Baby Registry Checklist: The Complete Checklist For New Parents

complete baby registry checklist for new parents

You have a lot on your mind as you prepare for your baby’s arrival — not the least of which is how you’re going to acquire everything you need to care for them. Luckily, your friends and family are ready to shower your little one with love and gifts and will soon be looking for your baby registry.

To create a registry complete with all the items you’ll need for your baby, you’ll first want to come up with a baby registry checklist. We’ve done the work and created one for you so you can be sure to register for the baby essentials.

But since every family’s needs are different, we’ve also included some tips to help you personalize your registry. Before we get to the checklist, let’s start with when and where to create your registry.

When To Create Your Baby Registry

Expecting a baby is exciting and involves a lot of preparation, so there’s no reason to wait if you’re itching to start buying cute, tiny things.

But it also doesn’t hurt to hold off until you learn the gender of the baby and make a few decisions about your nursery theme. That information might help you decide exactly what to put on your registry.

Your second trimester is when you can have an ultrasound to learn if your baby is a boy or a girl. This appointment is typically sometime around 20 weeks. If you decide to wait for this information to create your baby registry checklist, after this gender reveal, it’s full steam ahead.

Your baby shower (or showers) can happen at any point, but most take place during the third trimester. Whenever it is, you’ll need to have your baby registry in tip-top shape by the time invitations are sent out.

As you decide when to have your baby shower, remember that you’ll need time after the shower to arrange everything in the nursery and buy any items that you didn’t receive.

Whenever you end up creating your registry, remember that you can change it as you go. You can add or delete items later, depending on what you receive as gifts and what your friends say you can’t live without.

Where To Create Your Baby Registry

Parents on a computer doing a baby registry checklist

Today, creating a baby registry is about as easy as it gets, and you have plenty of choices when it comes to where to register.

For example, you can create your registry online without ever setting foot in a brick-and-mortar store. Pick a couple of your favorite online stores and create registries there.

If you can’t seem to narrow it down to just one or two online stores, use an online baby registry service that allows you to pull from more than one store. This means that you can select your favorite items from all over the internet and keep them in one common registry.

If you prefer to see things in person before putting them on your registry (or you just love looking at those cute baby clothes!), enjoy a day out and create your registry at local brick-and-mortar baby stores.

Of course, you can also get the best of both worlds by registering for items both in-store and online.

Lastly, if you love freebies and discounts, keep in mind that some stores give special perks! They may send you a gift upon creating your registry or offer a completion discount so you can easily purchase the items that are left on your registry when your due date rolls around.

How To Decide What To Put On Your Baby Registry

While every new parent needs things like diapers, onesies, and a crib, there are still a lot of decisions to make within those baby basics. So, before we give you our baby registry checklist, we’ve got seven questions.

These questions will help you personalize what goes on your baby registry and sift through brands, styles, and sizes to choose just the right thing for your baby.

1) Is It Safe?

 baby sleeping on a back in a crib

Looking out for your little one’s health and wellbeing is one of your top priorities as a parent. Before putting an item on your baby registry, make sure it’s safe for your baby.

Researching car seats, creating a safe place to change their diaper, and having a baby first aid kit on hand are a few of the ways you’ll keep your little one safe during their waking hours. But what about safety while they’re snoozing?

Keeping babies safe while they’re sleeping is called “safe sleep” and includes the following:

  • Using a firm crib mattress that fits correctly in your crib
  • Putting them to sleep on their back
  • Keeping pillows, blankets, toys, and crib bumpers out of the crib
  • Sharing your room but not your bed
  • Putting baby to sleep with a one-piece pacifier designed for their age

When it comes to safe sleep and creating your baby registry, here’s one item you won’t have to think twice about including: a breathable mattress.

If your baby rolls onto their stomach at night (which they’re bound to do once they learn to roll over at around four to six months), a breathable mattress like Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress will help reduce the risk of suffocation.
Crib mattress should be on your baby registry checklist

The mattress itself is made of 90% air and 10% the same material as yogurt cups. Plus, it’s made without foam, glue, latex, and springs.

Our Crib Mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it’s been independently tested and certified for low chemical emissions, exceeding the highest industry emissions safety standards to help improve indoor air quality.

Our Crib Mattress allows for the best breathability because both the mattress and the mattress cover are breathable. It also helps regulate your baby's body temperature so they’re sleeping safely and comfortably at nap time and bedtime!

Choose from mini- or standard-sized to fit your crib.

2) Do You Want To Buy It Used?

You may want to buy all new things for your precious little one, in which case you might as well put them on your registry. But it’s also an option to buy second-hand.

Just keep in mind that for health and safety reasons, there are a few items you should always purchase brand-new: the crib, crib mattress, car seat, breast pump, baby carrier or sling, nipples for bottles, and pacifiers.

For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends opting for a crib that was manufactured after June 2011. That’s when safety standards were updated to ban drop-side rail cribs. Older cribs may not meet the current safety standards.

If you want to purchase other items used, recycle things you have from your first child, or see what your friends can lend you, go for it!

3) Is It Easy To Clean?

 Cleaning a crib mattress cover

As precious as they are, babies can be messy, too. There’s no way around it. When creating your baby registry checklist, choose items that are easy to clean and maintain. You’ll thank yourself later.

Something that’s easy-to-clean might mean that you can throw it in the washer and dryer or that it’s easy to wipe down.

Did you know that washable crib mattresses exist? Our Crib Mattress is the only one that's washable from cover to core. To give it a thorough cleaning, remove the cover and hose off the mattress or place it in the shower and wash it with soap and cool water.

Then, you just need to shake the water out and stand it up to dry.

We’ve also made the mattress cover easy to wash so you can deal with spit-ups and nighttime messes in a flash. Simply take the cover off, zip it up, and pop it in the washer. Wash on cold with a mild detergent,and then throw it in the dryer on low heat. It’s as easy as that.

4) Do You Have Space For It?

Consider the size of your home (more specifically, the nursery) when choosing the bigger items, such as the changing table, rocking chair, bassinet, cradle, or crib.

Take some time to think through your available storage space as well. Things like your stroller and baby bath will need to be stored in a corner or closet when you’re not using them.

If you’re working with a small space, don’t worry! There are lots of ways to make the most of a tiny nursery.

Consider removing closet doors to free up floor space, using curtains instead of doors, and making use of the walls to hang bags, lamps, shelves, hooks, and the like. Read more about space-saving ideas here.

5) Do You Want To Use It Again?

 three siblings laying on a crib mattress

Depending on the plans you have to grow your family, it might be in your best interest to register for gender-neutral baby items so you can use them again with another little one.

Opting to reuse for future babies may also mean that you choose a more expensive — but higher quality — item that will survive many years of baby-raising.

Speaking of baby items that will last for years, one item that will change and grow with your baby is a convertible crib. This is a crib that’s capable of changing into different types of beds — such as a toddler bed or a toddler daybed — to accommodate your child as they get older.

Our 3-in-1 Convertible Cribs are made by dadada in Italy. Crafted from soft, sustainable wood with a baby-safe finish, these durable cribs offer timeless style and easy conversion for years of longevity.

With three mattress heights and a toddler rail, your little one will snooze in the same bed for years to come. And we offer this convertible crib in three timeless styles: the Austin, the Soho, and the Domino.

These cribs, along with all Newton products, are GREENGUARD Gold certified and made with the safest materials for safer, healthier, better sleep.

6) What Season Will Your Baby Be Born In?

Think ahead about what you’ll need for each season of your child’s first year or two. Sure, go ahead and register for that cute swimsuit even if summer is months away — just make sure to calculate the correct size!

7) Did You Include Something For Yourself?

When people come to your baby shower, they’ll want to make you feel as special and loved as the little one you’re expecting! So, why not include a little something for yourself on your baby registry?

The Newton Baby Registry Checklist

Now that you know the when and where of creating your registry and how to pick out what to put on it, we’ll get straight to the good stuff. Here’s our baby registry checklist.

The Nursery

 baby registry checklist for the nursery

Exactly what goes on your baby registry will depend a lot on your nursery design and decor as well as the space that you have. Adapt this list according to your nursery theme and your family’s needs.

Remember that if you put your newborn to sleep in a bassinet or cradle, they’ll be graduating to a crib before you know it. So, decide if you’ll buy as you go or outfit the nursery now with the items you’ll need in the coming months.

Here are some necessities to include:

  • Bassinet, cradle, or crib
  • Breathable crib mattress
  • Breathable mattress pad
  • Rocking chair or glider
  • Fitted crib sheets
  • Baby monitor
  • Nightlight or lamp
  • Dresser or chest
  • Receiving blankets
  • Changing table
  • Clothes basket or hamper
  • Humidifier

For fitted crib sheets that are both cute and breathable, turn to our Organic Cotton Sheets.

Made with supremely soft organic cotton muslin, these sheets are designed to pair perfectly with our Crib Mattress but feature all-around elastic to guarantee a safe, snug fit for any crib mattress.

Clothing Basics

 Baby swaddled

Newborns can produce a surprising amount of dirty laundry. Be sure to register for enough baby clothes so that you don’t have to do laundry every day.

And, once again, it’s up to you whether you want to register for clothes for the whole first year or wait to buy what you need as they grow.

  • Onesies
  • Sleep sacks
  • Undershirts
  • One-piece pajamas
  • Sweaters or jackets
  • A couple of nice, dress-up outfits
  • Several pairs of socks or booties
  • Newborn hat
  • Winter hat
  • Summer hat sun protection
  • Gentle laundry detergent
  • Pants and shirts
  • Hand mittens
  • Baby hangers
  • Swaddles

If seeing swaddles on this reminds you that you don’t know the first thing about wrapping your baby like a burrito, don’t worry. Read our article How To Swaddle A Baby to learn how to do it as well as some of the benefits that swaddling can provide.

All you need to swaddle your little one are your two hands and a swaddle blanket, like our Organic Swaddle Blankets. These ultra-soft blankets are completely breathe-through to help keep your baby at the perfect temperature and avoid overheating.

We use 100% organic, pre-shrunk muslin cotton that’s soft on your baby’s skin, hypoallergenic, and certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards.

The great thing about these swaddle blankets is that they’re versatile and can also be used as a breastfeeding cover, burp cloth, changing pad, or tummy time mat. Choose a two-pack in the pattern of your choice.

Keeping our swaddles fresh and clean is easy, too. Wash them with warm water and like colors, then tumble dry on low.


The one big decision to make when adding diapering necessities to your checklist is whether you want to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

This, of course, will determine the type of diapers you register for, how many, and whether or not you add diaper covers and fasteners to the baby registry checklist.

  • Changing pad
  • Diaper pail and liners
  • Diaper bag
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Gentle baby wipes
  • Diapers (cloth or disposable)
  • Diaper covers (for cloth diapers)
  • Diaper fasteners (for cloth diapers)
  • Diaper stacker
  • Bath Time
  • Bath time with a little one is a special time and not only keeps them squeaky clean but, for many babies, is also fun!

Instead of using a baby tub, you may want to bathe your tiny one in the sink with a special cushion or mat designed specifically for babies. Adjust your registry accordingly.

Having bath toys on hand also makes bathing your little one an enjoyable experience. These toys range from a plastic cup from the kitchen to special baby bath toys like fish, foam letters, fountains, squirt toys, and so much more.

  • Baby tub
  • Sink cushion or mat
  • Baby washcloths
  • Gentle baby soap or bath wash
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby hairbrush
  • Hooded towels
  • Bath thermometer
  • Faucet guard
  • Bath toys


    dad feeding baby with a bottle

    When it comes to feeding supplies, what you put on your baby registry depends on if you’ll be breastfeeding or bottle feeding. However, there are general supplies that will apply to everyone.

    General supplies:

    • Bottles with nipples
    • Dishwasher bottle basket
    • Bottle-cleaning brush
    • Baby formula
    • Bibs (lots of them!)
    • Burp cloths
    • Bottle sterilizer
    • Insulated bottle carrier for traveling

    For breastfeeding:

    • Nursing pillow
    • Breast pads
    • Nursing bras
    • Nursing cover
    • Breast pump
    • Breast milk storage containers
    • Nipple cream

    For babies eating solid foods:

    • High chair
    • Baby spoons
    • Baby bowls

    Health And Safety

    Nail clippers, medicine spoons, and a car seat aren’t as fun to pick out as some of the other items you’ll put on your registry, but they’re still necessities. On this checklist, you’ll also see babyproofing items, like baby gates, outlet covers, and fireplace bumpers.

    With a baby in your belly, it might seem like you’re lightyears away from having a toddler, but that day will be here before you know it. And keep in mind that as soon as your baby starts rolling over (typically around four months), you have a baby on the move.

    • Nail clippers (or nail scissors or a file)
    • Bulb syringe
    • Baby thermometer
    • Medicine spoon
    • Medicine syringe
    • Cotton balls
    • Cotton swabs
    • Petroleum jelly and gauze (if you have a circumcised little boy)
    • Baby medicine (talk to your pediatrician about what you should have on hand)
    • Car seat
    • Sunshades for the car windows
    • Stroller
    • Baby gates for the top and bottom of stairs
    • Cabinet and drawer latches
    • Outlet covers
    • Fireplace bumper
    • Playpen

    Carrying And Playtime

    When choosing what items you want for carrying your little one and for playtime, think about your family’s habits and hobbies. For example, if you love hiking, you may want to put a special baby carrier on your registry checklist that’s made for comfortably taking your baby along.

    • Baby swing
    • Sling or baby carrier
    • Baby backpack
    • Baby books
    • Rattles
    • Toys like soft blocks
    • Playmat
    • Toybox or basket
    • Swing
    • Bouncer seat
    • Lullaby music
    • Noisemaker

    Prepare Your Family, Too

     mom laying with baby on crib mattress

    Creating your baby registry checklist is all about making sure you have the baby items that you’ll need to care for your little one once they arrive. But preparing your heart and home for a baby goes beyond that!

    In addition to gathering the necessary supplies, it’s important to take the time to prepare your family, too. What do we mean? You can read our full article on how to prepare for a baby by clicking here, but we’ll leave you with some of the highlights.

    Prepare For The Birth

    Help yourself prepare for birth by touring the hospital, taking birth classes, and creating a birth plan. Then, all that’s left to do is pack your hospital bag and wait.

    Prepare Financially

    Since giving birth and raising a little one are not exactly cheap, it’s a good idea to prepare financially. Start saving money, take a look at your budget, and make sure you know what is covered by your health insurance versus what will be out of pocket.

    Prepare Medically

    Preparing medically includes going to all of your prenatal appointments, deciding where to deliver your baby, and choosing a pediatrician.

    Prepare Relationally

    Don’t forget to prepare yourself and your family for the addition of your new little one.

    Spend time with your partner to strengthen your connection and share your thoughts and feelings about the new baby. Help your kids get ready by discussing what it will be like to have a new sibling and letting them help with the preparations.

    Last, but certainly not least, remember to take care of yourself during this time. Whether it’s finding some time to relax, spending time with loved ones, or nesting at home, a healthy you means a healthier baby, too.

    Baby Registry Checklist: Done!

     Pregnant mom opening gifts at baby shower

    That’s all there is to it! With this baby registry checklist, registering can be fun and easy. Start with the basics — like diapers, clothes, a crib, Organic Cotton Sheets, and Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress — and go from there, adjusting to your family’s particular needs.

    Soon you’ll be celebrating your little one’s upcoming arrival with friends and family and dreaming of having your sweet baby in your home!

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