26 Fun And Functional Playroom Ideas For Toddlers

Dad playing legos with son

In the blink of an eye, your baby has grown into a toddler with all the imagination in the world! As your little one grows, they’ll become even more playful and curious. If you want to create a special area for them to explore, we’ve got some playroom ideas to share with you.

In this article, we’ll give you 26 ideas to create a playroom that suits the space you have and fosters fun and healthy play for your little one. Take these ideas and run with them, adapting your favorites to your child’s interests and your family’s preferences.

Remember that whether your playroom is big or small, it’s not hard to create a space that will be magical for your toddler. After all, your little one is small and imaginative, which means even an awkwardly-shaped corner of the room or under-stair space can turn into their favorite nook!

26 Playroom Ideas

1) Teepee

 Teepee for a playroom idea

What kid doesn’t love playing in a fort or teepee? Tuck one into the corner of the playroom and throw a few pillows inside to make a cozy, fun space for your toddler.

2) Lofted Bed

If you’re in a tiny apartment, there’s nothing wrong with making your child’s bedroom their play area, too! When your child is old enough, use a lofted bed to free up some floor space or maximize storage.

3) Bed For Quiet Time

Add a convertible crib to your playroom to encourage your little one to take a rest when they need it. While a convertible crib serves as a full-size crib for babies and toddlers, it can also be converted into a daybed that’s a perfect option for a playroom.

Our three-in-one Convertible Cribs are crafted in Italy with soft, sustainable wood. These cribs offer timeless style and an included toddler rail for easy conversion and years of longevity.

And they come in three different styles (Austin, Soho, and Domino) so you can choose the one that matches your decor.

 A modern crib design

4) Slide

A slide in the playroom will be a hit with your toddler and all their little friends. It’s easy to find a small slide to use in their room, or you can go all out and build a bigger slide into the space.

Either option allows for endless fun and can burn off that extra energy throughout the day!

5) Swing

In the right room, a swing, hammock, or climbing rope can also be hung from the ceiling. Just be sure that you have a professional help you install it so that you can count on hours and hours of safe fun.

6) Craft Table

 Craft table for a playroom

Encourage your child’s creative side with a craft table that’s full of supplies and ready to go. Keep in mind you may want to store the messier craft supplies out of reach so they’re only used during supervised playtime.

7) Climbing Wall

Turning a corner of the playroom into a tot-sized climbing wall may be easier than you think. If this seems like something your little one would love, you can find DIY instructions online.

8) Trampoline

Jumping on the trampoline is the perfect way to burn off some of that toddler energy. A mini trampoline fits perfectly in a playroom and is great for rainy days.

9) Playful Rug

 Kid playing on a rug in his playroom

Make the floorspace fun as well with a playful rug. There are all sorts of designs that lend to imaginative play, such as hopscotch rugs or ones that depict a town complete with roads and parking lots for car play.

10) Kid-Sized Furniture

The playroom is your child’s own special place. So, in addition to toys, fill it with kid-sized furniture that is accessible and comfortable for them. This could be a small table and chairs or a beanbag chair.  Or, check out Newton's Figgy Play Couch which would be a great addition to your child's playroom.

11) Monkey Bars

If a portion of the ceiling is low enough, you can install monkey bars with the right precautions and planning. And, even if your ceiling is high, there are often other ways to install a set of monkey bars at the perfect height for your child.

12) Tiny Kitchen Or House

For toddlers who like to play house, a tiny kitchen or even a tiny house is a good addition to a playroom. And it won’t take up as much space as you think.

13) Bookshelf

 Toddler looking at a book

Cultivate a love for reading by including bookshelves that your child can easily reach. This is one of our favorite playroom ideas since easily accessed books can encourage imagination, reading skills, and a little quiet time as well. No parent will be mad about that!

Take things up a notch by creating an inviting reading nook with a poof, pillows, or a mattress on the floor. Whether it’s for reading or napping, we recommend our full-size Crib Mattress, which is 100% breathable and washable from cover to core, making cleanup simple!

This mattress is five and a half inches thick and features a soft, quilted removable cover that’s also washable. Plus, it’s Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions, exceeding the highest industry emissions safety standards to help improve indoor air quality.

14) Educational Elements

For little ones, playing is learning. But you can also add a few specific educational elements that will introduce your child to certain concepts or pique their curiosity.

For example, hang a simple, large map on one of the playroom walls. A dry erase calendar where you can show your child what the family has planned for each day is another option. Or add a kid-friendly clock for them to practice telling time.

15) Comfy Chair

Although your child might prefer to sit or lie on the floor, a comfy, pint-sized chair is a good addition to a reading corner. If you’re tight on storage space, you may want to opt for a bench that includes storage underneath.

16) Cubbies And Storage

 playroom ideas with organization

As you’re thinking through playroom ideas, you’ll need to plan for storage for toys, games, craft supplies, stuffed animals, and all the rest.

Mount floating shelves on the wall; use storage containers under the bed; opt for cubbies, drawers, and boxes; and creatively store stuffed animals in a hammock or an over-the-door shoe holder.

17) Stage

If you have a budding actress or actor in your home, let them take the stage in their playroom. All it takes is a tiny stage for them to feel like they’re the star of the show!

18) Rod For Dress-Up Clothes

Whether or not you have a stage, every little one loves playing dress-up. Place a stand-alone clothing rod in the playroom for easy access to their favorite costumes.

19) Musical Instruments

With various instruments in the house, your toddler can try their hand at making music. Keep in mind, for very little ones, you may want to opt for plastic, toddler-appropriate instruments. But don’t be afraid to introduce them to the real deal as they grow!

20) Ball Pit

A ball pit doesn’t have to be big to be a ton of fun! Not sure how to go about it? You can always purchase one online, but there are a few ways to create your own ball pit. One easy option is to fill a small blow-up pool with plastic balls and let your toddler have at it.

21) Chalkboard

Chalkboards provide your child with a large space to write, draw, and dream! Simply purchase a chalkboard itself or grab some chalkboard paint to create a surface for them to explore their creativity.

22) Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are your friend when it comes to storage, displaying items, and providing easy access for your child. Mount them at toddler-level to hold books or toys. Or put them high on the wall to display decorations that you don’t want your child to reach.

23) Hooks On The Walls

Installing hooks on the walls is another way to free up space. Hooks are perfect for dress up clothes, bags of stuffed animals or toys, and anything else that can hang.

24) Art Wall

 Young girl drawing at an art table

Allow your toddler to proudly display their artwork on an art wall with a bulletin board or string and clothespin to easily hang their masterpieces.

25) Big Building Blocks

While small building blocks can be picked up, stored, and moved to another room, oversized building blocks are tons of fun but require lots of room. Because of this, add them to the playroom where they can stay for playtime.

26) Busy Board

A busy board can help develop your toddler’s logic and motor skills and keep both their hands and their brains occupied. Busy boards come in all shapes and sizes, and most playrooms can handle a large one.

There are a variety of boards available for purchase, or you can create your own with hooks, switches, locks, buttons, bells, snaps, and more. Just remember to double-check that there are no loose or sharp pieces that could be harmful to your child.

Playroom Ideas For Loads Of Fun

 Mom excited about all the playroom ideas for her daughter

Whether your child’s play area is a corner of their bedroom or a separate room, it’s their very own spot to learn, grow, play, and imagine.

With the playroom ideas we mentioned in this article, you can tailor this space to your toddler’s interests and make it functional for whatever space you have in your home.

Provide your child with options for both play and rest by including a Convertible Crib made into a daybed, or keep it simple with a Crib Mattress on the floor.

With a little effort and planning, your toddler’s playroom will be a special place where they will enjoy spending hours on end!

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