While welcoming a baby into your life is amazing, it can also be exhausting! Your newborn probably won’t sleep through the night for the first few weeks or months of their life. That’s where a night nurse becomes invaluable.

Even if you know what a night nurse is, you may not be aware of all the benefits they can bring to your and your new baby’s life.

In this article, we’ll discuss those benefits and help you decide if hiring nighttime assistance is right for you and your family.
Part of the fun of expecting a baby is decorating the nursery. If you want your nursery decorations to include a mobile, consider turning it into a DIY project! Not sure how to make a mobile? We’ll tell you what you need to know.

Your job is to dream up the perfect mobile, and our job is to tell you how to make it!

In this article, we’ll give you an idea of the supplies you’ll need, talk about how to craft your mobile, and provide tips on how to make it safe for your little one.
When it comes to their baby’s sleep, the most common questions new parents ask are: How do I get my baby to sleep in a crib, and, how do I get my baby to sleep through the night? Thankfully, the answer to both questions is the same: baby sleep aids.

In this article, the experts at Newton Baby list some of the best baby sleep aids you can use to help your newborn fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

We know it can be difficult to put your newborn down when they first come home — cuddling is so much fun! Sometimes, though, you need a safe place to lay your little one when it’s time to take a shower, prepare a bottle, or grab a bite to eat. A baby bouncer is the ideal solution!

In this complete buying guide, we give you all the information you need to choose the best baby bouncer for you and your newborn.

Ask 10 parents about nursery organization and you’ll probably get 10 different answers! That’s because choosing furniture and arranging your baby’s room is a personal decision that depends on how much you use the nursery throughout the day.

The first few months of your baby’s life come with so many transitions for your little one and for you as a parent! One of the big changes — learning how to transition your baby to a crib — comes when your little one outgrows their bassinet.

If making this change feels overwhelming to you, you’re not alone. Lots of parents stress over the move!

That’s why we’ve created a list of tips for how to transition your baby to the nursery and their crib. But first, let’s go over a few guidelines for when this transition should happen.
Learning how to get your baby to sleep in their crib is a tough transition for most parents. You and your little one may be used to sleeping together. Or your newborn may prefer sleeping in a swing or a car seat.

When they’re in those familiar environments, they fall asleep quickly and without fuss. But these are not long-term solutions for a safe, successful newborn sleep schedule. Eventually, it’s best for everyone involved if your baby sleeps in their crib.

In this article, we give you six tips about how to get your baby to sleep in a crib so you and your family can rest easy again.
Nothing compares to late-night snuggles with your little one. But when you’re denied a good night’s sleep over and over again, you start to feel the effects. You may begin desperately wondering how to get your baby to sleep through the night!

Maybe you’re dreaming about the day when your baby sleeps all night long so you can actually sleep all night long. But how exactly do you accomplish this gargantuan task?

In this article, our experts at Newton Baby offer a few tips for parents to help this dream become a reality!

  You know you’re a parent when you start thinking (or worrying) about how daylight-saving time (DST) on Sunday, March 8th is going to interfere with your baby or toddler’s sleep. Fear not! With a solid plan, you can sail through DST with minimal disruption to your child’s sleep.   Daylight Savings Time Starts on Sunday, March 8th at 2am. We will move our clocks forward one hour. This means 6am is now 7am – and 7pm is really 8pm.   Plan ahead. About 7 to 9 days before the time change, start shifting your baby’s nap and bedtime by 15 minutes...

There’s nothing quite like watching your sweet newborn sleeping peacefully! If you’ve decided to let them snooze in a bassinet for the first few months, you’ll need to know what to look for to keep your baby safe and cozy during every sleep.

The Newton Baby experts are here to help you choose the perfect bassinet. We’ll explain the main differences between bassinets and cribs and then tell you 12 things to look for when shopping for a bassinet! 

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