7 Things Your Expecting Friend Really Needs After Having Her Baby

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You’ll always remember the moment your friend tells you that she’s expecting. Whether it’s her first pregnancy or she already has one or two kids in tow, she’s probably feeling a mixture of emotions—from excited to stressed.

Either way, as a good friend, you’ll want to show your support! Choosing the right gift off of her baby registry will show your friend how happy you are for her, as well as convey the fact that you’ll be there for her every step of the way.

If it’s her first baby, she may need help putting together her registry so it includes everything you actually need when bringing home a baby.

If you’re stumped for ideas to suggest, here is some advice on what your expecting friend will really want and need after having her baby.

Gifts To Help Baby And Mom Sleep Better

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Crib Mattress

One of the best gifts you could give your friend who is expecting is a good night’s sleep—for both her and her baby.

In order for the baby to get a good night’s sleep once they’re born (and in turn, for your friend to get one too!), they’ll need a high-quality crib mattress to sleep on, like Newton Baby’s crib mattresses.

Each is built with the needs of both babies and parents in mind. They’re 100% breathable featuring a Wovenaire® core, which is made from 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, as well as a soft-quilted 3D cloud cover.

Giving a mattress that her baby can breathe right through means that your friend won’t have to constantly check on her little one’s breathing throughout the night.

Newton Baby’s mattresses are also designed to provide babies with superior comfort. Traditional crib mattresses can be hard and uncomfortable and often use potentially unsafe materials like foam, glue, latex, or springs.

And beyond the safety features, parents love how Newton Crib Mattresses are 100% washable! Your friend is no doubt going to be exhausted during the first few months of parenthood, but a mattress that’s easy to clean is sure to help.

Try one out on a 100-night home trial, complete with free shipping and returns!

Baby Monitor

Another great way to treat your friend who is expecting is to give her a high-tech baby monitor.

As Family Enthusiast’s review of the best baby monitors points out, “A baby monitor is, quite possibly, the best invention to maintain some semblance of independence after becoming a parent.” So you can only imagine how grateful your friend will be to receive such a useful gift!

If you’re unsure what to look for when shopping around for a baby monitor, there are a couple of features to keep in mind.

For example, you can choose to buy a baby monitor with or without cameras and 2-way voice. You can even buy a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor so your friend can keep track of her baby via an app on her phone.

These features can be incredibly helpful for parents, but they will cost you more. If you’d like to learn more about what to look for in a baby monitor, be sure to take a read of the article we mentioned above.

Gifts That Everyone Ignores On The Registry

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Baby Bottles

Sometimes, the simplest offerings are the most well-received. Think about it: your friend is probably up to her eyes in baby clothes, but she may not have had the time yet to pick up some simple, essential items for her baby.

That’s why treating her to a well-designed baby bottle is a fantastic idea! While it may not seem like the most exciting gift, there’s a huge difference between a mediocre baby bottle and a well-designed one.

For example, poorly made baby bottles may spill easily or be difficult for a baby or toddler to hold. In contrast, well-designed ones will be easy to use, ergonomically designed, and will keep messes to a minimum.

What’s more, a baby bottle isn’t an item that will be used once and quickly forgotten about. Your friend will likely use the one you give her every day, or at least in rotation with a few other baby bottles they have.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier can definitely be a more spendy purchase, and it’s not as cute as clothes or bedtime books, which is why it’s often ignored on baby registries. However, if you have the budget, it can make an excellent gift!

Your friend will need a quality, safe baby carrier from the time she leaves the hospital and needs to buckle her baby into the car. Baby carriers are an important investment for any new parents as they’re used almost daily.

If your friend doesn’t have one on her registry yet, suggest adding it and ask her what features she wants it to have.

Diaper Bag

Baby shower attendees are notorious for creating dozens of diaper cakes with diaper sizes that may never fit the baby. Yet, a high-quality diaper bag is often neglected to be gifted. If you know your friend’s style well, this can be a fun but practical gift!

There are so many diaper bag styles—from backpack to messenger bag—in dozens of fun colors to choose from. The most important features are durability, storage space, and comfort, but there are also diaper bags with luxe features like bottle warming compartments and USB chargers built in!

Make sure your friend knows her options and is sure to include a diaper bag on her baby registry.

Gifts To Pamper Mom

Premade meals that are great as gifts for expecting friends

Meal Delivery Or Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a way to show your friend your love and support during this special time, why not treat her to something just for her?

Expecting parents usually receive presents for their new baby, but they don’t receive many—if any—at all for themselves. So you know you’ll make quite the impression if you do!

However, new moms are also practical. A surprise girls’ trip to somewhere out of town might not be the best choice for a new mom. Instead, gift her with things that will make her life easier.

A meal service that delivers healthy meals to her doorstep can be a lifesaver for exhausted and overwhelmed parents. You can also volunteer to bring over some of your own home-cooked meals if that’s more in your budget. The thoughtfulness is sure to make your friend feel special.

After the baby arrives, laundry is sure to pile up like never before for your friend. That’s why paying for a cleaning or laundry service to help her out in the first few weeks postpartum might just be her favorite gift of all.

Keeping a home clean can help maintain mental health, which is more important than ever for new moms!

Offer To Babysit Or Help

A lot of moms can feel alone and in over their heads after giving birth. Their family might come to visit the first week the baby comes home from the hospital, but in the weeks after, mom might feel forgotten. This is where, as a friend, you can step in and offer your support!

If your friend needs some time for herself—even if it’s just to grab a cup of coffee—offer to babysit! Or, if she’s not comfortable leaving her baby yet, offer to help watch and entertain her baby while she gets some chores done around the house.

The most meaningful gift you can give your friend that’s expecting is your time, support, and help. She might not ask for it on her registry, but every new parent can use a friend that sticks by their side!

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