66 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Modern Parents

list of baby shower gift ideas

When it’s your turn to celebrate a friend’s baby on the way, you want to bring the perfect gift for the baby shower! But it can be difficult to think of something that’s unique, meaningful, and expresses your love. If you’re running short on baby shower gift ideas, look no further.

With these 66 ideas from Newton Baby, you’re sure to find something that’s just right.

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

We’ve separated our gift ideas into two sections: gifts for baby and gifts for mom and dad. Show your love for the new little one and their parents with the ideas listed below!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Baby

1) Handmade Art

Create your own piece of artwork to match the baby’s nursery! Paint a picture, take a special photograph and put it in a frame, or even make a piece of pottery (for a high shelf in baby’s room of course). If you’re not artsy, check into a local art sale.

2) Crib Mattress

A good night of sleep is priceless. Give the gift of sound sleep with a breathable crib mattress. Babies can breathe straight through Newton’s Crib Mattress, plus it’s comfortable and washable from cover to core. Bye-bye mold, bacteria, and allergens!
baby laying on back in crib

3) Monogrammed Burp Cloths

Babies go through lots of burp cloths. Even though spit-up isn’t so stylish, it doesn’t mean the burp cloth can’t be. Make the realities of having a baby extra special and help mom and dad stock up with monogrammed or embroidered burp cloths.

4) Basket Of Baby-Proofing Necessities

The gift of safety is a good one. Babies begin moving and rolling over in no time. Give parents a head start on baby-proofing by creating a basket of things they’ll need, like outlet covers and safety latches for cabinets.

5) Mattress Pad

When late-night messes strike, the new parents will be grateful for a mattress pad. Newton’s mattress pads are machine-washable for quick and easy cleanup. Get one for now and a spare for later in case the bed needs to be changed in the middle of the night.

baby shower gift ideas - crib mattress

6) Monthly Milestone Blanket

A monthly milestone blanket makes it easy to get that social-media-worthy photo to show baby’s growth every month. Friends and family will love following along, watching baby grow and change all year long on the milestone blanket.

7) Rocking Chair

A rocking chair or glider is a perfect gift for hours of rocking, cuddling, and snuggling the new little one. Choose a seat that is comfy and easily cleanable.

8) Stack Of Books

Books make thoughtful baby shower gift ideas. Invest in baby’s education with a stack of great books. You could choose a selection of board books, bedtime stories, or even some classic titles that they will read in the future and cherish for life.

For a special touch, write a sweet note and the date of the gift on the inside cover of your favorite title!

9) Personalized Book

Looking for one-of-a-kind baby shower gift ideas? Spark lifelong imagination with a personalized book that includes baby’s name in the title and throughout the book. Who wouldn’t love a story that’s all about them? This will surely be a treasured keepsake.

10) Book And Blanket Combo

For lots of reading snuggles, create a cute book-and-blanket combo gift.

11) Sheets

Crib sheets are a cute yet practical baby shower gift. Newton’s Crib Sheet is made of organic cotton and is 100% breathable (perfect to pair with a breathable mattress). Choose from lots of adorable patterns.

crib sheets are a wonderful baby shower gift idea

12) Diapers

What new parent doesn’t need tons of diapers? Stock their shelves with cloth or disposable diapers, depending on their preference. Be sure to get a range of sizes from itty bitty to toddler. They will definitely come in handy!

13) Diaper Cake

diaper cake baby shower gift idea

If you’re giving diapers, make your gift pretty and unique by creating a diaper cake! Roll the diapers and set them up in tiers. Then, add bows and baubles to finish off the masterpiece!

14) Diaper Bag

With lots of different diaper bags on the market, find one that’s functional and also perfectly suits mom and dad’s personality. A modern backpack-style or one that attaches to the stroller is nice for everyone to use, or get one that makes a statement. Just make sure it has lots of pockets!

15) First-Year Photo Frame

A frame with 12 photo slots lets parents capture their little one’s first year with one photo a month. You could even couple this with a milestone blanket (above). A memorable gift for sure!

16) Mobile

Mobiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have little mirrors so baby can get familiar with their smile, and some play lullabies to help them sleep. Just make sure to find one that matches baby’s nursery theme.

17) Baby Bath Kit

Put together a baby bath kit. If you’re a parent, include some tried-and-true bath necessities: Think hooded towels, bath toys, fragrance-free soaps, a kneeler (for the parents’ knees), and a spout cover. Or simply fill a basket (or better yet, a tub) with bath items off the parents’ registry.

18) First Aid Kit

Do you want to find more practical baby shower gift ideas? Every parent needs a baby first aid kit on hand. You can put your own together or buy one online. You might even add a voucher for a baby CPR class!

19) Gift Basket

Everyone loves a basketful of goodies. Get creative and put together a gift basket with items for the parents as well as their little one. It’s fun to mix it up with a selection of books, toys, teethers, pacifiers, clothing, and stuffed animals, for instance. Pick a color theme and run with it!

20) Handmade Clothes

Why not knit or sew something handmade for the new little one? Handmade clothes are a unique baby shower gift that is straight from the heart.

21) Crib

Put mom and dad’s mind at ease by taking care of this important part of the nursery. Combine it with the right-size crib mattress for a complete gift.

crib baby shower gift ideas

22) Stroller

A fresh pair of wheels makes a great gift. A stroller is one of the most important purchases for a newborn, as it’s how they’ll get around on their daily adventures. Check mom and dad’s registry to see what they like, and then either add to cart or go in with a group of friends.

23) Car Seat

Another key item that new parents will need is a super-safe infant car seat. If the safety ratings say thumbs up, then double-check that the car seat is compatible with their favorite stroller. You might want to get the car seat adapters, too.

24) Travel Crib

When the new family is on the go, they’ll need a good travel crib: something that’s light, versatile, and portable. Newton Baby’s Travel Crib & Playard is a great choice, as it’s all those things and fully breathable and easy to wash, too.

25) Bouncer

New parents are always looking for safe spots to put baby down for a moment while they throw clothes and sheets in the laundry, prepare a meal, or just rest their arms for a spell. A bouncer is a great option for a little one to relax in. You can even add a toy bar!

26) High Chair

Even though they cannot sit up yet, the baby will be getting their seat at the table before they know it. Get them ready by gifting a high chair that matches the parents’ style sense. It also should be easy to clean because little ones are notoriously messy eaters!

27) Feeding Accessories

You might want to gift a selection of feeding accessories to go with that high chair, from bottles and sippy cups to plates, bowls, and first utensils.

28) Baby Carrier

Another great gift for new parents is a baby carrier. There’s nothing better than bringing baby around on local errands while being hands-free. Look for one that has multiple positions allowing the little one to face in or out to the world.

29) Soother

A soother for bedtime can help the new baby drift off to sleep. Some feature light shows and music, such as lullabies or ocean sounds that remind baby of their time in the womb. Getting them easily off to Dreamland will be much appreciated.

30) Nightlight

A nightlight is not only practical, but it can also be a cute decor item for the nursery. Nightlights come in all sorts of styles, from sweet animals to glowing stars. For those nighttime feedings, mom and dad will be happy that the little light will show them the way.

31) Bassinet

Think about buying baby their very first bed: the bassinet. Bassinets are smaller than cribs and often placed next to the parent’s bed for convenient nighttime feedings. Our Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper is a great choice because it’s 100% breathable and washable as well.

Made with the same Wovenaire® technology that our mattresses are made of, this bassinet is lightweight, easy to assemble, and portable.

32) A Sun Hat And Shades

With sunny days ahead, a new sunhat and a pair of polarized, UV-protecting sunglasses is a cool gift for the warm weather. These will come in handy for baby’s first day on the beach!

33) Snowsuit

It’s always good to get a jump on the weather, so before the air turns chilly, give them a cute snowsuit for the upcoming season. Choose something easy to put on with a front zipper, and don’t forget the fun, furry hood! Many come with built-in mittens, but if not, select a matching pair to complete the outfit.

34) A Cute Baby Ensemble

Baby’s sense of style is TBD at this point, so there are no hard and fast fashion rules when picking out a fun outfit. Find a brand that you like and choose a hat, onesie, and pants, or dress and sweater set. You might even consider mom or dad’s style for a mini-me effect.

35) A Pair Of Knit Booties

Those sweet feet would be super cozy in a pair of hand-knit booties. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make them yourself as a keepsake.

However, if knitting isn’t your thing, there are many booties available online for every taste: from ivories and whites to sneaker-style brights and pastels with bows.

36) A Stuffed Animal Friend

A cute stuffed animal that’s huggably soft is a nice gift for a newborn baby. It can serve as a decorative item in the room for the first months (not in the crib), and soon enough, it will become baby’s best friend.

Choose something traditional, like a bunny or a bear, or something quirky, like a chameleon or a llama.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom And Dad

37) Professional Photoshoot

Professional maternity photos are a memorable gift that will last a lifetime. Purchase a gift card for a photoshoot or, if you’re a photographer, give them the gift of your time!

38) Framed Ultrasound

Frame a couple of the best ultrasound pictures. Their first framed photos of the new baby!

39) Weighted Blanket

Give the gift of relaxation with a copper-infused weighted blanket. Besides feeling like a warm hug, a weighted blanket increases serotonin and decreases anxiety levels — perfect for expecting parents as well as new parents!

bedding for new parents make great baby shower gift ideas

40) Stroller Phone Mount

When the new baby is born, mom and dad will spend plenty of time walking (or running) with the stroller. A stroller phone mount keeps their cell safe and easy to access.

41) Subscription Box

With a subscription box, mom or dad will receive a box of goodies in the mail each month. Choose from subscription boxes tailored to each month of pregnancy or boxes for each month after baby’s arrival.

42) Childcare

Being a parent is 24/7. With all that’s on their plate, every new parent appreciates childcare. Having a little time to oneself is priceless. Give a gift card to a babysitting service or commit to babysitting the new little one yourself.

43) Meal Or Grocery Service

Sign the expecting parents up for a couple of months of free and easy meals with a meal or grocery delivery service. Not having to think about dinner will be sure to make the parents grateful!

meal delivery service baby shower gift idea for mom

44) Home-Cooked Food

Are you a whizz in the kitchen? Share your talent with the new family. Treat mom and dad to a night off of dinner duty by giving them a home-cooked meal. Yum!

45) Pregnancy Journal

Help mom treasure and remember every moment of pregnancy with a pregnancy journal specifically designed to record each memory.

46) Spa Day

Pregnancy and parenting aren’t always a walk in the park. Wouldn’t a little mani-pedi, facial, or pre-natal massage take some of the stress out of it all? A gift card for a relaxing day at the spa will be just the ticket.

47) Housekeeping Services

Staying on top of housework with a little one around can be difficult. A gift card for housekeeping services will give mom and dad a deep breath and clean house.

48) At-Home Date Night Gift Box

An at-home date night gift box will be perfect for mom and dad in their first few weeks with baby. Date boxes can be a fun combo of activities, conversation starters, snacks, and mood setters (think candles and fragrances). Create your own or order one online.

49) Online Gift Card

Every parent loves the convenience of shopping online, especially now that baby has arrived. For the first few weeks, it will be even harder to get out and about. A gift card allows them to order the last few baby essentials off their registry.

50) Customized Mug

Caffeine is a new-parent must-have. Gift a cute mug customized for the parents-to-be.

custom mug baby shower gift idea for mom

51) Customized Wine Glass

When she can finally drink again, mom will feel even more special sipping wine from a customized wine glass.

52) Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipe Book

An expecting mom can still have fun with mixed drinks! Buy her a recipe book of non-alcoholic drinks and include a personalized martini glass.

53) Pregnancy Compression Socks

Socks might not be the most elegant gift, but pregnancy compression socks will be a practical (and appreciated!) gift for pregnant moms.

54) Slippers

Staying cozy and feeling good at home is important. Keep mom and dad comfy with a pair of matching slippers.

55) Robe

Add a robe to a pair of slippers and you’ve got a winning lounge-wear baby shower gift.

56) Thank-You Card Kit

Receiving lots of gifts also means writing lots of thank you notes. Make their process a little easier by giving thank-you cards, pens, stamps, and personalized return address labels.

57) Maternity Pajamas

Every pregnant mom wants to feel confident and beautiful — even while she sleeps! Gift her a pair of comfortable maternity pajamas, or a cute postnatal pair for those first long nights of hourly feeding.

58) Breastfeeding Supplies

Although breastfeeding doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment, it might be nice to put together some nursing essentials, like cute nursing bras, nursing pads, and a nursing nightgown.

breastfeeding supplies baby shower gift ideas

59) Nursing Cover

For moms who will breastfeed, you can also shop around for a pretty nursing cover that perfectly suits mom’s personality. There are shawls, ponchos, scarves, and aprons. In fact, some nursing covers even come in cashmere, for a truly luxe gift.

60) Memory Book

Every day, there is a new memory made. These formative years promise an unending series of firsts: first smile, first step, first tooth, first word. Give a journal or photo book so mom and dad have a place to store memories of their precious baby from day one.

61) Baby File Folder

Having a baby is an exercise in organization. There are lots of documents the new parents will need to keep track of, like the birth certificate, reports from doctor’s visits, and baby’s passport, for instance.

Why not gift a special baby file folder to help parents keep their little one’s important papers organized and safe?

62) Stroller Hand Muffs

When winter comes around, pushing a stroller can be chilly, and mittens are not ideal for when you need to quickly attend to baby. A pair of stroller hand muffs has become a must-have for parents who want to get some steps in and get a breath of fresh air.

Get a pair that matches their stroller or diaper bag, lined in a nice cozy shearling.

63) Park Picnic Blanket

Once the sunny weather hits, there's nothing nicer than a waterproof park picnic blanket. Mom and dad can load up the diaper bag with bottles and toys for baby and pack a nice lunch for themselves.

They can all enjoy lunch alfresco, and if they’re lucky, might even meet a potential playdate with the same idea.

64) Bestselling Books

Sometimes, a new parent feels out of the loop after having a baby, as nights out on the town are replaced with staying in. Pick up a couple of popular titles at a local bookstore that can be fun to read in between feedings. Get copies for yourself, too, and suggest a mini book club.

They’ll appreciate the tiny break from all things baby with a fast-paced mystery or thriller.

65) Soaps And Lotions

Mom and dad probably can’t get out to the spa these days, so bring the spa to them. Put together a sampling of some luxurious lotions and soaps for an impromptu pampering sesh at home.

Bubble bath, please!

66) A Local Class

There are probably several mommy-and-me or daddy-and-me classes nearby. Take a look and pick one that might be fun for them to do together. It’s a great way to meet others at the same stage of parenthood.

cute baby shower gift ideas

Showing Your Love With Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Show your love and excitement for the new baby with one of these 66 baby shower gift ideas — and win the baby shower and your friend’s heart at the same time.

Consider giving the ultimate baby shower gift that the new parents are sure to love: Newton’s Crib Mattress. Made with 100% breathable materials, this mattress allows baby to breathe straight through it. Plus, it’s completely washable, from cover to core. Bye-bye mold, bacteria, and allergens!

Whether you’re going big with Newton’s Crib Mattress or a spa day or keeping it simple with diapers, sheets, or books, a thoughtful gift will mean the world to the expecting parents and their coming little one!