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Convertible Crib Buying Guide: Everything Parents Should Know

Convertible crib in a nursery

Your little one will soon be arriving, and you’re searching for the best crib to buy. You’ve settled on a convertible crib, but how do you know what features to look for? How can you be sure you’re buying the right one for your baby?

Our experts at Newton Baby are here to ease your mind with our top tips for buying the best convertible crib.

Today, you’ll discover what exactly a convertible crib is, what to look for to make sure you’re selecting the right one for your needs, and how to keep your baby safe while they snooze.

What Is A Convertible Crib?

 convertible crib

A convertible crib is the same size as a standard crib with one key difference — it can be converted from a crib to a toddler bed to a full-size bed or daybed, all in one product.

Convertible cribs are a popular choice among parents since they’re incredibly cost-effective, allowing you to alter the setup of the crib to suit your needs as your little one grows.

So instead of growing out of their bed, they’ll actually be growing into it!

How Long Are Cribs Used?

Little ones grow fast, so before you know it, your baby will be a toddler in need of a bigger bed. Generally speaking, children will sleep in a crib until they’re around two to three years old. After that, they’ll be ready to transition into a toddler bed.

If your little one is starting to climb out of their crib, this is also an indication that it might be time to upgrade their crib to a bed.

Convertible cribs often come with a toddler rail that can be attached to the side of the crib after it’s transformed into a bed. This helps your little one feel safe and secure, without the risk of rolling out of bed as they adjust to this big change.

Once they’re ready, the rail can be removed, and the crib can be transformed once again to become a full-size “big kid” bed.

Since standard cribs will be used for two to three years maximum per child, you can see why many parents choose convertible cribs to get more mileage out of their purchase.

Let’s take a look at the features to keep an eye out for when shopping for a convertible crib to ensure you choose the perfect option for your rapidly growing little one.

Choosing The Right Convertible Crib

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1) Check For Recommended Safety Standards

The most important feature to look for when shopping for your new convertible crib is that it meets current national safety standards.

This means ensuring that your crib was made after 2011, as this is when safety standards were updated to remove drop-side rails, which can be potentially hazardous.

It’s also important to make sure your crib has a safe distance between slats, as well as no cutout designs in the headboard or footboard. Wide gaps between slats and cutout designs can easily spell trouble for a curious baby.

The recommended safe distance between crib slats is no more than 2 ⅜ inches, so be sure to double-check that your crib meets those requirements.

To take the guesswork out of purchasing a convertible crib, we created our own to ensure it meets each of the strict safety standards mentioned above.

Our range of Convertible Cribs is made from durable, high-quality, and sustainably sourced beech wood guaranteed to last. They come in three timeless styles — the Austin, the Soho, and the Domino — each designed to grow with your baby.

In addition, our convertible cribs come with a toddler rail to make the transition out of the crib phase even easier. From infancy to toddlerhood, we’ll be there with you through it all.

2) Look For Height Adjustability

Another key feature to look for in a convertible crib is platform adjustability.

This allows the height of your little one’s crib mattress to be adjusted as they grow, which is particularly important when it’s time to transition to their toddler bed.

Once your baby is able to sit up in their crib, it’s time to consider lowering it. Soon enough, they’ll be standing up in the crib, so it’s key to keep adjusting the mattress height to suit your little one’s ever-changing abilities.

3) Ensure The Crib Mattress Is Safe, Too

Convertible crib safety isn’t just about the crib itself — it extends to the crib mattress and even the crib sheets (more on that later).

To ensure your baby’s crib mattress is safe, you’ll want it to be firm, breathable, and fit snugly inside the frame of the crib.

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers down the side of your crib mattress once it’s sitting inside the crib. This guarantees that your little one won’t be able to wriggle into any gaps.

Our Essential Crib Mattress fits like a glove inside our convertible cribs (and any other standard-sized crib, for that matter).

Also, our Wovenaire® Core allows your little one to breathe easily even if they roll onto their tummy, giving you peace of mind while they snooze. Plus, it’s just the right amount of firmness to provide comfort while keeping your baby safe.

4) Opt For A Neutral Color Scheme

Since your convertible crib will be used for many years to come, it’s important to select a color scheme that your little one won’t outgrow.

While it might be tempting to purchase a bright, bold crib in a colorful shade, chances are you’ll want to change the theme or appearance of your child’s room at some point, and the crib color you once loved might not be your favorite by then.

Instead, choose a simple, neutral color such as gray, white, or tan that will allow you to style and restyle your baby’s room without any colors clashing.

Neutral colors are timeless, giving your little one’s room a classic feel. Plus, you can always add splashes of bright hues through your choice of accessories like wall hangings and toys.

Each of our Convertible Cribs comes in a white option as well as a natural wood shade. Both color choices fit seamlessly into any nursery or bedroom, making styling a breeze!

Tips For Safe Sleep In A Convertible Crib

 baby laying on a Newton Baby Crib mattress

1) Follow The “Bare Is Best” Approach

Whether your little one is sleeping in a convertible crib or a standard crib, there’s one rule that remains the same — bare is best.

That means no excess bedding (like blankets or pillows), no toys, and no crib bumpers.

These items can easily pose a suffocation hazard to a sleeping baby, so make sure the crib is completely free from anything besides a mattress, a snug fitted sheet, and your little one.

2) Choose Comfortable, Breathable Bedding

Speaking of snug fitted sheets, it’s crucial to only use crib bedding that’s tight to the mattress to avoid any danger to your baby.

Our Organic Cotton Sheets are designed to fit over any standard-sized crib mattress, so you can rest assured your little one is safe when they’re sleeping on Newton Baby sheets.

The all-around elastic secures the sheet, while the soft, organic cotton muslin keeps your baby comfortable throughout the night.

Just like our mattresses, our fitted sheets are made to allow maximum airflow. This means your little one can breathe easy and regulate their body temperature for a restful sleep each time you lay them down.

3) Always Put Your Baby Down On Their Back

One final note — remember to always put your baby down to sleep on their back. This technique is proven to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies.

Side-sleeping or tummy-sleeping is fine for older babies and toddlers, but until your little one is able to roll over by themselves, sleeping on their back is the only way to go.

Sweet Dreams For Years To Come

 Baby laying in a convertible crib

Convertible cribs are a fantastic sleeping option for your little one, particularly if you’re looking for a cost-effective choice that will last them well into their childhood.

By following our expert tips — from ensuring your new crib meets recommended safety standards, to choosing a neutral color scheme that will remain timeless — you’ll be able to find the perfect convertible crib for your baby.

For options that check all the boxes, our range of Convertible Cribs combined with our Essential Crib Mattress will keep your little one safe while they snooze, nap after nap. Firm, breathable comfort combined with durable design equals one happy, healthy baby!

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