Cribs With Changing Tables: Features, Benefits, And Considerations

Nursery with crib with changing table

Preparing your home to welcome your little one is such an exciting experience! And picking out the perfect crib is part of it. Cribs with changing tables are quite the hype now and come with all the bells and whistles.

In this guide, we’ll help you with your selection by sharing the features these cribs offer, the benefits of using one, and other things to consider before making your purchase. We’ll also give you a great crib mattress option for this crib style.

Crib With Changing Table: Features

You might be wondering if a changing table is the only added feature this crib style comes with or if there are other benefits of choosing one. There’s more to it than you might think.

A crib with a changing table has everything your newborn needs.

First, you’ll get a dresser or some type of storage. In fact, most combo cribs come with at least three drawers, which is plenty of space for all your baby’s onesies, bibs, burp cloths, and diapers.

Plus, there are a few shelves on the back of the crib. This is great extra storage for all the wipes, diaper cream, swaddles, blankets, and sheets your little one will use.

These cribs can also be adjusted to different heights so your baby stays safe when they start hitting certain milestones, like sitting and pulling up.

And that’s not all! This type of crib grows with your baby so you don’t have to go out and buy a new toddler or full-size bed.

All it takes is a conversion kit and some tools to turn a crib with a changing table into a toddler bed, a day bed, and even a full-size bed for the childhood years!

Benefits Of Using A Crib With A Changing Table

 crib with changing table in nursery

One And Done

One benefit of using a crib with a changing table is it’s a “one and done” deal! You buy one piece of furniture, and that’s it.

Typically, you have nursery furniture sets that include a crib, dresser, and changing table. But with this crib combo, you only have to assemble one piece.


Speaking of “one and done,” this option is also cost-effective. You don’t have to purchase three different (and costly) pieces of furniture; you’re only buying one.

Of course, it will be a little more expensive than a standard crib, but you don’t have the total added cost of other nursery pieces, like the matching dresser and changing table set.


When you buy a crib with a changing table, it lasts way beyond the first few years. It can still serve your little one well by converting into a toddler bed, so you won’t need to purchase another bed once your little one is ready to transition.

And some even convert to a full-size bed after your child outgrows their toddler bed! The only cost here is the full-size mattress.

Speaking of mattresses, the Newton Baby Crib Mattress will give your baby a safe sleep surface for the first several years! Use this mattress for your little one from the first day you bring them home from the hospital all the way up until they are ready for a bigger, full-size bed.

Note: When you transition your baby from a crib to a toddler bed, you don’t need a new mattress because most crib and toddler mattresses are the same size.

 baby on crib with changing table


If you’re short on space, a crib with a changing table is a great solution. Working with a small area can cause all kinds of problems when you’re trying to figure out the placement of nursery furniture.

That’s one of the benefits of using this nursery combo piece. You don’t have to find places for a dresser, crib, and changing table. Instead, you only need one area big enough for this single piece of furniture.

Plus, it helps keep everything contained and provides great storage for all your baby’s essentials.

Note: If you’re working with a small space, another option is a mini crib. The good news is that some cribs with a changing table are available in a mini crib option. So, if you’re really tight on space, this could be a temporary solution for the first several months.

What’s more, Newton Baby offers a mini crib mattress. Use our Essential Mini Crib Mattress to keep your baby safe and comfy while they sleep!

Things To Consider

 Baby laying on side in crib with changing table


It’s important to keep in mind that the size of the changing table on this type of crib is a bit smaller than a standard changing table. This means your baby will quickly grow out of it.

You will eventually have to either purchase a changing table or choose a different spot to change your little one in. (Be sure not to use the changing table once your baby outgrows it because doing so can be a safety hazard!)

Remember this when you make your initial purchase: Even though the crib will last for years to come, the changing table will not.


Even though a crib with a changing table saves on space altogether, it is a bigger piece of furniture. It may be too big for some areas, but, on the other hand, it might fit just right in your space.

Take measurements first, and consider furniture placement before buying. If your space is just too small, you may have to go with several different pieces of (small) furniture to make the room work.


We mentioned earlier one of the benefits of a crib with a changing table is how it can grow with your baby. However, you will need to purchase a conversion kit when converting the crib to a toddler bed and then to a full-size bed.

So, keep in mind that you will have to buy additional pieces down the road, or you could always add the conversion kit to your baby registry list.

Crib Mattress

 Mattress for crib with changing table

You’ll also need to buy a crib mattress along with your crib combo. Look for a breathable, comfortable mattress for your little one, like the Newton Baby Crib Mattress.

The superior airflow — which is possible because the core of our mattress is made up of 90% air — means no more sweaty backs for your baby, and they can breathe straight through it should they roll over onto their stomach.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s completely washable! From cover to core, you can throw the cover in the wash or give the core a good rinse in the tub. Breathable, washable, and comfortable — what more could you and your baby ask for?


Take into consideration that the process of putting together the crib and changing table combo might be a little difficult. Just know going into it that there are a lot of parts and pieces to assemble.

Note: Put the crib together in the room you plan to have it in. It might be too big to fit through a doorway once it’s fully assembled.


Safety first! Consider cribs that have been tested, certified, and meet government safety standards. You can know that a product has passed the test and met these standards by looking for seals from:

  • Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Besides checking safety standards, make sure you have a waterproof changing pad and safety straps to keep your baby safe while you change them. Also, some changing table components emit a strong smell, so make sure they’re made with chemical-free materials.

The Right Fit

 Nursery with a neutral theme

Cribs with changing tables are a great choice because they’re cost-effective, long-lasting, space-saving, and you don’t have to buy multiple pieces of furniture!

That said, when shopping for this type of crib, consider the size of the changing table because your little one might outgrow it pretty quickly. Also consider the amount of space you have, whether or not the crib meets safety requirements, and the amount of time assembly might take.

Finally, when purchasing a mattress for your crib with a changing table, be sure to look for one that’s breathable and comfortable, like our Crib Mattress.

By finding the right fit for your baby’s crib, you’ll give them the gift of a good night’s sleep.