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19 Nursery Ideas For Creating A Space Your Baby Can Thrive In

20 nursery ideas

The nursery is your baby’s very first personal living space. With all the decisions you face for your little one — from which pediatrician you’ll see to how you’ll feed your newborn and everything in-between — choosing between different nursery ideas is one decision that you can enjoy making!

While your little one won’t remember the wall decor or color scheme in their nursery, they will remember the “feel” of the room — specifically, the feeling of love and security.

You’ll be spending quite a bit of time in your baby’s nursery, so you want to make it an inviting space for both you and your little one. It’s there that you’ll change your baby’s diapers, rock them to sleep, read them books, and so much more.

But what’s most important is to design a space that is comfortable and safe for your baby, where they can sleep, play, and thrive. With that in mind, take a look at these 19 nursery ideas from the Newton Baby experts!

Nursery Ideas

1) Less Is More

minimalist nursery ideas

Keep it simple by sticking with only the baby essentials and choosing a soft color scheme. The nursery isn’t necessarily all about decor. The warmth and security your baby feels are enough for them.

2) Bold Colors And Patterns

bright and bold nursery ideas

Traditionally, many parents lean toward pastel colors. But don’t be afraid to add in some bold colors throughout your little one’s nursery! You can also stimulate your baby’s vision with patterns.

Add in contrasting colors or patterns on wallpaper, a mural wall, nursery bedding, or a rug.

3) Book Nook

If you can’t seem to get your head out of a book, odds are your baby will inherit the same love of reading. But just to be sure they do, fill the nursery with shelves lined with books.

Keep the nursery walls white and stock the shelves with as many classic titles as you can. The book covers themselves will serve as the decor and add a pop of color on top of the white walls.

4) Fresh Farmhouse

country rustic nursery ideas

Are cotton wreaths and wooden pallets on your mind? If so, rustic is the way to go. Just imagine a warm and cozy retreat for your little one.

Mix woods with natural textures to provide just the right dose of stimulation for your growing baby. The possibilities are endless with this theme. Both you and your baby will enjoy the laid-back setting for years to come.

5) Shabby-Chic

A shabby-chic nursery is all about textures, like ruffles and fringe. And shabby-chic themes most often incorporate a floral pattern of some sort.

The pleasant and inviting setting created from this nursery idea is the perfect space to bring your little one home to.

6) Vintage

Let your imagination run wild because the vintage genre ranges anywhere from Victorian themes to retro themes. And when it comes to vintage, think antique for an extra-special touch.

With a vintage nursery, you’ll create a space that activates not only your baby’s creative side but yours as well.

7) Boho

Mix colors, patterns, and textures to create the perfect boho setting for your baby’s nursery. Have fun with this whimsical theme by adding some creative wall art.

A bohemian feel will pique your baby’s interest and engage their senses — especially their sense of sight and touch — as they grow.

8) Small Nursery

small nursery ideas

 A mini crib and Newton’s Mini Crib Mattress are the best options for maximizing tight quarters. But keep in mind that just because the crib and mattress are smaller doesn’t mean they’re any less functional. 

With the perfect combination of cushy firmness and total breathability, your baby will get their best sleep ever (and so will you)!

9) Room For Two

If you’re expecting twins, conserving space and finding storage is probably at the top of your list. Mini cribs are an excellent option in this scenario, too, especially if your twins will be sharing a nursery.

10) Beach Nursery

The beach is known for its calming effects. And that’s exactly the type of atmosphere you’ll create with this nursery idea.

The soothing blues and greens that fill the room set a relaxing mood to help your baby easily drift off to sleep.

11) Woodland Nursery

woodland nursery ideas

Maybe the woods are your home away from home. To bring in the warmth from the outdoors, use nature-inspired decor, like fuzzy animals, trees, antlers, and wooden accents.

While the nursery may not be as quiet as the woods, you’ll enjoy sweet baby sounds in this peaceful-looking environment.

12) In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The sky’s the limit with this nursery idea. Cozy up under the decor of the sun, moon, and stars, and gaze into your little one’s eyes while you rock them to sleep.

13) Rockin’ The Dots

polka dot nursery ideas

Polka dots are a fun nursery idea that provides a bit of entertainment for your little one. Adding a few nursery items with polka dots gives just the right amount of color to this playful space.

And all of the colorful circles will keep your baby occupied and intrigued!

14) Welcome To The Jungle

jungle nursery ideas

If the outdoors feel like home for you, then this nursery idea will suit you and your baby well. To create a jungle-inspired nursery, use tropical leaves or plants, animal prints, and plush safari animals as decor.

Then turn on your baby’s sound machine because there’s nothing like snuggling up with your little one to the sights and sounds of the rainforest in the background.

15) Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Decorate the nursery with the colors of the rainbow or use a rainbow print throughout to create a magical atmosphere.

If you’re looking for the pot of gold, you might not find it here. But a restful night’s sleep is the gold you will find in this nursery with Newton Baby’s breathable Crib Mattress.

16) Down To Earth

Create a simple yet functional nursery with earth tones. Use different shades of brown as your background for this nursery idea. To complement the natural backdrop, add accent colors with blue and green sheets and blankets.

You and your baby will be able to bond and unwind in this down-to-earth setting.

17) Personalized Nursery

personalized nursery ideas

If you already have a name chosen for your baby, consider decorating the nursery with personalized items. Display your baby’s name on cute signs and boards throughout their room, or personalize blankets and swaddles for your little one.

18) Wake Up And Smell The Roses

Display vases filled with flowers to freshen the nursery. Choose flower decor — wall decals, collages, wallpapers, mobiles, and floral hoop wreaths — to place throughout the nursery for a welcoming environment.

19) Adventure Awaits

Are you known for seeking out adventure? Consider decorating your baby’s nursery with maps. You can even designate one in particular to display places you’ve visited.

You’ll be sure to feel at home even when you have the urge to pack your family’s bags and go!

Creating A Safe And Comfortable Nursery

The Crib

The crib is generally considered the centerpiece of the nursery. After all, it is the place where your baby will spend most of their time, making crib safety a huge concern.

Here at Newton Baby, safety is our number one priority when it comes to crib mattresses. Our breathable, washable, and comfortable mattress is the perfect foundation for safe sleeping.

safe crib mattress

And for an even better sleeping experience for your little one, try Newton Baby’s Crib Sheets, which are designed for superior airflow and complement the breathability of our mattresses.

The Changing Table

With all the diapers you’ll be changing over the years, a durable changing table is a must-have. This important piece of nursery furniture will provide you with an area to place all of your diaper-changing essentials while caring for your baby.

Tip: Be sure to always keep a hand on your little one while changing their diaper, and never leave them unattended. You never know when your baby will start rolling over!

The Nursery Chair

You’ll rock your little one back and forth time and time again. There will be countless feedings and stories happening in this chair, so make it as comfortable and inviting as possible.

The Lighting

Lastly, lighting is another contributing factor to the overall comfort of the nursery. Your baby’s eyes are sensitive during the first few months, so you don’t want the nursery to be too bright.

Fill it with warm, soft lighting to create a calming ambiance for your baby.

Welcome To Our Crib

newton baby nursery ideas

The main focus when designing your baby’s nursery is to make it an area that is safe for your baby, comfortable for you, and that allows your little one to flourish.

Whatever nursery idea you decide to use, remember to choose a durable, breathable mattress to keep your baby safe while sleeping. With Newton’s Crib Mattress and Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad, your little one is sure to enjoy a full night’s sleep in their nursery, where they’ll rest, play, and thrive for years to come!


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