Virtual Baby Shower: 10 Tips For Throwing An Online Celebration

Expecting parents planning a virtual baby shower

Social distancing — or simply living far away from friends and family — can make getting together in person a challenge. That’s why many expecting moms are rethinking having a traditional baby shower and opting for a virtual baby shower instead.

Since virtual showers are still pretty new to expecting moms and hosts, we’re here to answer all of your questions about these digital events. We’ll also give you 10 practical tips for throwing a memorable online celebration!

FAQs About Virtual Baby Showers

Woman holding pregnant belly next to crib

Who Hosts The Virtual Baby Shower?

Unlike traditional showers, anybody can host a virtual baby shower. That means it’s OK (and normal!) for the mom-to-be, or parents-to-be, to host their own shower!

This is because etiquette rules for online events are significantly different from the baby showers you’re used to attending. So if the expecting mom, mother-in-law, grandmother-to-be, or friend wants to throw the shower, they can have at it!

Do Virtual Baby Showers Have A Theme?

You can absolutely have a theme for a virtual baby shower! If you’re throwing a virtual shower for the expecting mom, consider choosing the theme and decorations for her. That way, it takes the pressure off of her to make all the decisions.

(Read below to find out more about virtual decorations!)

Do You Play Games At A Virtual Baby Shower?

This is a completely personal decision, but playing a game is a good way to keep your virtual guests engaged in the party! Just keep in mind how much time you have and plan from there.

How Long Does The Party Last?

Virtual baby showers won’t last as long as your typical two-hour traditional shower. This is for a couple of reasons.

First, there may be time limits on your online platform. Also, recognize that it’s harder to stay virtually present for two hours or more. An hour to an hour and a half is an ideal length of time for an online celebration.

Of course, some guests may want to chat a little while longer. So if your digital platform allows for it (and you’re not too tired), keep on chatting!

10 Tips For Throwing An Online Celebration

Expecting parents attending their virtual baby shower

1) Send Out Invites

First, decide on the location, online platform, date, and time of the party. (Plan the virtual baby shower at the same time you would a traditional shower: around mom’s eighth month of pregnancy.) Now you’re ready to send out virtual invitations!

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For more ideas of what to include on a baby registry, check out our article Baby Registry Checklist: The Complete Checklist For New Parents.

2) Test Your Party Link

Before you sent out the invitations, you determined what virtual platform you wanted to use, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Now’s the time to make sure everything is going to work smoothly!

It’s a good idea to test your party link before the shower to help eliminate any possible technical difficulties. Recruit a few friends or family members and send them a link or invite so you can perform a test run.

3) Create A Schedule

Set a schedule for your party is super important, especially if there’s a time limit on your chosen digital platform. We recommend making a list of what you want to do at the celebration in order of importance.

Here’s a sample schedule to help you make the most of your virtual party:

  • 1:00 - 1:05 - Greeting and welcoming guests
  • 1:05 - 1:15 - Make a toast and share a dish
  • 1:15 - 1:30 - Play a game
  • 1:30 - 1:45 - Open or reveal gifts
  • 1:45 - 1:55 - Time of sharing
  • 1:55 - 2:00 - Saying thank you and good-bye

4) Gather Decorations

virtual baby shower decorations

If you’re throwing your own virtual shower, you can use any area where you’re the most comfortable — your living room, kitchen, or back yard — as the setting for the party. Hang streamers and balloons that match your theme to help set the mood.

If you’re throwing a virtual baby shower for the mom-to-be, consider sending her a box of decorations so she doesn’t have to worry about choosing and buying things. She’ll be so excited to open the box and see what you’ve come up with!

5) Plan Games

If you choose to play games at the celebration, decide ahead of time whether or not you’ll give out prizes. If the answer is yes, focus on virtual prizes — like an ebook, egift card, or other digital product — to eliminate the hassle and cost of shipping.

Remember to plan ahead for game supplies (if any), and take a look at some game suggestions below.

How Many?

Fill a jar with small candies or beads and let each guest guess how many they think are inside the jar. Whoever guesses the closest is the winner!

Name That Tune

Play a popular baby song or nursery rhyme and see who can guess the correct song first!

Baby Scavenger Hunt

Get your guests engaged with a scavenger hunt! Make a list of baby items — like a bottle, blanket, hat, toy, or lotion — for guests to find around their homes.

If you have a large group, assign one item at a time. Only the first five people to come back with the baby item can move on to the next round to find the next item.

If you have a smaller group, don’t eliminate any guests. Instead, set a timer and give your guests a list of all the items at once. Whoever comes back with the most items when the timer goes off wins!

Alphabet Names

Set a timer for one to two minutes and have each guest write a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. When the timer goes off, see who has the most names listed.

6) Decide How You Want To Handle Gifts

Mom opening up presents during virtual baby shower

The great thing about a virtual baby shower is that you can do things however you want, including opening gifts!

Guests can mail their gifts to the mom-to-be before the shower, and she can open them during or after the shower. Another option is to have guests buy their gift and reveal it during the party. With this option, the guests will mail their gifts after the celebration.

Whatever you decide, let your guests know well in advance. This way, they have plenty of time to look over the baby registry list, buy the gift, and mail it out (or pick it up) in time for the party.

7) Share A Dish Or Drink

If you want the guests to share a time of eating and drinking, make sure you clarify this in the invitation so they can come prepared. You can set aside a designated time for “mingling” together and even toast the mom-to-be.

8) Invite Guests To Share Something Special

If you have enough time, ask each guest to share something special for the mom- or parents-to-be. They can give a word of encouragement, something they’re looking forward to, or anything else they want to share.

If you only have a few minutes for sharing, set a time limit (like one minute per person) or select only two to three people to share.

9) Record The Party

One of the benefits of a virtual baby shower? You can record the entire celebration so the family can savor the moment for years to come!

It might be a good idea to recruit some people to do a test run of the recording before the party starts so you know exactly how to record the online gathering.

10) Send Thank-You Notes

During the party, create a running list of guests and gifts presented. At the end of the party, take some time to thank all the guests for attending.

Afterward, write and mail thank-you notes to guests for attending and — from the parents-to-be — for the thoughtful gifts.

Showering The Mom-To-Be With Love

Pregnant woman holding belly in safari themed nursery

Even though you can’t be with the mom-to-be in person, you can still shower her with love from a distance. And, mom, we know it’s not your first choice, but a virtual baby shower is the next best thing!

When you’re preparing a baby registry for virtual guests to check out, keep Newton Baby’s safe sleep products in mind! And to make the most of a virtual baby shower, remember our tips for throwing an online celebration, and don’t forget to shower the baby (and parents!) with love!

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