30 Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas for New Moms

Looking for gift ideas for a new mom? Here are 30 postpartum gift basket ideas that will help her take care of her new bundle of joy and herself.

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Practical postpartum gift basket ideas

Diaper Bag Filled with items - postpartum gift basket

Becoming a parent means learning about all sorts of things you didn’t know you needed. We’ll start with some postpartum gift basket items to help with things like feeding and changing ― and for taking care of the things the new parent just doesn’t have time for.

1) Reusable nursing pads

Breastfeeding can leave a new mom’s nipples chafed and raw, and leakage can be embarrassing and ruin clothes.

Reusable breast pads slip into whatever she’s wearing to soothe sensitivity and stop leaks, and they’re eco-friendlier than disposable ones.

2) Breast pump

A good breast pump makes the process of pumping easier and more comfortable. In recent years, a range of wearable options designed to let mom pump discreetly on the go have hit the market.

3) Diaper bag

Why should mom or dad just “make do” with any old tote or duffel for carrying diapers when they can have something they love? The best modern diaper bags come in easy-to-clean fabrics, offer features like built-in changing pads, and (dare we say it?) even look stylish.

4) Hip carrier or baby sling

Mom is going to spend a lot of time carrying around her bundle of joy. Make it easier on her with a baby sling or hip carrier.

There are many high-quality options available in a variety of soft, pretty fabrics, and some even have storage pockets like a super-mom utility belt!

5) Newton Baby gift card

Newton Baby gift cards to add in a postpartum gift basket

At Newton Baby, we offer scientifically tested bassinets, cribs, and more to help baby sleep safe and sound so parents can get the rest they need. Gift cards come in amounts from $50 to $500.

6) Meal delivery gift card

Being a new mom is hungry work, but parents might not have the time or energy to cook, let alone handle the kitchen cleanup. A gift card for a service like Doordash or UberEats is always a solid addition to a postpartum gift basket.

7) Meal kit service gift card

Maybe the problem isn’t preparing food, but finding time to buy groceries.

Giving the new parents a membership to a service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh takes care of that issue by having all the ingredients they need for great meals delivered right to their door.

8) Cleaning service gift certificate

Cleaning service gift certificate great for Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas

For most new parents, keeping a tiny human alive takes priority over tidying up. A gift certificate for a cleaning service can make home a much more pleasant environment while mom is mostly stuck there with a newborn.

9) Swaddles

Swaddling helps babies sleep by making them feel secure and calming their startle reflex. Look for swaddles made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo, with an easy-to-use design.

10) Newton Baby Crib Sheets

Newton Baby Crib Sheets

Newton Baby crib sheets are breathable, washable, hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and cushy on baby’s skin, and fit snugly on any crib mattress.

Pampering Postpartum Gift Basket Ideas

Now that we’ve covered some ideas to help parents tackle essential day-to-day tasks, let’s think about some postpartum gift basket items that will help mom relax, unwind, and enjoy motherhood.

11) Matcha tea kit

Many new moms give up coffee to reduce their caffeine intake while breastfeeding. We salute your sacrifice, mamas!

Help fill the void in her morning routine with a matcha kit, including green tea powder and a whisk or milk foamer to make an antioxidant-rich matcha latte.

12) Ember Smart Mug

Ember Smart MugSource: Ember

This one goes great with our last gift idea. Enough time to enjoy a cup of tea before it gets cold is a luxury moms of newborns rarely get.

Ember’s line of mugs can keep her drink warm for over an hour, or even longer on the charging coaster.

13) Belly butter

Using belly butter during pregnancy can help hydrate skin to prevent itchy dryness. After the baby has arrived, it can help prevent stretch marks as the skin is shrinking back to its normal size.

14) Comfy slippers

Comfy slippers to include in a Postpartum Gift Basket for new moms

Many women experience pain in their feet during pregnancy, and their shoes may not fit due to postpartum swelling, so a cozy, easy-to-slip-on pair of slippers can be a godsend.

15) Therabody Theragun Mini

Therabody Theragun MiniSource: Therabody

The Theragun Mini is a portable deep muscle massage device that will feel great on all of mom’s postpartum aches and pains. It’s small enough to take anywhere and quiet enough not to wake a sleeping baby.

16) Audible membership

You can gift a membership to Amazon’s audiobook service Audible in one-month, three-month, six-month, or one-year increments.

This is an especially great idea for a mom who loves to read but can’t hold a book because her hands are always full with her bundle of joy.

17) Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are great to include in a Postpartum Gift Basket

Pairing great with the previous item on the list, a high-quality set of noise-canceling headphones will help a new mom relax with her favorite audiobooks, music, or podcast during those precious moments she gets to herself.

18) Weighted blanket

You may notice that gifts to help mom sleep better are a recurring theme on this list!

Weighted blankets help promote better sleep through pressure stimulation, similar to the feeling of a hug, increasing production of serotonin and melatonin.

19) Ice roller

Ice rollers reduce puffiness, tightening up the skin and brightening up the complexion. Using one is an easy way for a new mom to feel better about herself when she doesn’t have time for her full beauty routine.

20) Spafinder gift card

Spafinder offers physical and e-gift cards to treat her to some pampering at any of thousands of spas and salons nationwide.

21) Heated pillow

A heated pillow or heating pad can be a new mom’s best friend in relieving post-labor soreness.

22) Hand lotion

Woman applying lotion she got in a Postpartum Gift Basket

Repeated hand-washing after diaper changes can leave a new mom’s skin dried out, and pregnancy hormones can also throw off skin’s natural healthy balance.

Moisturizing lotion will keep her hands soft and beautiful.

23) Silk pillowcase

A hypoallergenic silk pillowcase is a luxurious self-care item that’s great for a new mom’s skin and hair.

24) Promptly Complete Childhood History Journal

Promptly Complete Childhood History JournalSource: Promptly

This is a pregnancy journal, baby book, and childhood memory book all in one, with guided prompts to help parents record milestones of their child’s life from pregnancy to age 18.

Beyond The Basket

We admit we’re “cheating” a little with these last few items: they’re probably too big to fit in a postpartum gift basket. But they’re too good to leave off the list!

25) Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard

Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard

Our Travel Crib and Play Yard has a compact-when-folded design, an optional zip-in bassinet insert, and a surface area two times larger than the competition for an extended lifetime of use and tons of room for better sleep and play.

26) Photo printer

All of those adorable baby snapshots parent’s are taking shouldn’t have to only live on their phone. A compact photo printer that connects to the phone will make quick and easy prints to stick on the fridge, put in a scrapbook, or share with family.

27) White noise machine

The womb is a noisier place than you might think. A white noise machine in the nursery helps soothe babies to sleep by replicating those calming sounds. Some also double as night lights.

28) Bottle sterilizer

A bottle sterilizer is a great way to ensure that not only baby bottles but also pumps and pacifiers stay completely clean. Choices range from simple steam sterilizers that go in the microwave to ultra-quick UV light-based options.

29) Shiatsu foot massager

As we’ve mentioned, pregnancy is hard on a woman’s feet. Her tired tootsies need all of the pampering they can get before she has to start chasing a toddler!

30) Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby MonitorSource: Owlet

Keep parents from worrying about their bundle of joy when they finally do sleep with this state-of-the-art baby monitor system.

It has an HD camera with a feed that syncs to a phone or tablet, and a special sock for baby’s foot that monitors heart rate and oxygen levels and tracks their sleep patterns.

Give the gift of better sleep with Newton Baby

Parents holding newborn

Whether you’re focused on finding a gift for the new mom in your life that’s convenient and useful or want to give her a gift that will spoil her a little and make her feel special, we hope you’ve found some inspiration on this list.

Baby sleeping through the night means mom gets to sleep through the night, so anything that helps her little one slumber peacefully is a great gift! Our cribs, bassinets, mattresses, and sheets are designed to give babies peaceful, safe sleep.

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