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You’re probably eager to start toilet training as soon as possible. After all, you’ve been changing diapers for a long time, and that can get old. But you want to do it right so your child is successful. To help you know when it’s time, here are 10 signs of potty training readiness.

Like most parents, you want to ensure your child is potty trained as quickly and efficiently as possible. But how do you know when they're ready? And do you need to follow a precise potty training schedule to make it happen?

If you're struggling to figure out this potty training thing, we've got your back. Our sample potty training schedule (below) provides a helpful framework to get you started. Plus, we've included some expert tips to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

You’ve climbed the potty-training mountain, ready to plant your parental flag: success! Only to see another larger one looming right behind: the long, dry night. Why is nighttime potty training such a challenge? What’s the difference? And how can you and your little one succeed?

This article will help you scale the heights of nighttime potty training by explaining what to expect and how to prepare and then offering a few tips to help. First, we’ll look at why success during the day doesn’t immediately equal success at night.

You’ve watched carefully for the signs that your little one’s ready, then applied all the tips you could find to potty train them. They ditch the diapers for big kid undies, and it seems like your work is done. But is it? First one accident, then another, and then potty training regression.

In this article, we’ll discuss just what potty training regression is, why it happens, and when you should be concerned. We’ll also offer 10 simple tips for handling any backslides that may occur.

It's 10:30 p.m., and your toddler is bouncing off the walls. Usually, they are asleep long before now. But they’ve been staying up later than normal the last few days and then waking up at night. Is it the dreaded toddler sleep regression you've heard so much about?

What if you could reduce all the hard work of convincing your toddler to ditch the diapers and move on to the world of potties and toilets in just three days? Many parents swear by the 3-day potty training method. But is it right for you and your little one?

This article will break down just what the 3-day potty training method is, how you can prepare for success, and provide a step-by-step guide to making it happen — along with some caveats and reminders that will help you set realistic goals.

You've watched for readiness signs and know it's time to introduce your little one to the toilet. Though it's an exciting milestone, it can also be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together our best potty training tips to help you and your child through this new phase.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

When potty training time rolls around, you’re eager for anything that will help the process go as smoothly as possible. A potty training chart along with the right rewards can be the ticket to success. If you’re looking for ideas for how to go about it, keep reading.

When do babies start talking? It’s a process, and it depends on your child’s unique development.

Simply put, before learning to speak a language, babies experiment with sound by babbling and cooing. After that, they learn to say words like “mama” and “dada,” start putting together two or three-word sentences, and, before you know it, they’re having a whole conversation with you.

It’s never too early to talk about race with your kids — and it’s never too late to educate yourself as a parent. One of the best ways to learn and teach about black culture is to pick up a book by a black author. Textbooks can miss a lot when it comes to the black experience, so one of the most valuable sources of inspiration, education, and tradition is the black community itself.  In honor of Black History Month, we’ve curated a list of our favorite children’s books by black authors and illustrators. However, we’re sure you and your little...