When To Lower Crib Mattress Height: An Expert Guide

So many changes take place during your baby’s first year of life, including their sleeping arrangements. Your baby will hit different milestones, so it’s important to know just when to lower their crib mattress height.

We’ll show you some crib safety practices to keep your baby safe while they sleep, plus we’ll give you a recommended crib mattress option. After reading this article, you’ll know when it’s time to lower your baby’s crib and how to do it.

Here at Newton, we care about safe sleep. It’s our top priority! So our experts share all the details when it comes to the best sleep practices.

Crib Safety

 Baby laying in crib

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there are around 9,561 reported cases each year of injuries related to cribs, bassinets, and playpens for children under two years of age. Around 83% of the reported cases revolved around cribs.

This is what the AAP says:

“Given the consistently high number of observed injuries, greater efforts are needed to ensure safety in the design and manufacture of these products, ensure their proper usage in the home, and increase awareness of their potential dangers to young children.”

As you can see, it’s important to note some crib safety practices before grabbing your tools to start lowering your baby’s crib mattress.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your little one safe in their crib:

  • Their crib and crib mattress should meet safety standards.
  • Both crib and mattress should contain low levels of VOC and are non-toxic.
  • Keep pillows and blankets out of the crib.
  • Avoid using crib bumpers.
  • Place your baby to sleep on their back.
  • Share a room with your baby for the first six months.
  • Stay informed on crib mattress settings.
  • Know when to lower their crib mattress.
  • Choose a safe, breathable mattress, like Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress.

When To Lower Crib

 Toddler waiting for parents to learn when to lower crib

While there’s no exact right time when you should lower your baby’s crib, factors like your baby’s age, height, and development can help you determine a good time to do it.

The main reason for lowering your baby’s crib is to keep them safe. As your baby grows, so does their range of movement. This means your baby can move around a lot more in their crib rather than just lay there and sleep (a lot!) like they did when they were a newborn.

For example, the highest setting should be used during the newborn stage. This setting makes it easier for you to get your baby in and out of the crib, which is super important because you’ll be doing it a lot during the first few months! (Did someone say nap?)

At this height setting, there’s less strain on your back because you’re not having to lean all the way over the side of the crib. This is also a good height setting for when you’re transitioning your little one from a bassinet to a crib.

The highest setting is best to use on babies who are younger than five months old. However, once your baby meets certain milestones, it’s no longer safe to keep your baby’s crib at the setting it was in when you first brought them home from the hospital.

Note: Always lower your baby’s crib when they start sitting up and standing up.

When Your Baby Starts Sitting Up

When your baby starts sitting up, it’s like a whole new world for them! They can see things in a different way (rather than just looking from the ground up), and they can reach and grab toys on their own now!

It really is an exciting milestone for the entire family. But it can also be a dangerous milestone if you’re not paying attention, at least when it comes to their crib.

Babies tend to start sitting up unassisted anywhere between five and eight months old, so this is when you need to lower their crib to the middle setting.

When Your Baby Starts Pulling Up

 Toddler standing up in crib

Pulling up is a little different than sitting up. If your baby is sitting up, they’re not really able to pull on the sides of their crib just yet. But once they do start pulling up, it’s time to lower the crib to the lowest height setting.

Your baby’s muscles are growing, which is a cause for celebration! However, this also means they can topple over the edge once they start pulling up on the side.

Some babies are also top-heavy, which means their precious little head might be a bit heavier than the rest of their body. So if they’re peeping over the side, they can easily fall out of their crib if it’s not set on the lowest setting.

And what about climbing? This might be the time where your little one is trying to climb out of their crib, which is a safety hazard. When this happens, it’s definitely time to move those settings!

When Your Baby Is Taller Than 35 Inches

Your little one is growing right before your eyes. And before you know it, they’re about three feet tall! That’ll catch you off guard when their yearly visit rolls around.

If they’re creeping towards the three-foot mark in terms of their height, it might just be time to transition them to a toddler bed.

The good news is you can still use their crib mattress for their toddler bed. In fact, the Newton Baby Crib Mattress grows with your little one!

Don’t forget about an Extra Crib Mattress Cover during the potty training stage. Mattress covers are great to have on hand for a late-night accident!

When To Lower Crib To The Floor

 Info graphic about the Newton baby crib mattress

If your little one becomes a master Houdini and still likes to play tricks, like climbing out of their crib, you could always try lowering the crib mattress to the floor. But, if all else fails, definitely go ahead and transition them to a toddler bed.

How To Lower Crib To The Floor

Note: It’s only safe to lower the crib mattress to the floor if your baby’s crib has been manufactured for this option. Learn how to correctly do this by following the directions in the crib’s instruction manual.

Avoid doing a DIY solution for lowering the crib to the floor because it could pose a potential suffocation risk by having a gap between the mattress and the bottom railing.

The good news is that our Crib Mattress is a safe, breathable option for your little one. You can use it lowered on the floor or when you transition your not-so-little-baby to a toddler bed.

Plus, our Organic Cotton Sheets fit any standard-sized crib mattress and have superior airflow to keep your baby comfortable for a good night’s sleep!

How To Lower The Crib

  1. Remove bedding and mattress from the crib.
  2. Unscrew the bolts.
  3. Hold on to the bolts.
  4. Place the foot of the bed in the desired setting.
  5. Screw the bolts in the correct crib height.
  6. Place the bedding and mattress back in the crib.
  7. Check sturdiness by firmly pressing on the mattress.

Sleeping Safely

baby laying in a crib in a swaddle blanket

A good night’s sleep is necessary for everyone in your family. If you’re up at night worrying about your little one (what parent doesn’t do this at some point?), you won’t be able to sleep well. That’s why we’re here to share when to lower crib for your baby and give you peace of mind.

First, you have to stay up-to-date on crib safety practices.

Every so often, check the AAP recommendations for safe sleep practices and make sure your baby’s crib and crib mattress meets (or exceeds) safety standards.

Another important piece of the crib safety puzzle is actually using it correctly and knowing when to lower your baby’s crib mattress to keep them safe.

The highest setting is ideal for newborns, but when your little one starts sitting up, it’s time to move their crib to the middle setting. And when they start pulling up or standing up, the lowest setting is likely the best choice.

If your not-so-little-one starts climbing out of their crib, start transitioning them to a toddler bed.

Also, we want to share one more way to keep your baby safe in their crib, and that’s by using a comfortable, breathable Crib Mattress like we have at Newton.

You can help your baby sleep safely in their crib by having it on the correct height setting and by using Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress. Now everyone can get a good night’s sleep!

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