep a mini crib stored at their house. It will be a lifesaver for the many naps your newborn will take during the day.

Now you can rest easy while traveling, knowing your baby has a safe place to sleep.

What To Look For When Buying A Mini Crib

 two parents looking over baby in a mini crib


When your little one is a newborn, you’ll want to keep a close eye on them at all times — especially if you don’t have a baby monitor. That’s why portability is important when shopping for your little one’s bed.

If you move from room to room a lot, you may even consider choosing a mini crib with wheels that’s going to be easy to take with you wherever you go in your home.

Safety Standards

Crib manufacturers must follow strict regulations to meet safety standards, and all for good reason!

To make sure your baby’s crib meets (and, hopefully, exceeds) these safety standards, look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) seal.

According to Consumer Reports, “JPMA certification seal means that a baby product has been tested by an independent facility and met the guidelines set by standards developer ASTM [American Society for Testing Materials] International.”

Always be sure to read the labels on the crib you’re considering and check for these specific labels.


 crib in an empty nursery

Your baby may chew on the edge of their crib once they’re able to pull up or sit up. For this reason, you want to make sure the crib is free of chemicals.

Look for a different seal for this safety measure: the GREENGUARD Gold certification. This certification means that the materials used meet the highest environmental safety standards.


Earlier, we gave you the standard size for a mini crib, but not all of them measure exactly the same. Take measurements of your space, and then check measurements of the crib and crib mattress.

The measurements of the crib mattress must be in line with the measurements of the crib because if they’re not the same, it could create an unsafe sleep surface for your baby.

Also, consider the sheet size. A standard crib sheet will not fit a mini crib mattress. Our Organic Cotton Sheets are available in mini size and come in different prints for you to choose from.

They’re breathable and safe to use with any crib mattress. What’s more, they’re soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin. This is because they’re made with muslin cotton for the most hygienic sleep surface for your little one!


Your baby’s crib and crib mattress should not only be practical but also comfortable. You don’t want to use something just because it fits in your space and then soon discover it’s uncomfortable for your baby and keeps them awake.

With the Newton Baby Crib Mattress, you don’t have to worry about that! It’s breathable and washable, so your baby can breathe straight through it, and you can rinse it off in the shower or tub if you need to.

Plus, our unique Wovenaire core gives your little one the right amount of firmness and comfort!

Sleeping Safely In Small Spaces

 White styled nursery

Mini cribs provide your little one with a safe sleep surface when you’re short on space, but that’s not the only reason you might decide to use one. To start with, they’re easier to move, ideal for the newborn stage, and store away easily.

They’re also a budget-friendly option and great to use if you have multiples or are sharing a room with your baby. Don’t forget you can use a mini crib when you’re visiting family and friends, too.

When you’re in the market for one, look for portability, safety standard labels, quality materials, and appropriate sizing for your needs.

Finally, you can’t forget about comfort, and that’s what Newton Baby is here for! Choose a Newton Baby Mini Crib Mattress when using a mini crib, and your baby will sleep safe and sound even in a small space!