Working From Home With A Baby: 15 Tips For Busy Parents

New parents working from home with a baby

Maybe you’ve always worked from home and now you’ve welcomed a new baby, or you’re now required to work from home because of unforeseen circumstances. Either way, working from home with a baby is no easy task!

Tackling work e-mails and phone calls while caring for your baby can be exhausting but enjoyable. This is why Newton Baby created 15 tips for busy parents. Follow our steps below and see how they transform your day!

Working From Home With A Baby: 15 Tips For Busy Parents

New mom working from home with a baby

1) Set A Schedule For Your Baby

First and foremost, you have to create a schedule for your baby. Your day now revolves around your baby’s feeding and sleep schedules, which actually allows for predictability.

For example, you’ll figure out when your baby is getting tired or hungry and you’ll discover times when they’re most content. Once you have a (somewhat) set schedule for your baby, adjust to it so you can have more productive days!

2) Be Flexible

Even once you’ve discovered your little one’s usual schedule, things won’t always go as planned and interruption will happen. So schedules are good, but make room for flexibility within your day.

For instance, your baby can start teething before you know it and suddenly become fussy. During this transition, they may need more one-on-one time than you anticipated.

Or your little one can start running a fever out of nowhere and all of a sudden you have to drop everything and take them to the doctor. Some days, just go with the flow!

3) Work During Nap Time

Babies can take anywhere from one to four naps per day, depending on their age.

If you can predict when your baby is going to take a nap, set aside that time to work. Because let’s be honest, sometimes babies require your full attention when they’re awake!

Use your baby’s nap time wisely. Figure out what has to be done during that time and stay focused. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually get done when your hands are free and your mind is fully focused on work!

That said, you want to make sure that your baby is sleeping well (and safely!). The last thing you need is your baby waking up early — right in the middle of your productive time — because they’re uncomfortable.

To keep this from happening, choose a comfortable, breathable mattress for your baby, like the Newton Baby Crib Mattress.

It’s much more comfortable than a traditional mattress. And the breathability factor gives you peace of mind while you work, but it also eliminates sweaty backs, which can wake your baby up!

Swaddling your baby during nap time is another way to keep them sleeping comfortably. Our 2-Pack Organic Swaddle Blankets are soft and cozy for your little one!

Newborn baby swaddled and yawning

4) Tend To Your Baby First

We understand how difficult it can be when you have a deadline to meet with a fussy baby on your hands. Just remember: you won’t be able to get much (if any!) work done if your baby is crying.

It’s also important to remember that your precious little one comes before work! Take care of their needs before you start working, or pause what you’re doing.

It’s amazing what you can do while working from home with a baby, but it’s even more amazing what cuddles and hugs can do for your baby.

Soothing and comforting your little one helps them relax, which allows you to work. Plus, you’ll be thankful you got extra snuggles!

5) Use A Baby Carrier

A baby carrier or wrap allows you to hold your baby while you get things done. It’s a great option if you need both of your hands free for work.

And sometimes, babies just need to be close to their mom or dad. If your little one is fussy, place them in their carrier and walk around to help soothe them.

If your baby is content, you can make phone calls while they’re in the carrier. Another option is to set your computer on a counter or high desk and work while you stand. This way, you can work, answer e-mails, and hold your baby all at the same time!

6) Take Advantage Of Baby Gear

As you’ve probably learned by now, a crib mattress and a baby carrier (or wrap) are must-haves in the baby essentials department.

A baby bouncer and baby swing are two other essentials that can help make working from home with a baby go a little bit smoother.

Babies love to see their parents’ faces, so set your little one in their bouncer or swing next to your work area. Not only can they play within sight of you, but they can also see how amazing you are at this whole “working from home with a baby” thing!

7) Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Keep in mind that work and your baby are both vying for 100% of your attention every day. Both are important. Do the best you can and let the rest go.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and give yourself a little grace during this time. It won’t last forever!

happy baby laying on back in crib

8) Adjust Your Work Hours

Be open and honest with your employer about working from home with a baby. If possible, see if you can adjust your work hours to early mornings (before your baby gets up) or at night (after your baby goes to sleep).

And then, as we mentioned earlier, try working during the day at nap time! However, we know that adjusting your work hours isn’t always a possibility. Again, do what you can and be flexible.

9) Schedule Breaks

Your baby’s day is broken up into segments: feeding time, play time, and nap time. It’s best that you break up your day as well.

Arrange your day into 30-minute work segments. For example, work for 30 minutes and then take a break and play with your baby. Repeat.

If 30 minutes is just a little too long for your baby (or you!), then adjust your segments to 20 minutes, 15 minutes, or whatever time frame works for you.

You’d be surprised at how much you can actually get done in such a short amount of time when work has your full attention and you’re able to recharge during breaks. But do consider your baby’s attention span when planning your segments.

10) Use A Hands-Free Device

If you’re on the phone often for meetings or calls, a hands-free device can make your life a whole lot easier.

Consider buying a hands-free device, like Bluetooth headphones or a headset, so your hands can be free to hold your sweet baby while you’re working!

11) Keep A To-Do List

It’s easy to lose your train of thought while you’re taking care of your sweet baby. You may notice you’re getting interrupted a lot these days — all for a good reason — and sometimes this might make you forgetful.

That’s OK! Because we know this is probably your reality, we recommend keeping a notepad by you at all times.

Immediately write down notes from the phone call or meeting you just had, and keep a running to-do list to help you stay on track.

Dad holding baby while working from home with a baby

12) Learn To Switch Roles Quickly

The reason you’re losing your train of thought easily may be because you’re trying to multitask. And sometimes you have to switch from employee (or boss) to parent all within a matter of seconds.

Try to focus on one role at a time. During breaks with your baby, put work aside completely, and do your best to focus on work while your little one is asleep or preoccupied. And then be ready to switch roles!

13) Prepare The Night Before

Your days will flow better if you’re prepared ahead of time. One way to prepare is to set up your workspace at night and have it ready for the morning.

This could be something as simple as tidying up your desk so it’s clean for the next day. Many people find that they’re better able to concentrate when their work area is clutter-free.

Figure out what you can take care of after your baby goes to sleep at night, but make sure it doesn’t take up too much time. After working from home all day with a baby, you’ll be ready to fall asleep yourself!

14) Call For Reinforcements

When all else fails and you’re in a time crunch, don’t hesitate to call for help. We all need support from time to time!

Phone a close friend, family member, or neighbor that your baby is familiar with. Because if your baby isn’t familiar with them, they’ll be fussy and you’ll be right back at square one!

15) Enjoy Your Baby

In the midst of it all, don’t forget to enjoy your baby! The time spent with your baby is precious and priceless. It’s time you won’t get back.

So remember to stop and pause while you’re working to enjoy your baby.

Conquer Your Days Working From Home With A Baby

Newborn taking a nap while parents are working from home with a baby

On top of enjoying your baby, you want to enjoy your day altogether! While working from home with a baby isn’t always going to be easy, it can be enjoyable.

Keep in mind our 15 tips for busy parents when you’re working from home with your baby to help your day go a little smoother.

Remember nap and bedtime are prime working hours, so make sure your baby is comfortable and safe while they snooze. Try our Crib Mattress so your baby can sleep better and you can get work done. You’ll be ready to conquer your days in no time!

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