Cat Bed Buying Guide: What To Know Before You Shop

Cat laying in cat bed

As you probably know, cats love to curl up in just about any nook, cranny, and corner. Once you learn your kitty’s preferences for when and how they like to sleep, you can feel confident about buying them a cat bed that they’ll love.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips to help you pick the right one. And we’ll discuss the factors you’ll need to take into consideration before shopping as well as what to look for when choosing a cat bed.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cat Bed

Some cats will snooze anywhere and everywhere. But giving your pet a soft place to nap that they’ll love isn’t always easy. And it would be very unfortunate to pick out what you think is a perfect bed only to find out that your kitty turns up their nose at it.

To minimize the chances of rejection, take these factors into account.

Health And Agility Of Your Cat

Cats are known not only for their nine lives but also for their agility and ability to leap and jump. That said, they can have health issues — like arthritis or surgery — that impede their mobility and make it difficult for them to jump.

This can also happen simply because your cat is getting older. If your cat has mobility issues, be sure to look for a cat bed that has a low entry and doesn’t require jumping to get into it.

Your Cat’s Habits

cat rolling around in his cat bed

Keep in mind that you’re not picking out a bed for yourself. You’re choosing a bed for your cat. Although they can’t verbalize what they want, you can observe their habits.

Note where and how your cat normally snoozes. Do they typically sleep in enclosed spaces or open areas? Do they curl up in a ball or stretch out long? Do they sleep way up high or on the floor?

Ask yourself these sorts of questions to get an idea of what type of bed might jive with your cat. Once you have an idea, you can look for a cat bed that fits their typical sleep habits.


Where you’ll put the cat bed is another factor that affects the type of cat bed that you’ll buy. And the placement of the bed depends on where your cat typically likes to sleep, as we just mentioned.

That said, the location of the bed also has to do with where you need the cat bed to be. Decide exactly where you will place it and take measurements accordingly.

Desired Style And Size

Lastly, once you know where the cat bed will be, you’ll want to think about the proper style and size. Your cat might not care if the bed matches the room, but you probably will! Choose a color and style that you like and that goes with the other decor.

As far as size goes, you’ll need to make sure it fits your cat without being too big or too small. And, if you have plans to put the bed in a tight corner of the house or on a table, measure to be sure it will fit.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Cat Bed

Now that you’ve thought about the factors we listed above, there are a few things to look for when it’s time to actually choose the bed: the right size, the right style, safe material, high-quality material, ease of cleaning, and comfort.

Let’s take a look.

The Right Size

We’ve already gone over what to take into consideration when deciding on the size of your cat’s bed. Choose based on your cat’s size, how they typically like to rest, and the space you have for the bed.

The Right Style

Size aside, there are so many different styles of cat beds to choose from. Here are a few of them.

Cat Cave

This type of cat bed is often the shape of a ball and looks like a cozy cave with an opening in the front. Since cats usually love enclosed spaces, this bed might be a hit with your kitty.

Classic Cat Bed

 cute cat snuggled in cat bed

This is probably what comes to mind when you think of a cat bed or dog bed. The typical round or rectangular, open bed with raised sides.

Heated Bed

In addition to different styles and shapes of cat beds, there are also heated beds. This feature will certainly up the cozy factor and also provide comfort for pets with joint pain.


Everyone knows how much cats love boxes. That might be as simple as the box from your most recent delivery. But, if you want to provide your cat with a longer-lasting box, choose a specially made kitty box.

They’re sturdier than the box you have lying around your house, and some of them offer removable and replaceable sides so that your cat can scratch and claw to their heart's content.

Multi-Level Cat Bed

Rather than a one-level bed, you can opt for a multi-level cat bed, which is perfect for cats who love to jump or for a pair of cats.

Perch Or Tower

 Cat on a cat tower

For cats who have a particular affinity for climbing and jumping, a perch or tower might be somewhere they’ll enjoy sleeping.

Cat House

A cat house has the appearance of a dog house but is made smaller. Some are raised; others are on the ground. Some have cozy material inside while others are made with material that’s perfect for scratching.

Mat Or Blanket

 cat curled up on a blanket

Some cats will be very content with a blanket, mat, or mattress on the floor. This could be a regular, plush blanket, a thick mat made specifically for cats, or even a mini-sized baby mattress!

Our Newton Baby mini Crib Mattress measures 37.75 inches by 23.75 inches and is three inches thick. One big advantage of using this mattress for your dog or cat bed is that it’s 100% washable, which brings us to the next point.

Easy To Clean

 Woman washing a cat bed

Cats are known to be clean animals, but it’s still a good idea to buy a cat bed that is easy for you to clean. Check to be sure that it’s washable.

Our Crib Mattress is 100% washable from cover to core. To wash the cover, simply remove it, throw it in the washer (ideally by itself), and then dry it on low heat afterward.

The mattress itself can also be washed by placing it in the shower or tub and cleaning it with cool water along with vinegar or a mild detergent.

Safe Material

No matter what type of cat bed you choose, check for safety. Raised beds, perches, and the like should be sturdy enough not to tip over or collapse when your cat is inside it. And be sure that the bed doesn’t have any loose strings that your cat might play with and end up ingesting.

Quality Material

For a cat bed that will last for years to come and withstand scratching and biting, opt for durable, high-quality material. If your cat is sensitive to scents, they may also appreciate a bed that doesn’t smell of chemicals.

Speaking of that new-product smell, have you ever heard of off-gassing? It’s what happens when manufactured items emit chemicals into the air. Sometimes, products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and you can tell because of the odor. Other times, products off-gas without emitting a smell at all.

If you’re looking out for the air quality in your home, there are certain measures you can take when you bring a new item like a cat bed in. For example, leave it outside for as long as you can or open the windows.

Or, choose products that are certified for low chemical emissions with the GREENGUARD Gold Certification. Read more about GREENGUARD here.


This one is obvious, but we think it’s worth mentioning. The final thing to look for in a cat bed is comfort.

As you know, cats love all things cozy. And, as we discussed, once you observe what your cat usually finds comfortable, you’ll be able to pick something that they love.

Keep Your Kitty Cozy With The Perfect Cat Bed

 Woman playing with her cat

To provide your furry friend with a cat bed they’ll love, take into consideration the factors that we mentioned in this article: the health and agility of your cat, their sleeping habits, where you’ll put the bed, and the right style and size.

Then, choose a bed that’s safe, easy to clean, comfy, and perfect for your kitty. Whether that’s a tall perch, a mat or Crib Mattress on the floor, or a cat cane, your cat will love their own special spot that you have chosen just for them!

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