28 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect For Your Baby And You

28 weeks pregnant woman making heart hands on her belly

At 28 weeks pregnant, you’re within a few short weeks of meeting your baby. It’s an exciting time. How big is your little one right now? What’s happening in your body? And what can you expect in the next several weeks?

Those are the questions we’ll answer in this article. Plus, we’ll offer a couple of action steps for nesting so you can feel on top of things and ready to welcome your newborn.

Say “hello” to your third trimester.

28 Weeks Pregnant: The Third Trimester


28 weeks pregnant woman in a nursery

Before we jump into how big your baby is at 28 weeks, let’s do a quick review of the trimesters.

Your first trimester starts on the first day of your last period and ends after week 12. Your second trimester includes weeks 13 through 27. And your third trimester starts at 28 weeks pregnant.

At 28 weeks, you’re on the final stretch of pregnancy since your baby will be born around 40 weeks. While giving birth a bit before or after 40 weeks is normal, too early is called “premature” and too late is called “overdue.”

Talk to your doctor about specific questions you have regarding your due date or if you’re concerned about your baby being early or late.

That said, what is your baby up to at 28 weeks?

Your Baby At 28 Weeks Gestation

Right now, your tiny little one weighs around two and a half pounds and is the size of an eggplant or pineapple. From crown to rump, they measure approximately 10 inches, and, stretched out from head to toe, they are about 15 inches long.

Your baby continues to develop rapidly, and they’re becoming more and more active — something you’re probably aware of due to the kicks you feel!

Their eyes are graced with tiny eyelashes, their eyelids can open partially, and, in no time, they’ll be able to fully open their eyes.

With their heart beating at around 140 beats per minute, their heart rate will continue to slow until birth when it beats around 130 beats per minute. Your baby’s nervous system can control their body temperature, and they’ve developed the senses of hearing, smell, and touch.

In the upcoming and final trimester, your baby’s brain will grow rapidly. They’re doing a lot of growing and changing, and you may notice that your body is, too.

Your Body At 28 Weeks Pregnant

What can you expect from your body at 28 weeks pregnant and in the weeks to come? Let’s take a look.

A Growing Belly

 28 weeks pregnant woman holding belly

Of course, your belly continues to grow day by day. As your body accommodates the extra weight, you might notice discomfort or soreness in your back, hips, and abdomen.

Since your uterus is growing and pushing on your stomach, lungs, and bladder, you may experience heartburn, slight shortness of breath, and frequent bathroom trips.

For back or hip pain, try taking a warm bath, applying a heating pad, or going for a stroll. At night, sleep with a pillow between your legs or invest in a pregnancy pillow. And if you’re wearing any type of high heels, it’s best to put them aside until after you have your baby!

If you have concerns or think something unusual is up, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. They can also offer tips on combating heartburn.


You may begin to experience some normal pregnancy puffiness in your ankles, feet, and face, especially if it’s hot.

This puffiness is often due to water retention, but it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor since swelling can also indicate a condition called pre-eclampsia.

Changing Breasts

While your breasts might have grown a bit already, you may notice more changes in the upcoming trimester. They’ll grow a bit more, and your nipples can change as they prepare to breastfeed your baby. Buy new bras as needed to stay comfortable.

You can also expect to start leaking from your nipples. The liquid is called colostrum and is the special, nutrient-rich milk that your body produces for your baby. Wear nursing pads to stay dry if you start leaking.


 28 weeks pregnant woman taking a nap in the nursery

You’ve probably been feeling pretty good when it comes to energy levels, but be prepared for some fatigue as your third trimester progresses. Your body is doing a lot of hard work!

Give yourself a break and the freedom to put your feet up, take a nap as needed, or get in bed early.

Vaginal Discharge

You may have more vaginal discharge the closer you get to your due date, too. This is normal, but you’ll want to be on the lookout since anything other than milky white discharge can indicate a problem.

If you notice smelly, pink, or red discharge (or simply a change in the discharge), talk to your doctor.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are common in the last trimester. Unlike the real contractions you’ll experience when you give birth, Braxton Hicks contractions are infrequent, inconsistent, and come and go unpredictably. They might feel like a tightening in your belly or small contractions.

Manage them by changing positions (try lying down or going for a walk) or soaking in a warm bath.

When To Seek Medical Care

We’ve already mentioned a few of the moments that you’ll want to call your doctor to be sure everything is A-OK. Remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry if you have concerns or your intuition tells you something is wrong.

Call your doctor right away if you experience any of the following:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Severe swelling
  • A urinary tract infection
  • Persistent headaches
  • Back or abdominal pain
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Fever and chills
  • Dizziness or blurred vision
  • A decrease in your baby’s kick counts

What To Do: Start Nesting

 28 weeks pregnant woman nesting

Your body is changing, developing, and adapting and so is your baby. As you get used to the idea of a new little one and start preparing, the urge to nest might come on strong. Don’t wear yourself out (and ask for help as needed), but by all means, start nesting if the desire hits you!

Whether that’s cleaning the house, preparing the nursery, buying baby clothes, or otherwise, it’s good to prepare your heart and home for the new baby. Plus, we recommend having the nursery completely ready a few weeks in advance just in case your baby decides to come early.

At the very least, ensure that they have a safe place to sleep by setting up the crib and putting cozy sheets on their crib mattress.

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Regardless of what sort of crib your baby will sleep in, outfit it with a breathable mattress, such as our Crib Mattress, which comes in standard and mini sizes. In addition to being 100% breathable, this mattress is 100% washable.

A breathable mattress means that your baby can breathe straight through in case they roll over in the middle of the night. And a washable mattress means cleaner, hypoallergenic sleep for your little one. Our mattress is also free of foam, glue, latex, and springs.

Last but not least, put the cherry on top with cute, cozy fitted sheets. Made with pre-shrunk, organic muslin cotton, our Organic Cotton Sheets feature all-around elastic to guarantee a safe, snug fit for any crib mattress. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match the nursery.

Ready And Waiting

 Couple posing in front of their baby's nursery

You’re 28 weeks pregnant and just a few weeks away from meeting your baby, who is currently the size of a pineapple or eggplant.

They’re beginning to open their tiny eyes and can hear, smell, and touch. Your own body will go through some changes in the coming weeks as your belly grows.

In your third trimester, you may notice puffiness, changes in your breasts, fatigue, vaginal discharge, and Braxton Hicks contractions. As excitement builds and your due date gets closer, embrace your nesting urges by preparing your baby’s nursery.

Provide your little one with a secure, comfortable place to snooze with a Convertible Crib, Crib Mattress, and Organic Cotton Sheets. Before you know it, the 40 weeks will be over, and you’ll be putting your precious little one to sleep in their bed.

From all of us at Newton, best wishes on your third trimester!

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