Play Couch Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Kids' Couch

kids sitting on a play couch

With your little one growing up and exploring more and more, they’ll appreciate their own kid-sized space to play and relax. A kids’ couch or play couch is the perfect addition to a playroom, your child’s bedroom, or the living room.

This is furniture that your child will love since it’s made specifically with them in mind. It’s the perfect size and shape and just their height, too. And it allows you to rest easy knowing your little one is happy and out of harm’s way.

If you’re not sure what type of play couch to choose, let us help.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the factors to consider when choosing the perfect kids’ couch. Then, we’ll review some of the different types of couches so you can choose the one that best fits your space and your child’s personality.

Factors To Consider

Kid playing with a toy plane and blocks


When making any decision for your child, safety is one of the first things that comes to mind. The same is true when it comes to choosing a kids’ couch or play couch: Always consider safety.

If you opt for a regular couch (just mini!) or crib turned daybed, be sure that it is up to current safety standards, put together securely, and that there are no loose or missing parts. After it’s assembled, you’ll also want to check for sharp or protruding pieces.

The softest option with no hard corners is a kids’ couch that’s made entirely of material like foam. That said, these types of couches don’t come without their own safety concerns, which brings us to the next point.

Off-Gassing And GREENGUARD Certification

Off-gassing is another health and safety factor to take into account when it comes to choosing a couch for your kids. What is off-gassing? It’s when manufactured items release chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

Sometimes, you can smell off-gassing (think of that “new” smell that some furniture has) and sometimes you can’t. But tons of items you bring into your home can off-gas, including couches and mattresses.

And the chemicals released can have a plethora of unwanted effects on your body and your health. Not good.

One thing you can do to minimize the effects of off-gassing and diminished air quality in your home is to leave newly purchased items outside for a time or open your windows as much as possible.

Or, to ensure that the product you’re buying has low chemical emissions, choose an item that is GREENGUARD Certified.

This certification program tests the chemical emission of all sorts of products, making it easier for you as a buyer to know which products have low chemical emissions and won’t expose your family to harmful chemicals.

Click here to read more about GREENGUARD Certification.


This point might be obvious, but it’s important to think through. How much space do you have for a kids’ couch? Take stock before you go shopping.

Just remember that even if you’re working with a small room, you can still fit a kids’ armchair or maybe a pint-sized couch. Click here for tips on setting up a nursery when you’re tight on space.

Ease Of Cleaning

You probably learned early on as a parent that little ones are a bundle of joy but can make quite a mess. When choosing a kids’ couch or play couch, it’s safe to assume that it will get dirty sooner or later. So, ask yourself if the material will be easy to clean.

Is it made with wipeable plastic? Do the cushions have removable and washable covers? Choose a kids’ couch that is cute but also facilitates simple clean-up. You’ll thank yourself later.

 Mom reading to kids on their kid couch

Taking those four considerations into account, let’s review a few of the different types of couches that can provide your child with the perfect place to lounge or play.

Different Types Of Kids’ Couches And Play Couches

 Two girls playing with toys on a play couch

The type of kids’ couch you choose will depend on the reason you want the couch. If you’re looking for a cozy place for your book-loving child to curl up, you’ll opt for a different couch than if you’re searching for a versatile play area for your active toddler.

We’ll go over options that fit both of these needs and everything in between!

Regular Kid-Sized Couch

One option you have is a regular couch (like the one you might have in your living room) — except you’ll choose one made in a miniature size for children!

A couch like this will be a beautiful addition to your playroom, nursery, or living room. And your child will appreciate a piece of furniture that’s sized just for them.

Modular Kids’ Couch

One of the most popular types of kids’ couches on the market right now, the modular couch is both a kid-sized lounge area as well as a play couch.

With various pieces, you can easily configure this piece of furniture into different arrangements to fit the need of the moment. It can serve as a regular couch, providing your kids with a place to crash on movie night, or it can be turned into a fort or play area for active, playful afternoons.

There are various brands, styles, and shapes of this type of kids’ couch, so it’s up to you to check them out and decide which one suits your needs.

Foam Blocks And Play Shapes

If you’re in need of a small, safe, indoor playground, you’ll want to opt for the modular couch we mentioned above or foam blocks and play shapes that serve as more of a play couch. These are perfect for exploring toddlers.

This is because they are targeted more toward play, not lounging or snoozing. But we know that your little one will get creative and chill wherever they feel comfortable.

Kids’ Armchair

A soft, comfy kids’ armchair can serve the same purpose as a kids’ couch, giving your child a place to sit and relax. An armchair will take up less space than a couch, but an oversized chair may still work as a sofa for two little ones, depending on how roomy it is.

If you’re not looking for a convertible option or a play couch, this could be a good addition to your living room or playroom.

Convertible Crib Daybed

 Convertible crib that turns into a play couch

A convertible crib made into a daybed can fit the bill perfectly. It’s low to the ground, making it easy for your child to climb in, and gives them a place to sit while also being the ideal place to lay down for a rest if needed.

For an attractive and safe daybed (with or without a toddler rail), we recommend one of our Convertible Cribs. These 3-in-1 convertible cribs are crafted from soft, sustainable wood with a baby-safe finish.

With three mattress heights, there are multiple ways to adjust this crib to grow with your baby. And our cribs are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, making them safe in more ways than one.

Choose from three different styles: The Austin, The Soho, and The Domino.

A Mattress

This is the last idea we’ll mention, but it might be the one your child loves most.

What is it? A mattress on the floor. There’s nothing fancy about it, but sometimes kids love the simplest, coziest option that’s on their level and allows for both play and rest.

For comfort, safety, and breathability, choose the Newton Baby Crib Mattress. It’s 5.5 inches thick and features a soft, quilted removable cover. This cover is, of course, washable. But it’s not the only thing that’s easy to clean.

This mattress is the only crib mattress that’s washable from cover to core. Plus, it contains no foam, glue, latex, or springs and is Greenguard Gold Certified. Talk about safe, clean, hypoallergenic rest and play!

Pop cute, Organic Cotton Sheets on this mattress, tuck it in the corner of the playroom, add a few pillows (just remember to remove them before your little one takes a snooze), and voila — a couch that is ideal for both play and rest.

The Perfect Kids’ Couch For Rest And Play

 Young girl sitting on a play couch playing the guitar

A kids’ couch is a good addition to any room to help your child feel comfortable and like they have a place to sit that was designed just for them. Meanwhile, a play couch can serve the same purpose while also converting into a fun play area for indoor antics.  Check out our newest addition:  Newton's Figgy Play Couch.

When choosing a couch for your little one, consider the factors we mentioned at the beginning of this article: safety, off-gassing, space, and ease of cleaning. Then, choose the style of couch that fits your space, your family, and your child.

Creating a spot that your little one loves may be as simple as placing a Crib Mattress on the floor and making it cozy! Or turn your baby’s Convertible Crib into a daybed, or go with a versatile, modular couch.

No matter what you choose, your child will love having their own special spot!