27 Best And Most Helpful Baby Products For Busy Parents In 2024

Sometimes parents just need a little help when it comes to taking care of their baby. The good news is that inventors have ramped up their creativity in the baby-products realm!

If you’re a busy parent who’s looking for products that will make your life just a little bit easier, check out our 27 best and most helpful baby products for 2024.

Baby Products For Hygiene

 Baby laying on crib mattress next to baby toys

1) Nasal Aspirator

Your baby can’t blow their nose, so when their nose gets stuffy or runny, what’s a parent to do? Grab a nasal aspirator and let it do all the work for you.

An electric nasal aspirator comes with different suction levels, so it’s great for babies and toddlers!

2) Electric Nail Trimmer

If you’re nervous about trying to cut your baby’s nails, you’re not alone. Throw out the nail clippers and grab a nail trimmer instead.

An easy-to-use electric nail trimmer is quick and quiet. It comes with different trimmer pads that are designed to fit your baby’s growing needs.

3) Baby Medicine Dispenser

Giving medicine to your baby isn’t always a piece of cake. You’ll find that your little one may spit up or gag on their medicine.

You can bypass these hiccups when using a paci-style medicine dispenser. It sends the medicine to the side of your baby’s cheek so they don’t spit it up and can get the full dose.

4) Touchless Forehead Thermometer

To help give you peace of mind when your little one seems to be feeling under the weather, use a touchless forehead thermometer.

You can do a quick temperature check during the day and even throughout the night without waking up your baby!

5) Soft Foam Changing Pad

 baby laying on Soft Foam Changing Pad

With a soft foam changing pad, you don’t need a cover like you do with traditional ones. They’re much easier to keep clean, which is perfect for messy diaper changes.

Plus, the pad won’t slide around when you’re trying to change a wiggly baby!

6) Bath Sink Insert

You may not always have time to give your baby a full bath in the tub, especially when those middle-of-the-day messes happen!

A bath sink insert might be just the ticket. It fits right into your kitchen sink so you can give your baby a quick, safe bath as needed.

7) Silicone Natural Teether

As you probably know, teething makes babies super fussy and uncomfortable. A silicone teether will quickly ease your baby’s pain, and they’re eco-friendly!

8) Diaper Caddy Organizer

Your day goes a little bit smoother when all of your baby’s products are organized.

Use a diaper caddy to keep up with all of your baby’s necessities, like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, diaper cream, lotion, and swaddles. To top it off, it’s portable and easy to carry around the house!

Baby Products For Sleeping

 Baby wearing baby products for sleeping

9) Multi-Use Sound Machine

A nightlight and sound machine combo is a nursery must-have!

This multi-use baby product creates the perfect sleep environment for your baby by giving just the right amount of light — super important for those late-night feedings — and calming sounds to lull your little one to sleep.

10) Bassinet

Your baby will need to sleep in your room for at least the first six months, so you may want to keep a bassinet in your bedroom to save on space.

And because you’ll wake up at all hours of the night, it will make things a little bit easier for you during the newborn stage.

11) Convertible Crib And Changer

Eventually, your baby will grow out of their bassinet, so they’ll need to sleep in a crib. A convertible crib is a practical investment and meets your baby’s growing needs.

12) Newton Baby Crib Mattress

 Newton baby crib mattress is a must have for baby products

Your baby will need something to sleep on in their crib. A Newton Baby Crib Mattress is the perfect complement to any crib! It’s breathable and washable, making it super unique in design.

13) Newton Baby Organic Cotton Sheets

If you have a Newton Crib Mattress, you know by now that you don’t necessarily need crib sheets. But our Breathable, Organic Cotton Sheets are the perfect addition to any nursery design!

The great thing about these sheets? Our all-around elastic guarantees a safe, snug fit for any crib mattress.

14) Newton Baby Organic Cotton Swaddles

Newborns need to be swaddled to sleep well. This technique mimics the womb and gives your baby the best possible chance at falling and staying asleep.

Try our breathable Organic Swaddle Blankets to keep your baby safe and comfy!

Baby Products For Feeding

 Mom thinking about baby products that can help with breastfeeding

15) Electric Breast Pump

An electric breast pump allows you to pump on the go because you don’t always have access to electrical outlets to plug in your pump.

This is the perfect addition to your diaper bag, and you can carry it with you anywhere!

16) Formula Dispenser Machine

As a busy parent, let the formula dispenser machine make bottles for you!

Just set the formula concentration, water temperature, and volume. The machine will heat, mix, and dispense the formula. You can even control it through an app.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

17) Free Hand Baby Bottle Holder

Because you’ll spend a lot of time feeding your baby, a free hand baby bottle holder is a must. This is the perfect solution for parents who need to multitask while feeding their baby.

The product sits over your shoulder and has a place for you to rest the bottle. Now you can read to your baby, massage your baby, or even enjoy dinner with the family and still feed your baby at the same time!

18) Baby Bottle Holder

Have you ever tried prepping a bottle while you’re holding your baby, like when you’re pouring breast milk from a bag into a bottle? If so, you understand how easily the bottle can slip and make a mess.

This baby product holds the bottle in place as you prepare their bottle.

 Dad using a baby product to hold bottle in place

19) Baby Bottle Warmer

Trying to heat up breast milk in warm water can sometimes take a while.

And since the only concept of time your baby has is “right now,” a bottle warmer can speed up the process and help keep your little one content.

20) Nursing And Car Seat Cover

A coverup combo is a nursing cover and car seat cover in one.

It helps make breastfeeding in public easier if you want to be discreet. Plus, when your baby is in their car seat and you want to protect them from the sun, wind, or hands, you can place the same cover over the car seat.

Baby Gear Products

 Mom holding newborn in nursery

21) Travel System

A travel system gives you all you need in the baby gear department: a stroller and a car seat.

These combos are great for when your baby is sleeping and you don’t want to take them out of their car seat. Simply snap the car seat right into the stroller and you’re good to go!

22) Portable Play Yard

If you like to travel, a portable play yard will make your vacation days a breeze. Not only do they provide a safe place for your baby to sleep, but they also provide a safe play space for your baby.

23) Newborn Lounger

Visiting friends and family with a baby can be a little tricky. Bring your newborn lounger with you wherever you go so your baby has a safe place to lie on.

24) Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Before you know it, your baby will want to explore and play all the time. But if your little one isn’t sitting up on their own yet, use a sit-me-up floor seat to give them support and help them strengthen their muscles.

25) Infant Seat

 baby in infant swing

An infant seat, like a rocker or swing, will be most helpful during your baby’s first few months. It can help soothe and calm your baby if they get fussy and allow you to free up your hands for a bit.

26) 2-in-1 Feeding Seat

Instead of your typical highchair, consider using a 2-in-1 feeding seat instead.

This versatile baby product gives your baby a play area and can be used as their feeding seat at the table. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

27) Washable Activity Mat

Perfect for relaxing or practicing tummy time, a washable activity mat engages your baby’s senses. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it with you on vacation or when you’re visiting friends and family.

Easy Living: One Baby Product At A Time

 Mom laying next to newborn on newton baby crib mattress

We know being a parent is an around-the-clock job. Keep our list of the most helpful baby products in mind to make things a little bit easier around the house and when you’re on the go.

One of our favorite baby products is our Crib Mattress. We want to help parents get a good night’s sleep, and that starts with your baby getting a good night’s sleep on a Newton Baby Crib Mattress!

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